Online "Learning" Revisited

Several days ago we did a post about the absurdity of LAUSD's latest proposal to do online learning as a way for students to make up credits in courses they have failed. While such an online program might have had possibilities, if it was fairly and honestly implemented, it did not take a genius or any precognitive abilities to know how LAUSD would implement such a program.

More important than continuing to point out the criminal manner in which LAUSD is run is to finally get teachers, students, and parents to understand that this incompetence will not be changed by continuing to talk about how LAUSD leadership cannot do anything right. Rather, the next step for us here at perdaily is to posit an alternative of good educational practices in dealing with our population of intentionally damaged students.

How many more of you out there can give a specific example about what we write about at perdaily like the following teacher? Or, how many of you can talk about how you have been treated and how you think you should have been treated. If the only voice heard is that of LAUSD, nothing will change.


Anonymity, please. I don't know if you roamed Monroe, but it's not difficult to find the Apex online classes at most LAUSD high schools. It is the dysfunctional attempt at getting students to pass courses through the online environment. All your assumptions about the virtual academy are correct, its is malfeasance at its finest.

The unaddressed lax security allows for students to cheat at any time. Some students have friends complete the assessment portion. Some students even have their parents complete that portion, several admit to it. Students with decent computer skills keep the lessons open and search for answers. While a majority of the students use trial and error, knowing that a majority of the questions will be repeated.

The online courses require a teacher/coach to give remedial teaching, but this doesn't happen. Some might argue that the teacher support is there, but at no point in time is there more than the one teacher holding the "lab" environment static.

Not only is the virtual academy a waste, it is another sign of complicit nepotism in LAUSD. The course teacher is there as a full time teacher during school hours, after school hours, and during summer school; THE WHOLE WHILE, THERE ARE ONLY A HAND FULL OF STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM, not the full 30 or so students enrolled. So who gets to teach such an easy course and collect all the overtime? follow the smell.

I'm a believer that the virtual academy can work, but not as presented. Some high paid administrator lacking the business qualifications, who would be jobless in the private sector, probably put the plan together.

I should add that I (Lenny)  graduated from Monroe High, back when it was an exceptional school in 1964.

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06 2010

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