Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes... And More Charges From LAUSD

For those of you who have followed my odyssey over the last year, you probably thought that I could not receive anymore Notices of Unsatisfactory Acts or Suspensions from my Principal Janet Seary, because I have been under paid administrative leave at my house during the last 4 months and out of harm's way. Well, as I found out on last Thursday, May 27th you and I were wrong. To add to my previous two Notices of Unsatisfactory Acts and two prior pending Suspensions of 8 and 11 days respectively, I have been summoned to a meeting at LAUSD Staff Relations on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 1 pm where I am to be hit with another Notice of Unsatisfactory Acts and yet another 15 day Suspension.

The fact that I have had no dealings with Principal Seary or anyone else at LAUSD has not dissuaded her from this latest set of bogus charges, because she has a clear understanding that absolutely nobody at LAUSD or anywhere else in California government will review or take exception to her charges against me no matter how ridiculous and unfounded they are. While she mentions no specific charges as to what I am supposed to have done, she does mention the dates: September 29, 2009, January 11 and 28, and February 2, 3, and 4 of 2010 and says, "At the meeting you will be provided the opportunity to present any new information, statements and/or documents in (sic) your own behalf that may effect my final decision." Frankly, although I have kept a detailed timeline of events over the last several years, I frankly have no notion of what took place on September 29, 2009 other than a faculty meeting where she tried to stop me from asking for a UTLA meeting of teachers without administrators present as is our right under the LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement. If the purported purpose of this meeting is to give me a chance to respond to charges, shouldn't notice of the meeting include those charges?

Now is there even one of you out there in the blogosphere that thinks there is any "information, statement and/or documents" that I could present that would stop Principal Seary from issuing the Notice of Unsatisfactory Acts and 15 day Suspension, remembering of course that David Viadaurrazaga Head of LAUSD Staff Relations and Janice Davis, Principal Seary's immediate superior had no trouble admitting at my May 3, 2010 appeal of the earlier 8 and 11 day suspensions that neither one of them had ever read my responses to the initial charges or looked at the clear and uncontradicted evidence I had offered 4 months before that there was no basis to the charges. At the same meeting, when queried about what standard there was for determining the number of days a teacher was suspended, Vidaurrazaga initially lied and said there was a standard until Davis contradicted him by saying, "We leave it up to the discretion of the principal." Is there any wonder why Principal Seary and other administrators like her do what they do when they are told in the clearest of possible terms that they will be backed and supported no matter how outrageous or illegal their actions are.

To be charged in June 2010 with allegations that relate to events as far back as September 29, 2009 over 8 months ago is patently absurd and yet nobody questions this. Ironically, in examining Education Code Section 44032, which describes the grounds for a permanent employee being dismissed, it occurs to me that Principal Seary and all of her superiors who knowingly allow her to carry on these unfounded attacks on me, are actually the ones who should be dismissed:

(1) "Immoral and unprofessional conduct"
(3) "Dishonesty"
(4) "Unsatisfactory performance"
(5) "Evident unfitness for service"
(6) "Physical or mental condition unfitting him or her to instruct or associate with children"
(7) Persistent violation of or refusal to obey the school laws of the state or reasonable regulations prescribed for the government of the public schools by the State Board of Education or by the governing board of the school district employing him or her"

Now it's bad enough that I am being treated this way for telling the truth about rampant fraud at my school as I am under an affirmative duty to report under the LAUSD Whistle Blower policy, but more and more I am finding out that there are approximately 200 other teachers who are going through these Star Chamber proceedings throughout the District. One of these fellow teacher Mike Bujko was harassed out of teaching because he dared to report that a female assistant principal at his school had gone into the boys' locker room.

In following the discussion about education reform, one thing that people of good faith need to clearly understand is that there will be no reform as long as the banal cabal of evil continues to go unchallenged at LAUSD and UTLA, because their very existence as constituted is antithetical to any reform.


06 2010


First burn the books-then burn the teachers. This is forever a tool of the ruling class to control the masses. If administrators were forced to teach 3 hours a day, they would not have time to destroy knowledge fields. Maybe in your spare time, you could write California legislation to require 3 hours of in classroom teaching for every administrator. This might be needed to cut the high cost of educating students. Further, with the mass exodus of teachers and low enrollment in teacher preparation courses -your administrator may be faced with putting expertise in practice. Most people will be surprised to discover -that administration is the fat in education-and not the teachers. Today at LAUSD, there are 26,000 plus District teachers and 33,000 plus out of classroom positions. Why would payroll clerks even be necessary with all this advance technology. For every teacher 1 person sits in the office or Downtown doing nothing more than trying to discourage teachers. Cut the fat-and watch California's educational system rise.

I believe that your misconception is in thinking that administrators can teach. Arguably, they got out of the classroom, because they never were teachers and only taught the minimum necessary until they could get to the more financially lucrative administrative position, which was their goal from the beginning.

But one mistake that I think most people make is in believing that administrators need to be educators. I would argue that they rather need to be good business people to assure that a district like LAUSD is not captive of its vendors of goods and services that gouge exorbitant sums of money out of the district that leave it coming up short when it comes to having the money necessary to adequately fund the essential teaching functions that presently are allowed to go wanting.

If LAUSD exists in its present form, it's because that is the way those in power want it to exist. Leadership always reflects rank-and-file and when you have teachers unwilling to stand up for what they know is right, so they can go on collecting a salary, you cannot expect anything different than what we have. While I have certain colleagues who are great teachers,50% quit within 5 years because they are smart enough to see that we are dealing with a stacked deck. The plurality necessary in terms of the shear number of voters is not that prohibitive when it comes for playing a new game that finally holds these jokers responsible. Ironically, even corrupt administrators will be a whole lot happier once the cancer that is LAUSD is cured, they just don't have the education or intelligence to presently see it.

Admin is NOT supposed to be present for meetings--since when is Socratic discourse a problem? These suits are indeed lawless,and I fear few colleagues will stand up for us out of fear they'll be next. You have slander, libel and harassment on these people and the district if what you say is correct. I hope those 98 other teachers in this situation read this and we can unify to put this right. I love my work, my school, and until I dared to ask questions, become an active advocate for students and did what I am supposed to by reporting student abuse and non-compliance they compromise education with. It isn't always easy to be so honest or so articulate---but these bureacrats are desperate because an audit will show what the real problem for our community is, starting with Local District Offices.

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