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Let me brag for a second... it was a little over three months ago that Lenny and I launched perdaily. Did I mention we have had no idea what we were doing? Fast-forward from December to now and it's incredible to think we started out with just three or four visitors -- mostly sympathetic family and friends -- and now we're averaging anywhere from 200-400 people a day. Sure it's not a lot when compared to the real heavyweights on the web, but even the biggest sites started with just a few dedicated readers and contributors. For a tiny site like ours to go from zero-to-four hundred in three short months is really humbling, but enough of that...

While I'm sure we've done a lot of things right, Lenny and I have been at odds over what to do next, so we decided to ask you... what should we be covering? What interests you? What doesn't? What could we do better? Is everything just amazingly perfect exactly how it is?

To elaborate:

News stories
OK, so Lenny and I loathe education news. It's boring, dense, repetitive and an extremely passive way to engage an audience, especially an audience that consists mainly of people already working in the education field. We theorize that most of you already read/watch/experience the news and would rather we not repeat it. Are we wrong in thinking this? We can't cover a ton of news, but should we sprinkle some in everyday? Inquiring minds want to know.

Editorials from experts
Professors, pundits, lawyers and journalists. So far we've sheltered the site from anyone not in LAUSD, but we'd like to start opening things up by courting a few outsiders to contribute what they know. We have a few people in mind already, but is there anyone you'd like to hear from (and don't say an interview with Cortines)?

Do you like reading the tales of other LAUSD employees? Of course you do. So my question is this: why aren't more of you sending in tips? This site can't run without you -- I repeat -- this site can't run without you. If you have serious concerns about contributing you should check out my post on submitting tips anonymously. If you're still worried, or have questions, email me directly:

Tips go here

Our documentary

Yes we're putting together a documentary about public education. Our story about the  Central High Fraud features a rough clip from the work in progress (you can view the clip directly here). Yes, you can be in the documentary. If you have a story to tell, have some leads or ideas for us, or simply want to help just email me:

Everything else
Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Did you love/hate a story we did? Tell us what's on your mind in the comments below or at



02 2010


I really like your wordpress theme, where exactly did you obtain it from?

I just discovered this WONDERFUL website while googling for the cost of the Pali High pool, and plan to get the word out to teachers and parents alike. I knew LAUSD and the charter schools were bad (mostly due to bloated, incompetent administration), but I didn't know it was this bad. I am shocked, horrified and angered.

Thank you for starting this website. It's true that many teachers are afraid to rock the boat, and I can understand why after reading about Lenny's experiences, and so it is up to taxpaying parents to demand accountability and advocate for the teachers.

Last year, the best teacher at Canyon Elementary was given a pink slip, and only through parent protest did he get reinstated.

There is a purposeful dumbing-down agenda in the public schools, which has gone on for decades, and we must fight back.

Guys - I tell everybody I see about your website, but you know how people are, they forget or don't care. Maybe you could try to get city or state workers looking at your site. They're having a tough time too.Everybody seems to think all of us workers are living the high life when we know that's not true. It's the administrators that make the BIG money and benefits. Did you know that they get an extra 2 weeks vacation called "stress leave"? Anyway, Lenny, sorry to hear about all the problems yer having with LAUSD. Hang in there.

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