A Primer For Teacher Whistleblowers


As teachers are laid off, medical benefits diminish, and salaries unilaterally cut, do you still think that saying nothing about the fraud you see perpetrated by the LAUSD administration means you'll be left alone? Imagine what Superintendent Ray Cortines thought when he looked out of his window and saw only 300 of the 33,000 members of UTLA demonstrating.

The only power you have to stop the further dismemberment of public education in LAUSD is to use what you know. Here are a few examples:

- Was your school's chief executive officer chosen by a board that included her father-in-law and his partner in an undisclosed conflict of interest?
- Do you have students who've passed Algebra with no knowledge of rudimentary math or high school English students that read at a 2nd grade level? Maybe that's why they're tearing up your class.
- Do you have a top heavy administration even while your teaching corp has been riffed and displaced, leaving classes packed with 40 or more students?
- Is your school's enrollment high, but the daily attendance low?
- Are valuable things like school computers disappearing on a regular basis from secured rooms with no signs of forced entry?
- Do you have an expensive Paxton Patterson series of science labs sitting on your school's loading dock, while the teacher who was trained 3 times on how to operate these labs has already gone into retirement?
- Are you presently building a swimming pool that was supposed to cost $3 million -- $2.3 from a gift, but nothing from school funds -- that is now scheduled to come in at over $5 million? And does the CEO of the construction company just happen to be the mother of one of the teachers working there?
- Are positive Stull evaluations contingent upon you passing students that don't work, and stop other students from learning?

Then tips@perdaily is for you.  THE ONLY POWER YOU HAVE IS WHAT YOU KNOW. Let us know anonymously.


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