The biggest problem that drug dealers have isn't selling drugs to their customers, it's figuring out what to do with the obscene amounts of money generated by their illegal operation. LAUSD, with a budget bigger than the City of Los Angeles, has a similar problem. A tip we received from an LAUSD insider accompanied with project cost files once again demonstrates that these people should be prosecuted for the magnitude of their corruption. The source of our tip uses just two seemingly small expenditures -- shade canopies and bathroom handles -- to prove a point. If you really want to be outraged, just pick any school in LAUSD and examine the dubious projects -- and their exorbitant costs -- at a time when teachers and staff are being furloughed and students graduate without fundamental knowledge of English and math.

Our tipster writes:

"Please review this report to see if you would agree the property tax funds for Measure K are being misused.

This report is more current, with adjustments to bids due to "complications" during the construction requiring a higher cost for the job.

For example look at the cost for fabric covered shade structures at Marina Del Rey MS EEC. (SEE THE PHOTO ON PAGE 16)

MonthlyReport -

Do you think $403,857 is a fair price for these? I would expect solar panels for the roof, instead of fabric. These outrageously priced structures are approved for schools throughout LAUSD.

How do expenditures like this get approved? The shade structures are just one example of the abuse of Measure K funds. Attached is a photo of a hand rail in a preschool bathroom. Why is the cost $2,785?

I am sure if you look closely at the actual bids for these projects, you too will be shocked! If you are not shocked, pretend for a moment that you are a laid off teacher or an employee with 9 furlough days, trying to pay your property taxes.

I work in a classroom for LAUSD, and most days we do not have heat. Yet we are getting a shade structure that will cost over $218,000. Gee, Thanks!

Now the LAUSD school board has voted to place another $100 parcel tax on the June ballot. How can anyone in their right mind, vote to tax themselves so LAUSD can have more money to waste?

So it takes 2,000 people paying a $100 parcel tax to buy one canopy. Use this link to find your school and see current and planned project costs.

LAUSD also overspends your money on construction, textbooks, personnel, more personnel, supplies and more personnel, and renting vacant office space.


04 2010

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