Teachers Getting Paid To Do Nothing. Welcome To The "Must Place" Club.

A source from White Middle School, in Carson, writes to us about a problem. Like many schools in LAUSD the staff has been forced to take in a "must place" teacher. What's a "must place"? It's sorta like -- remember when you were in fifth grade and the teacher divided everyone into partners for a science project, and someone always got stuck with the boy who ate paste and couldn't even tie his shoes yet, so you just knew you'd have to do ALL the work but he'd still get credit for nothing? That was your "must place" lab partner. Now imagine that kid grew up and became a really bad teacher. 

The email:
"I am sick of letting teachers keep their jobs if they are incompetent. We have a "must place" teacher that is so incompetent he doesn't even have a classroom. They keep him in a small room all by himself because the district made our principal take him. We have three teachers that had to take sub status and really wanted job and he took it because he has seniority and we don't fire bad teachers in LAUSD, we just move them around. If we are going to take responsibility we have to allow bad teachers to move on. I know not all teachers are bad, but there are enough "must place"teachers in LAUSD that really bring us down. We should no longer allow people to be a "must place."

This reader also adds:

"...it wasn't up to [us], the district made [us] take this person."

Send me your "must place" encounters...

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Teachers are not incompetent they are ignorant, you see Teacher Education is a Myth...It may be hard to believe but there is no process, and no will to create one that would identify Best Instructional Practices. Strictly speaking, this means that there can be no such thing as Teacher Education. Please join our effort to correct this dysfunction. Logically, teachers cannot be held fully accountable for learning outcomes until Professors and Schools of Education have been held accountable for identifying Best Instructional Practices. If this is done properly we would be able to greatly increase teaching-learning efficiency and reduce crippling, unsustainable costs. That may not sound very sexy but it is very desirable.
Please join our varied efforts to correct this error at: these sites: http://teacherprofessoraccountability.ning.com/main/invitation/new?xg_source=msg_wel_network …http://bestmethodsofinstruction.com/ and http://anthony-manzo.blogspot.com/2010/05/race-to-top-accountability-leaves.html

True, there are a lot of Certificated (lemon) Principals and Administrators working in the Head Office since they don't know what to do with them or trying to HIDE them. Can't fire them, so they create a mundane Director/Deputy title and Department for these people. You think that, they would change the classification of these people to Classified after 2 or more years, but these people still remain on Certificated Status and get all the benefits too.

In the past they also took so called lemon principals and moved them from school to school. Sometimes they were given a promotion and a raise and moved to a headquarters office.

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