MAIL: Principal Knows Best

A faculty member (from an unnamed school) vents to us with this account of a principal who felt a pricey reading coach was needed for the upcoming school year. Just about the entire staff showed up to oppose the budget, as they felt literacy coaches hadn't worked in the past, and they simply didn't have the money to waste...

"Our school voted overwhelmingly not to include coaches in our budget for the 2009-2010 year. Budgets must be approved by Site Council. Our principal submitted a budget including a (very expensive) literacy coach. Staff turnout was perhaps the largest ever at a School Site Council Meeting, 95% opposed to using our dwindling funds to support a position that had been ineffective in the past. Site Council rejected the budget, but our principal submitted it anyway. Our union rep didn't sign off, our local district didn't sign off, and the decision ultimately went to the Superintendent, who approved the budget including the coach. The decision was appealed, the Council won -- but of course, that was after the school year began, and so we did, in fact, spend money funding a coach position this year -- directly against the wishes of Site Council and the staff."

We'll let you know if the anyone thinks the principal made the right choice at the end of the school year.


01 2010

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