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Help us get the ball rolling. This site can't work without you, and we're not just saying that. Still not convinced? Then look at it this way, sites like consumerist.com get results because no large company  -- or in this case school district --  can afford bad publicity for very long, and that's where we come in. So tell us what you've got, and spread the word to every teacher you know. LAUSD ain't gonna to police itself. You can remain anonymous of course.


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01 2010

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Hurray for Per Daily! This is a site that's long overdue. Although I'm not (yet) a teacher, I've seen too much fraud and incompetency, and waste at the LAUSD. I will visit this site often and share my stories with everyone. I look forward to getting a lot of information here. Let's come together and help all students get the education they deserve!

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