The Definitive Guide To Everything Perdaily: Including How To Use This Site (And Remain Anonymous).

Recently we've gotten a ton of email from readers (which is good), but a fair amount of the questions revolve around "Can I remain anonymous?" and "How can I remain anonymous?" or "What is safe to submit?". Earlier we urged those in the education field to come forward, and while we told you why, we didn't do a good job of explaining how. Consider this the long overdue FAQ/tutorial for the site.

Yes, we read EVERYTHING you guys send us. You've given us a ton of tips, comments and opinions -- all appreciated -- but there have been a lot of questions from readers who would submit a tip or comment if they were absolutely certain we wouldn't post their name or email address. Pick any email sent to us on a daily basis, and in bold you'd see lines like "The district would retaliate if they knew it was me, please don't use my name".

Here's our advice on using the site, commenting, and submitting tips anonymously.

Will you publish my name or email address?
NO. NO and NEVER. Unless you SPECIFICALLY ask us to print your name or email, we automatically assume you want to remain anonymous.

But Seriously?

ADVICE: When you sign up, or submit a tip, use a pseudonym! You don't have to use your real name. We even encourage readers to create a new email account to sign up on the site with, if they're really worried.

DO: Send tips to
DON'T: Send them from your LAUSD or other district account.

DO: Tell us as much as you can (without outing yourself of course), and whenever possible include the school in your tip. Though optional, tips are much stronger when we have a school to attribute them to!
DON'T: Send us tips with lots of spelling/grammatical errors or multiple paragraphs that could possibly be summarized (unless it's important -- of course).

ADVICE: Don't be the "stand out" at school. In other words, if you have an issue at your school and are convinced voicing these concerns to administrators or your principals won't work anyway -- then DON'T. Tell us about it instead. Often individuals become the "thorn" at their school because they constantly voice dissatisfaction with the status-quo. We're here to help with that, by getting eyes on the issue. If everyone knows you're the only one disagreeing with problems "XYZ ", then submitting tips and getting awareness out becomes that much harder. Avoiding futile debates and arguments not only protects you, but it means EVERYONE can be a watchdog.

Do you guys work for LAUSD?
One of us does.

As a spy or mole to trap us?
NO. Lenny is a twenty-two year teacher. And would a mole publish this about his school? And what about me (Anthony)? I'm the co-founder and editor. I'm twenty-three (don't hold it against me) and I've been friends with Lenny since high school.

Is this teachers only?
Nope. We would really like administrators and classified staff to drop us tips (we recognize and respect that many of you don't have the luxury of tenure).

We welcome them! So far the discourse has been surprisingly insightful and well-stated (not so surprising -- most of you are teachers after all). Feel free to sign up and comment away.

Why the ads?
We (Lenny) spent a considerable amount of money -- on a teacher's salary -- to develop and launch this very site. It was a labor of love that took over a year of prep work, grunt work and guess work. Development, design and hosting takes new small-car money. We've stuck with it though! If you want to know exactly how much because you'd like to write us a check -- Gates, Trump, Broad, we're looking at you -- then by all means, inquire.

Have you been on the radio?
Why yes, how did you know? Have a listen.


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