Beaudry Building: Worst. Security. Ever.

When my good friend Lenny sent me a write up of his recent experience at the Beaudry building downtown to post I thought, "Meh. That's okay." Then a reader sent me an eerily similar story of security incompetence. Now it's a post.

First our reader writes: 

"My personal pet peeve is the security system at Beaudry. I am a teacher but that is my actual pay site so I go there for meetings and to do my payroll, etc. I am not, however, entitled to a building badge since I am not physically housed at the building on a daily basis. Security takes between 10-20 minutes and if they can't find me in the computer (my name is [removed] and that is a little too complicated for some), they have to make a phone call to get authorization for me to get in. One day I forgot my license and only had my district photo ID. It wasn't good enough and I had to walk all the way back to my car to get my license. I can see a need for security, but to an extent. District employees should all be able to "buzz in," while visitors should have to sign in. And how secure is it anyway? It isn't like there's a metal detector or anything like that. And you have to tell them a floor number, but then are free to roam the building. Oh, and I've heard that the stairwells are now locked unless you have a building employee badge (no visitors). What happens in the event of an emergency??? More than being an inconvenience, though, I wonder how much it is costing the district and the actual benefit it has provided. It concerns me when teachers can not make copies for their students and things such as paperclips are rationed at school sites, but we can pay a number of security guards and staff to check employees in...or to play solitaire on their computers during slow times. Come on! 

From Lenny:

When one used to arrive at the Beaudry building headquarters of LAUSD, you could come and go as you pleased. Several months ago, after what I was told was a "security incident," I happened to go there for some business that I had to do as a teacher for the District. I couldn't help but notice the new hi-tech security system in the lobby replete with computers and neat little entry stiles that you needed to swipe with your electronic "visitor" card. These electronic "visitor" cards required a picture I.D. and would be necessary to travel anywhere in the building. Yesterday, when I came to the building, my heightened sense of security, caused by the recent Christmas Eve attempt to blow up a commercial airliner and the incompetence surrounding it, made me more closely scrutinize LAUSD security. When I arrived and told one of several security personnel monitoring the lobby that I had an appointment with the LAUSD Office of the Inspector General, they had no record. They called, but didn't seem to find the person I had my 2 p.m. appointment with, but they issued me a visitor's badge anyway. While this was going on, a regular LAUSD Beaudry employee was allowed to pass, even though she had allegedly forgotten her badge upstairs. I usually carry a knife and Leatherman multi-purpose tool, which I had left in my car, because I thought there would be some kind of scan like at the airport, but this never took place and when I arrived at my appointment at the secured OIG's office, where I had to phone in to gain entry. I was admitted immediately anyway, even though the person who let me in did not know me or the person I was scheduled to have an appointment with. Now it occurs to me, after watching the news and trying to understand the mindset of malefactors -- terrorists, disgruntled employees, or otherwise -- that somebody who was really intent on doing somebody harm at the Beaudry building would not have been dissuaded by having to show their picture I.D. before coming in to do somebody harm. Therefore, like a great main other things that LAUSD does, this security system, while undoubtedly expensive, in reality did absolutely nothing to offer the employees or visitors to LAUSD headquarters any greater security than they had before it was installed.

Anyone work at Beaudry or go there often?


01 2010

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