Teacher Rene Diedrich Adds Her Voice To Mine. Will You? (Maestro René Diedrich añade su voz a la mía. ¿Lo harás?)


(en español después) The following is an email I received from Rene Diedrich, a fellow teacher under attack for exhibiting the uncompromising values of what should be rewarded as a good teacher. It is my belief that LAUSD administration seeks to marginalize teachers like us and the somewhere between 80 and 200 teacher who share our fate, because LAUSD is incapable of reforming its clearly failed practices and, therefore, must kill the messenger.

It is my belief that even if a fraction of teachers had the motivation to speak about what they are subjected to on a daily basis, LAUSD would come crumbling down, since there is nothing but fear holding it up. You are the majority who can turn things around if you finally speak out either in your own name or anonymously. If not, don't blame anybody else when your union disappears and you no longer have a job as a profession and fairly compensated teacher doing one of the hardest jobs that this country has to offer. I'm waiting on you.

"Thanks for taking the time to gently point out my slide into maudlin bouts of ADHD which are, of course counterintuitive. Of course I will land on my feet as I can do many things well and this time off is an opportunity to finish an anthology I am editing, which is really exciting but overwhelming when my PTSD, a pre LAUSD condition, escalates the ADHD (usually an advantage to my work as an artist, that includes the art of teaching--a performance art, according to Camille Paglia, who would be someone I'd like to hear from about reforms). I need an even keeled, logical guide back to get my bearings. At least I had the good sense to turn to you, one of the few humans I know who comprehends the emotional devastation.

As many of my friends at school are falling to pieces in a less dire situation, it behooves me to find my center and act, using "leave" as you have, rather than worrying about being railroaded in (LAUSD) kangaroo court, which doesn't count anyway. The stress killed Frankie McGee, an outspoken Irish Catholic virgin who gave her life to the school, and many teachers are seriously ill.One biology teacher has cancer and because he missed alot of time due to his illness, he was given a bad stull.

ADA officials should investigate because an AIDS patient and a special education specialist with serious physical handicaps have both been denied accommodations and harassed. Unfortunately one fell off the planet and the other is preoccupied with addressing her declining health. She had a lawyer,but like several overwhelmed older female colleagues, she is surrendering to retirement.

One agency school employees should turn to is the ACLU, which links directly to Williams Committee Complaints. I'd urge them to use their names to lend veracity to the claims but I am aware of the danger, since they are sent to principals. As an alternative, a self-protective teacher might have a sympathetic parent file such a complaint. I have noted that these inspections make administrators sweat profusely and the evaluators are no nonsense. Every year I have helped my school perpetuate the fraud by pretending we had enough text books, let the students lie when queried to protect teachers, never pointing out that all but 2 sets of bathrooms are closed except on the day the team arrives. It feels like Stockholm syndrome in retrospect.

My classroom was freezing cold every day of the year, my requests for repairs ignored, which made my students and I sick so often I bought gallons of hand sanitizer and kept extra sweaters in the closet. Last year the woman with her clip board sensed we were deceiving her, but it never occurred to me to say, "Help us!" Hell, I never surfed the possibilities for potential remedies until I was exiled. Few of us have time or energy to research reforms, much less any resources outside the UTLA--which discourages contacting state agencies for assistance.

A very sharp lady who has the same rhetorical gifts you have is filing the form against our school, which is derelict in every single issue the Williams commission oversees. Now that staff members are filing complaints and grievances in mass about the hostile workplace our leaders deliberately cultivated. Clearly, teachers enabled this by becoming complacent while lacking the courage to speak out. I think it's fair to say our principal is gagging on a heaping dose of his own medicine. His supervisors are far more vicious, and he went too far with one fiery individual --the state is up their ass. But even at my school, too many are not reporting the administrative antics despite their collective disenchantment with the union.

Even our earnest reps are disgusted, but when they resigned, no one would run for the positions. They are noble, more committed to education than UTLA is, so they stayed in place to protect teachers as best as they could from a principal who spends all his time looking for reasons to write up teachers. One thing they brought back from training was the revelation that the conditions at our school were wide spread. This wasn't about a glut of despots issuing top down dictates infiltrating the system. These administrators are operating under directives from the district. These corporate mentality tactics, I believe, were orchestrated by Superintendent Cortines, who epitomizes the educ rat. Soon he'll skate out with the same excessive income and perks the people in Bell are outraged by because these suits are swindlers, not public servants. The school board's television show is hard to stomach, but when I can watch their empty rituals or read the minutes of their meetings on line, it's all semantics that say little if anything about what matters. Somehow we have to get other people to see what we do as teachers.

The Robert F. Kennedy Learning Complex excess glittering in all its glory as just the latest example of the waste the district is culpable for. They actually hire consultants to do studies that show class size has no impact on learning in what is a complex con built like a house of cards. It boggles the mind to think no one from the state or federal government has issued warrants and investigated some of these slick crooks. Most lost angels will tell you the school district is evil, and the way many communities divorce themselves from it supports the notion. It seems gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown has a lot to gain from going after this bloated bureaucracy in a timely fashion; perhaps we can give him a nudge. A few teachers I know are also writing Mr. Obama, who is apparently clueless about the operations of a large urban school district , perhaps being advised by incompetent and/or corrupt individuals.

I think what bothers me most is the teachers who know what is happening, some of them victimized by the situation, that choose to do nothing. They foolishly believe they can hide in their classrooms and wait out the principal's reign of terror. They are comfortable, complacent and as complicit as our treacherous colleagues who cozy up to these administrators to save their own bacon and serve their own ambitions. This isn't just about our jobs, it is about the integrity of our constitution and our obligation to children in every community. Education is a civil right, the most important of all in my mind. To deny the most desperate demographic in society access to that is a crime that has far reaching ramifications, as we know too well. How the hell can I turn my back on a fight to preserve the dignity of our calling, much less retire as an advocate for students when they need me to model the type of behavior we aspire to in ESLRs?

As much as it upsets me to revisit the situation, I only come unhinged when I feel impotent, isolated and humiliated by the circumstances. I need to be proactive, so I am reading your blog, looking for comrades and ready to battle these bastards to the death. That reminds me, I contacted Gloria Allred and directed her to your site, suggesting she represent teachers in the district in light of the stress levels that require a hotline (how much did that cost?) after the suicide of Mr. Ruelas. It would not surprise me if she considers it when the timing is right for her motives, whatever they may be. She's scary; I don't like her; she is just the sort of barracuda we need.

Thanks again for everything. My attorney is contacting yours to provide a cogent, non crazy woman account of my case and to commiserate a little after his confounding contact with them and their codes. Maybe if they see lawyers in the equation, our colleagues will realize we can and must find unity among ourselves to out the real culprits, which is really the key to meaningful reform.

Have a great weekend"

El siguiente es un correo que recibí de René Diedrich, un maestro compañero en ataque para la exposición de los valores sin concesiones de lo que debe ser recompensado como un buen maestro. Es mi creencia que la administración del LAUSD busca marginar a docentes como nosotros y los de entre 80 y 200 maestros en algún lugar que comparten nuestro destino, ya que el LAUSD es incapaz de reformar sus prácticas no de manera clara y, por lo tanto, debe matar al mensajero.

Es mi creencia de que incluso si una parte de los profesores tuvieron la motivación para hablar sobre lo que están sometidos a sobre una base diaria, el LAUSD se viene derrumbando, ya que no hay nada pero el miedo lo mantiene arriba. Usted es la mayoría que puede cambiar las cosas si finalmente hablar, ya sea en su propio nombre o de forma anónima. Si no, no culpo a nadie más cuando su sindicato desaparece y ya no tiene un trabajo como una profesión y maestro de una compensación justa haciendo uno de los trabajos más difíciles que este país tiene para ofrecer. Estoy esperando por ti.

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para apuntar con cuidado mis diapositivas en combates sensiblera de TDAH que son, por supuesto, contrario a la intuición. Por supuesto que la tierra en mis pies que puedo hacer muchas cosas bien y este tiempo libre es una oportunidad para terminar una antología estoy editando, que es realmente emocionante, pero abrumadora cuando mi trastorno de estrés postraumático, una condición previa del LAUSD, se intensifica el ADHD (por lo general una ventaja para mi trabajo como artista, que incluye el arte de enseñar - un arte de performance, de acuerdo a Camille Paglia, que sería alguien que me gustaría saber de las reformas). Necesito una quilla, incluso, la guía de lógica volver a conseguir mi rodamientos. Por lo menos tuvo el buen sentido de convertir a usted, uno de los pocos seres humanos que conozco que comprende la devastación emocional.

Como muchos de mis amigos en la escuela se cae a pedazos en una situación menos grave, que me corresponde para encontrar mi centro y actuar, con "licencia" como tú, en lugar de preocuparse por ser injustamente en los tribunales canguro (LAUSD), que doesn 't cuenta de todos modos. El estrés muertos Frankie McGee, un abierto virgen irlandés católico que dio su vida a la escuela, y muchos profesores se ven seriamente profesor de biología ill.One tiene cáncer y porque se perdió mucho tiempo debido a su enfermedad, se le dio una mala Stull.

funcionarios de la ADA debe investigar, porque un paciente con SIDA y un especialista en educación especial con graves discapacidades físicas tienen se les ha negado alojamiento y hostigados. Lamentablemente, uno se cayó del planeta y el otro se preocupa por atender su salud en declive. Ella tenía un abogado, pero al igual que varios colegas femeninas abrumado mayor, ella es rendirse a la jubilación.

Una agencia de empleados de la escuela debe a su vez es a la ACLU, que vincula directamente al Comité de Quejas Williams. Yo les deseo de usar sus nombres para dar veracidad a las denuncias, pero estoy consciente del peligro, ya que son enviadas a los directores. Como alternativa, un profesor de auto-protección puede tener un archivo principal simpática dicha queja. He tomado nota de que estas inspecciones a los administradores a sudar profusamente, y los evaluadores no son tonterías. Todos los años he ayudado a mi escuela perpetuar el fraude por fingir que había suficientes libros de texto, deje que los estudiantes se encuentran cuando se les pregunta para proteger a los profesores, señalando que nunca, pero dos conjuntos de todos los baños están cerrados, excepto el día que el equipo llega. Se siente como el síndrome de Estocolmo en retrospectiva.

Mi aula estaba helada todos los días del año, mis peticiones para la reparación ignorado, lo que hacía a mis alumnos y yo enferma tan a menudo he comprado galones de desinfectante para las manos y se mantiene suéteres extra en el armario. El año pasado la mujer con su tablero de clip sintió que la estaban engañando, pero nunca se me ocurrió decir: "¡Ayúdenos!" El infierno, nunca he surfeado las posibilidades de los recursos potenciales hasta que fue exiliado. Pocos de nosotros tenemos el tiempo ni la energía para las reformas de la investigación, y mucho menos los recursos fuera de la UTLA - que desalienta a ponerse en contacto con las agencias estatales de asistencia.

Una mujer muy fuerte que tiene los mismos dones retóricos que tiene es la forma de presentación en contra de nuestra escuela, que está abandonada en cada número único de la Comisión Williams supervisa. Ahora que los miembros del personal son la presentación de denuncias y quejas de la masa sobre el lugar de trabajo hostil a nuestros líderes deliberadamente cultivada. Claramente, los profesores permitido que esta por ser complaciente, mientras que carecen de la valentía de hablar. Creo que es justo decir que nuestra principal es amordazar a una dosis de hacinamiento de su propia medicina. Sus supervisores son mucho más crueles, y se fue demasiado lejos con una dama española de fuego - el Estado está en el culo. Pero incluso en mi escuela, muchos no están reportando las travesuras administrativas a pesar de su desencanto colectivo con el sindicato.

Incluso nuestros representantes están seriamente disgustados, pero cuando renunció, nadie iría a las posiciones. Ellos son nobles, más comprometidos con la educación de UTLA es, por lo que se quedó en el lugar para proteger a los maestros de la mejor manera que podían de un director que pasa todo el tiempo buscando razones para escribir los maestros. Una de las cosas que trajo de la formación fue la revelación de que las condiciones de nuestra escuela se amplia difusión. No se trataba de un exceso de emisión de los déspotas de arriba hacia abajo dicta infiltrarse en el sistema. Estos administradores están operando bajo las directivas del distrito. Estas tácticas mentalidad corporativa, creo, fueron orquestadas por el Superintendente Cortines, quien personifica a la rata educ. Pronto voy a patinar con el exceso de los mismos ingresos y beneficios a la gente en Bell están indignados por el ya que estos trajes son estafadores, no los funcionarios públicos. la escuela de la junta directiva de televisión El es difícil de digerir, pero cuando puedo ver sus rituales vacíos o leer las actas de sus reuniones en línea, todo es semántica que dicen poco o nada sobre lo que importa. De alguna manera tenemos que conseguir que otras personas vean lo que hacemos como maestros.

El Robert F. Kennedy de aprendizaje complejo exceso brillante en toda su gloria como el último ejemplo de los residuos del distrito es culpable de. De hecho contratar a consultores para realizar estudios que muestran el tamaño de la clase no tiene ningún impacto en el aprendizaje en lo que es un contexto complejo de apartamentos construido como un castillo de naipes. Es alucinante pensar en nadie del gobierno estatal o federal ha emitido órdenes e investigar algunos de estos ladrones mancha. La mayoría de los ángeles perdidos le dirá que el distrito escolar es el mal, y el divorcio muchas comunidades de la misma manera se apoya la idea. Parece candidato a gobernador Jerry Brown, tiene mucho que ganar de ir después de esta burocracia excesiva en el momento oportuno, tal vez podemos darle un empujoncito. A pocos profesores que conozco son también por escrito el Sr. Obama, quien al parecer ni idea de las operaciones de un distrito escolar urbano grande, tal vez asesorado por incompetentes y / o individuos corruptos.

Creo que lo que más me molesta son los profesores que saben lo que está pasando, algunos de ellos víctimas de la situación, que optan por no hacer nada. Ellos tontamente creen que pueden esconderse en sus aulas y esperar a que el director reinado de terror. Son cómodas, complaciente y cómplice de nuestros colegas como traidores que adular a estos administradores para salvar su propia tocino y servir a sus propias ambiciones. Esto no se trata sólo de nuestros puestos de trabajo, se trata de la integridad de nuestra Constitución y nuestra obligación con los niños en cada comunidad. La educación es un derecho civil, la más importante de todas en mi mente. Negar la mayor parte demográfica desesperada en el acceso a la sociedad que es un delito que tiene consecuencias de largo alcance, como sabemos muy bien. ¿Cómo demonios puedo darle la espalda a una lucha para preservar la dignidad de nuestra vocación, y mucho menos retirarse como defensor de los estudiantes cuando me necesitan para modelar el tipo de comportamiento que aspiramos en el ESLRs?

Por mucho que me molesta volver a examinar la situación, lo único que vienen trastornado cuando me siento impotente, aislado y humillado por las circunstancias. Tengo que ser proactivo, por lo que estoy leyendo su blog, en busca de compañeros y listo para luchar contra estos hijos de puta a la muerte. Eso me recuerda, me puse en contacto Gloria Allred y dirigió su a su sitio, lo que sugiere que representar a los docentes en el distrito de la luz de los niveles de estrés que requieren una línea telefónica (¿cuánto cuesta eso?) Después del suicidio del señor Ruelas. No me sorprendería si se considera que el momento es adecuado para sus motivos, cualesquiera que sean. Ella da miedo, yo no la quiero, ella es el tipo de barracudas que necesitamos.

Gracias de nuevo por todo. Mi abogado está en contacto con el suyo para dar una explicación convincente, no loca de mi caso y para compadecerse un poco después de su contacto confusión con ellos y sus códigos. Tal vez si ven los abogados en la ecuación, nuestros colegas se dará cuenta de que podemos y debemos buscar la unidad entre nosotros mismos a los verdaderos culpables, que es realmente la clave para una reforma significativa.

Tener un gran fin de semana


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This is a good subject to talk about. Sometimes I fav stuff like this on Redit. This article probably won’t do well with that crowd. I’ll take a look around your site though and submit something else.

Things went quite well today, but we won't have an outcome for a few weeks and from the nasty tone of staff relations, I am sure I will be shipped off to a middle school in Watts no matter what the arbtration judge decides. He was quite astute, and he stopped the witnesses--who used hearsay to suggest no teachers ere willing to testify against me because they were afraid--from making up more stuff that was not in the case we hearing. These people stepped all over each others' stories, demonstrated malicious intent, and were caught in a lot of lies--I am hiring a very bright young attorney to handle the civil case against the principal, my AP (who may or may not be protected by the district) and the teachers that slandered me. Nevertheless, as far as the district goes, I am prepared for the worst after following Lenny's saga.

BTW, "TROY" comments are not cut and paste jobs. niether are IEPs.

Attorney seems very positive about civil case against individuals involved in defaming me publically.I can use those administrator and boot licker assets,homes, and pensions he says I can go after. But since so much of it is stolen from students, I will share. I keep thinking about taking a bunch of them to Greece--the place where Democracy was born.
Hear from some that the slander is being spread in classrooms too. My principal told students that the articles here about the standardized testing controversy were "a conspiracy theory" then told them to question the slc art soldiers' slogan of "question everything." My kids nailed that fallacious rhetoric--a faulty syllogism, so they questioned why he would suggest something so stupid. These students are sharp--they told me why he did this, and now that I think on it, they are right as rain. There is even art in war, which I am too sane and civilized to take part on any battle field besides the page.

Thank you for betraying the witless idocracy we honest, harworking teachers are dealing with. At least my face and name are not concealed (which says a great deal about correct and rightous);however, I realize your kind hides while spewing words like "transparency"--so feel free to opine, editorialize or express something relevant to the discourse. C'mon, Co-rupp-tion, let's hear your rhetoric . Ricki Tiki Tavi likes to play.

You are so right Rene... luv u. I will see you in heaven.

The snake is closer to you than you think. Look around you and you will see that your face is not missed. People around you are playing you and you don't even know. We want you hear exactly what is told to make you believe you are correct and righteous.

tu siempre vas a dar cabesa porque ya me dieste cabesa.

ur spanish needs a little work.

the mongoose relies on the snake to underestimate her, but a snake is a snake, my friend, and the mongoose prevails because she doesn't rely on others to tell her what is correct or rightous. these are natural reflex.

Apparently, my former principal read this post today, and stood before the entire faculty reading my "fight to the death" (a figure of speech) sentence out of context before claiming he was recieving death threats. A bootlicker claimed the same--insinuating I am making them--just a couple days before I go into arbitration. And UTLA, now that the rep has had a chance to see how idiotic these charges are--seems to be giving me a bit of bang for my buck. It is clear the bogus accusations are falling apart, so these people are fabricating new ones.That is TOTALLY unprofessional and illegal. My former principal said he was afraid of me--this bully! Well maybe he should be because I do not think you can tell over 100 teachers their colleague made death threats without anything more than hearsay--and that's all there is because I never did it. Fortunately this could be one of those exceptions to the code that makes administrators impervious to civil liability. As for the bootlickers who slandered me, they are fair game--they could lose assets, pension and the case when I take them to court. This is what happens when you are whistleblower at LAUSD!

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