LAUSD: Fixing Public Education One Door At A Time

Frequent contributor Rez of Babble submits another tale of life in the top-down world of LAUSD, where no good act goes unpunished. It seems rather bizarre that not only is the intellectual competence of teachers likely to get an administrator(s) on your case, but highly competent craftspeople fear punishment, if they dare to do their work with the creativity and skill that years of experience has given them. This is why it took six crews, seven visits and almost two weeks to fix a door. Workers who wish to expedite the process without infuriating the District are known to whisper "We'll fix it, but you can't let anybody know that I did". One wonders how long it would have taken if the door didn't belong to an administrator?

Rez of Babble:

"Hi guys--

Sorry I haven't written this week, I've had a busy week fighting the usual district bureaucracy, the testing coordinator, and other teachers who have nothing better to do than stir up office gossip and politics [the] back biting is so nasty at my school that the principal was considering transferring me -- without having called me, of course, or gotten my side of the story -- and for the record, I have never been reprimanded or written up.  I told her I wanted three examples of the supposed problems I was causing and an explicit reason as to why I was being transferred. She hemmed and hawed -- and then I got angry, which is very unlike me.  I told her I had documented everything and that if I heard even one more word about a transfer or a sanction over something I had supposedly done or said, our next meeting would be in her office with my lawyer -- a real lawyer, not a highly-paid UTLA hack that really works for the LAUSD.  This principal knows when to back down, but in a way I wish she hadn't because I think I would have won and taken down a couple of a**hole teachers and an a**hole aide who need taking down, mainly because they don't do anything even remotely considered teaching -- it's the old kids copying from books and a long video when they can get away with it.

Who in the hell has time to snipe about other teachers?

I read DH (administrator in a large school) the repair email I'd written you guys and he said it reminded him of his 'door story.'  He told me a few years ago the door to his office was kicked open in a break-in -- apparently that office connected to other parts of the school where the thieves were trying to gain access.  The door, frame and lock were completely broken and it was a mess. The school put in an order to have the door repaired immediately. This being an administrator's office, the first crew was sent out immediately --you can imagine if it were my door, a teacher's door, I'd still be waiting -- or the door would have been boarded up and I and the kids told to leave through the inner door that leads to the classroom next door.

DH said the first crew to show up were the painters -- but they couldn't do anything until the other repairs were made so they left.  Next came the frame guys who took two days to fix the door frame -- an entire crew, not one or two guys. Next came the 'wood guys' to fix the actual door, which after an entire day of wrestling with it, declared it 'unfixable' and called to have it replaced by a brand new door, which was delivered the next day by a different crew that came to install it.  After that, a locksmith (how much do they make again? Is it still more than the average teacher?) crew came in and installed a new lock.  After that, came a different crew to affix and oil the new hardware and test the door repeatedly (took all day, he tells me). The next day the painting crew returned to paint the door even though it was a supposedly a new door and didn't need painting -- they painted it anyway, after standing around for long periods of time arguing about when they should take their breaks that day.

The door was fixed but it took a week and a half and numerous crews two entire days to work on each minute part.

Hold on -- DH (a man of very few words) just told me to write about the time the air conditioners FINALLY came in to Birmingham High but no one had bothered to check the electrical specifications, which of course, didn't match, so ALL of the units had to be sent back!

There's more, but I want to get this in the mail before I leave for school... the walls have ears there.

Take Care, As Always
In Commiseration

Rez or Babble

Are we sure they weren't installing one of those futuristic doors from Star Trek that go "swoooshh" when they open?



02 2010

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WOW! The Principal should have called the local Superintendant and had those guys AND their supervisors written up. I work in M&O 3 on the west side, that would have NEVER happened here.

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