MAIL from Central High/Tri-C: Why give me the answers to tests I'm not (legally) supposed to grade?

Central High students are being given an assessment test this week, which sounds normal enough... but one teacher at the continuation school, where hardly any students ever show up, let alone work, can't figure out why the teachers there are being given the answers to tests they're required to turn over (ungraded and unchanged) to officials .

A teacher at Central High Continuation in East L.A. writes:

Today in LAUSD teachers gave various course assessments to see how well their students were doing in the classes that they were taking -- whether or not these students even understood or had actually done any work in these classes. As a teacher charged with performing this function with my less than motivated continuation school students, most of whom arrive in my class after being thrown out of multiple schools, I must confess that I wondered why the administration instructions accompanying the exams I was giving in Biology included the answers to all the questions that were being asked.

Given that these exams are bubbled in by the students on Scantron forms -- usually in rather artist, if not correct patterns -- to later be graded by someone other than myself, I pondered at great length about why the answers were included. Was it to review the material with the students after they had taken the exam, so that this questionable assessment process might serve some practical educational function?

With 12% cuts in teachers salaries, 4 proposed furlough days, and teachers being "riffed" and "displaced" all around me (today the LAUSD Board proposed to get rid of 1400 more students) could the motive have been a subtle suggestion to teachers to maybe help themselves by helping their students with the exam? The assessment obsessed District would never condone such behavior. Yes, LAUSD is hemorrhaging students while continuing to spend billions on building new... and often empty schools, but they would never... or wouldn't they?

Answers to a test your not in charge of grading? Anyone know why?

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12 2009

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