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"You can't take the pettiness out small petty people. Recent economic down turns have resulted in austere budgetary measures cuts by many of our public agencies. Looking into how these cuts are manipulated by management teams have resulted in old differences settled during these hard times while improving or padding of management salaries has increased. Less just look at one of my old employment units. The Los Angeles Unified School District, Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Under the leadership of Assistant Director Yi Hwa Kim the unit reclassified its entire technical unit under a Human Resources coordinated 80.4 procedures. The budget projects yielded advance notice to LAUSD Managers that budgetary constraints would be necessary 2008 and forward because of projections in declining enrollment and other revenue streams. This information was used to allow the management team at the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to force 40 furlough days upon staff, reclassify degree and technical staff into non-degree, non technical positions, reduce entry requirements and cut pay and benefits. The entire management team received pay increases equaling or exceeding $17,000 per annum during the same austere budget cutting procedure, no furlough days and no reductions in benefits. Someone calling themselves reporters might be able to access information throughout other LAUSD or governmental, state university departments to see if trends are similar. During each budget crisis I have witnessed during my years of public service the periods were used to settle old and petty differences. The type of management in the Los Angeles Area public sector is often achieved by favoritism and not merit so that we have poor leadership. Look at the current Superintendent of the LAUSD he cannot divorce himself from his outside financial interest and his Latin background made him an obvious choice for leadership in Los Angeles. The best may never be found for Educational or Government leadership because merit never counts.

Classified Employee

"I read the article about the Superintendents questionable involvement with Scholastic. Very disturbing. I would STRONGLY request that this situation be investigated and discussed PUBLICLY. What will the children of LAUSD think about their "leader" when he's doing something that politicians do and have to resign over. This is a big morale buster for employees as well, having a shady millionaire laying people off while he makes a MOCKERY of of the furlough days that take REAL money out of our pockets and is just spare change to him. I'm almost speechless with disgust. We need to email all the Board Members and DEMAND something be done!

Chicken Little
responds to our Central High saga:

"I read with interest Lenny's experience at Central High. I believe it. I know exactly what he's talking about. LENNY, YOU HAVE RUN HEADLONG INTO the most fearful, terrifying, Area 51, X File! It's called.............the truth......(careful)..........whisper it ever so softly............... It scares the pants off of Obama. So, he never lets it enter his administration. I liked your story when the administrators started arriving in your classroom. Ho, ho. Now, here's the kicker. What do you think that Duffy is not telling us? What do you think the CTA and state and national affiliates are doing with UTLA dues? Caramba. Go get 'em,cowboy. Landmines are hidden all over the place, Lenny.

I trust in God,
Chicken Little

fills us in on employees getting overtime to make up for furloughs:

"I believe that down in district S2 maintenance and operations, there are a handful of people that get overtime in order to make up for furlough days ,and this is not acceptable after being told that there are forty hours in a week ,get it done. In the wake of a budget crisis and people are being laid off at an alarming rate, this should not be happening.

This is part of the reason that certain employees are working overtime prior to furlough days to cover for them and now it looks like they're covering this up with this email.

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Thought I already turned you guys onto a scam. What about the summer skool scam? At Washington, Fremont, other schools kids could fail alg a and take it during intersession/summer school. The teacher has alg a, b geometry a, b alg 2 kids, a sprinkling of trig and must teach these 50 kids. What does he do? Reduce to the lowest common denominator - worksheets at alg a level. All kids get their grade updated ! Looks good! But they don't know the matter and in college they drop out...

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