Classified Employee Tells Us: We Have It Rough Too

By now most of you know about the email we got out to about 20,000 LAUSD employees. Well maybe it sounded a little too pro-teacher. There are tons of pitiful teachers out there. And the Union... let's not even go down that road (yet). But in the cosmic tug-o-war  between LAUSD and the Union, there's a whole constituency that goes ignored, everyone who isn't a teacher or administrator. What did I learn? The people at UTLA can be so petty.

"Teachers are not the first laid off. Lower level classified positions were being eliminated  5 years before any teacher was RIFFED.

As a classified employee I have been told by UTLA people that classified  employees were not entitled to the cookies and coffee the classified staff furnished for teachers coming to the BTS help center.

Time and time again teachers have called my department for help with something that has nothing to do with my department and are rude and condescending if I don't know EVERYTHING about the operations of the district. I have had more than one teacher try to browbeat me because I didn't know if someone, on the other side of the building or even in and entirely different Division on another floor, would be at his or her desk and pick up the phone.  Many is the time a teacher has walked into our office for a consultation or process that will take at least 30 minutes 2 minutes before someone's lunch hour or even before the office closes and the classified staff has to stay and take care of that certificated employee.

Why don't you investigate the number of lower level classified and certificated positions being eliminated as compared to the number of managers?

Why don't you look into how much managers are being paid compared to those lower level people?

Why don't you look into the perks being afforded to managers? I know of one manager who lived out of state. Part of his contract was a 4 day week so he could go home for the weekends. Airfare also might have been included, but I'm not sure.)

How many managers live outside the LAUSD area and have children going to private school?

Good luck bringing about change that will save ALL our jobs.

We want to look into it! Any other classified employees have a similar experience? Do tell us.

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01 2010

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The real jewel of British foreign policy when they wanted to colonize a place was to get the indigenous populations fighting with each other. The leaders of the United States...and LAUSD, carry on this noble and historic tradition. Working people at LAUSD: certificated and classified staff alike are played off against each other because they are trying to maintain an LAUSD culture of lies and deceit that plays one group of employees off against another. Have a little charity for lower administrators who have no tenure.

In the recent demonstrations against the raised tuition at the UCs, all UC employees had the good sense to come together in the realization that they and the very quality of the schools were all being affected by the dishonesty of the leadership that refused to give a fair accounting of how money is spent in that system, where a wildly successful sports program at UCLA is in the red.

In apologizing on behalf of my fellow teachers, I can only offer the justification that what all of us are being asked to do creates a level of tension and stress that has us at each others throats, instead of holding those accountable who allow this billion dollar public education entity to fail year after year with NO CONSEQUENCES to those who continue to set a course toward the rocks.

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