BREAKING: LAUSD Internal Memo 'Layoffs, Budget Cuts, Pay Reductions' For Classified Workers (View Memo)

Is it possible for LAUSD to declare bankruptcy? It is hard to imagine that some Chapter 11 like reorganization of the District wouldn't be better than what presently exists and continues to cause loss to students, teachers, and now Central Office and Facilities staff.

Last week, the FDIC took over another insolvent bank. At what point does LAUSD become "insolvent" and, if so, what agency would tell it that it no longer has sufficient capital or staff to accomplish its basic mandated functions? No matter what cuts Cortines and Co. make, they always accompany them with language like "meet legal mandates," "advancing...projects," and "increase educational services to schools"  as if that is always possible.

It is no secret that LAUSD was in trouble before the downturn in the economy. So now, we are supposed to believe that LAUSD is going to solve its longstanding inability to address the needs of its students with a fraction of the assets it had before the economic meltdown. Nonsense!

One of our readers sent us the following documents dealing with additional cuts to LAUSD's budget for 2010-2011. One of these documents calls for Central Office budget reductions of:

  • 20% personnel reduction
     -Beyond the Bell
     -Special Education Division
     -Information Technology Division

  • 50% reduction of operational budget
     -Reduction of A-basis personnel to B-basis

Our reader says:

I've been a painter in the classified employees branch of LAUSD for [many] yrs. Classified employees are the invisible ones that keep our schools running -- custodians,secretaries,painters,carpenters,plumbers,etc. I know teachers get all the publicity because of their powerful union and they are teaching for our future, but OUR importance to this district should NOT be discounted. Without us the schools could not open -- think about it. We are already doing 4 furlough days this school year, teachers and management have so far refused to do any.

I have received information about a plan by LAUSD administration to change our job designation from 12 mo. employees to 10 mo. employees. That's 40 DAYS OFF! about a 20% pay cut. We ALL have families and bills to pay. My fear is that all the talk by Ramon Cortines and the school board members about "shared sacrifice" is all hot air and that budget cuts will come on the backs of Classified Employees. If there are cuts to be made they should be shared by EVERYONE(administrators,teachers). Call your unions and make them aware that we can't and won't stand for such unfair treatment. The following are some emails about their plan.

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LAUSD Internal Memo 'Layoffs, Budget Cuts, Pay Reductions' For Classified Workers -

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02 2010


You can expect when this happens, most of the cuts are the lowly workers. Managers, Project Mgr, Deputy Directors and Directors are rarely cut. RARE. All around you see a Department having 2 Director or 1 Deputy Director, Mgrs and 10 or less workers.

I dont see the reasoning cutting low paid workers, then retaining Management. Who are they to manage? Managers doing clerical work, they wish. Most of them don't even know how to run the daily business.

Please read "comments" after "Reports from the rubber room"

People need to understand. LAUSD NEVER set the classroom as a priority. Preservation, growth, and comfort of the bureaucracy is all it is about.

I remember visiting Beaudry a few years back. All the cubicles and offices had beautiful, new furniture, brand new 20 inch screen lcd monitors on new computers. Disgusting.

At the school site? Teachers had old x486 computers (when they got them) moldy ceilings, missing light tubes, filth, 1950's era furniture. Most schools the only building for sure on campus you know the heat works in winter is the admin building. A/C in hot weather? admin. Admin and Beaudry.

It really is an out of control organization, needing breakup.

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