From LAUSD to New York City Public School and everything in between: A NATIONAL SCANDAL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS by Susan Lee Schwartz Part 2

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) Ordinary people who believe in the law of the land are incredulous and say,  "How can our public school systems across the country be so corrupt?

SIMPLE -with the help of the media and the complicity of the  union.  You see, while the media focuses and points the finger at those "bad teachers,"  at the 'dead-wood" the union mishandles tens of thousands of cases.


•    The crucial point where the contract would prevent charges based on abusive, false allegations from being IS AT THE SITE!
•     But, the union's  rep on-site is a teacher who depends on the principal for everything: the student load, the duties, the materials, the program.  Collusion with administration has become epidemic here and grievance procedures are abandoned or subverted.


To bypass the grievance procedure MANDATED  in a contract, the principal tells a parent to complain directly to the CHANCELLOR or superintendent, with one of several SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS which mean the teacher can be REMOVED immediately.

•    CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IS A FAVORITE , and teacher comments can be interpreted as threatening, and used to charge a teacher with corporal punishment. (Education law is clear that THIS  is illegal.)
•     Sexual abuse " there has been a three -fold increase in these allegations interpreted from the ASSOCIATED PRESS release to mean that thirty percent of our teachers are abusive to students, when in truth, this charge is just a ploy to remove a teacher, in most of the cases.
•    Theft or misuse of funds: which is ironic, since it is administration that that often robs the school blind.
•    Drug Abuse: any allegation can doom a teacher.

Once in a detention center (often a converted storeroom, but now some school office) awaiting a hearing -- three years down the road-- a teacher is virtually a prisoner. In the 'rubber rooms, teachers needed permission  to go to  the bathroom.

Moreover, if the charges fail to 'stick,' then new charges are put out for incompetence or insubordination.

Teachers exhausted and traumatized by this genuine assault,  retire, and the public never knows what occurred to push them into retirement. That is what happened to me.

 Imagine dedicating your life, educating yourself for years, spending money to make teaching possible in places where books and materials are scarce or non-existent, and ending up in this virtual prison, facing a  kangaroo court years later, unable to defend yourself.

 Arbitration is by people whose only objective is to get you to retire, and who put the final nail in your career.

The result:  the brightest, most experienced and educated teachers are locked up and subjected to humiliation that no minority segment of our population has experienced in decades, and then terminated.  Educated professionals, dedicated to enriching the lives of our future citizens have become the targets of petty, corrupt administrations.  


IT IS THE SHEER NUMBER OF SYSTEMS THAT EMPLOY THIS TACTIC that makes it so hard for people to grasp. Exacerbating this, is the MEDIA, which has few education experts, and LOVES TO bash teachers.

Is it any wonder that the schools are facing a crisis of enormous proportions, as the best and the brightest are subjected to heinous ILLEGAL procedures, and finally TERMINATED?

Worse, tens of thousands of senior teachers, the mentors, are GONE, and now these petty tyrants who call themselves "administrators" are going after younger, inexperienced teachers.  When these new teachers reach a tenure year, they are routinely terminated in the most illegal and heinous manner.

The scandal is not limited to hurting our future citizens, who are leaving schools with little knowledge or basic critical thinking skills, unprepared to compete in our global marketplace as a result.   But it continues to incapacitate a huge segment of our society - our educated professionals,  who are unable to defend themselves.  

Our education system has degenerated into one where due process of law is denied them, and the basic human right to work and make a living is being snuffed out for this segment of our population. They cannot work again as a teacher once this process has destroyed their reputation, not to mention their health.

It destroys their lives. The toll it takes on good people who have dedicated their lives to caring for children would make you weep, if you witnessed the destruction and humiliation .  

Working tirelessly to overcome the inherent difficulties of teaching in this centuries' neglected educational institutions, teaching increasingly difficult populations of children, and earning salaries below what it takes to live a decent life, teachers are blind-sided by the manner in which their career is terminated.

No American should be treated like this.   But, to subject educated professionals who have done nothing more than excel in their work and dedicate their lives to our children - this is BEYOND CRIMINAL. It is IMMORAL!

Terrorist detainees have greater access to the law of the land then do  teachers.

This must stop. A federal investigation must begin NOW, before our future citizens cannot compete in a global marketplace that demands KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS. Twelve years of education must be put back into the hands of the TEACHER-PRACTITIONERS who have the talent and experience to facilitate learning!

The must site to go to in order to understand the corruption behind the tactic of  'rubberization,' is
If you think this is an exaggeration, here are the sites you can go to, to read the stories of an astonishing numbers of wonderful teachers who lost everything.   It will make you cry... for the teachers, for this country, and for the children. 

Then, get involved. Email this to everyone on your address list, and call your congressman, the local papers, and find out if YOUR district is mishandling teachers.

A suggestion is to Log on to this website, or others like it,  and discover how you can get your community to create PRESS RELEASES to all media, who are interested in this topic. This is "how" you will be able to spread awareness about this.

My final advice for those of you who are under attack:
YOU are not alone! Discover this national scandal and join the fight against forces that are delighted to have an ignorant population.
They win if you give up.

        Betsy Combier, Editor & Founder
                Also explore the links on

Here are hundred's of powerful stories that show this is a national process
Karen Horwitz* - Editor

Here is a site, which chronicles the latest on the war on teachers as well as shining a light on those who assist or obstruct the education of our nation's children
                         EDUCATIONAL NOTES ON-LINE
                                Norman Scott, editor.

 In Los Angeles, this site is a clearinghouse/virtual commons to chronicle the situation of teachers across the country
                                    Leonard Isenberg; editor

In Montana, Lorna Stremcha tweets about administrative bullying.
Lorna is writing a book about her horrific experience and her fight in the courts. Her story demonstrates that NOTHING STOPS SCHOOL PRINCIPALS FROM THE MOST HORRENDOUS BEHAVIORS.

Read an account at


Jo Scott Coe Riverside, California
Excellent Video Interview about Professor Coe

Assistant Professor of English at Riverside Community College and former high school English teacher. She is the author of Teacher at Point Blank and has been a teacher of English and literature in California since 1991. Her writing on intersections of gender, violence, and education has appeared in the Los Angeles Times as well as literary venues including Hotel Amerika, Fourth Genre, River Teeth, Ninth Letter, Memoir(and), Bitter Oleander, and Green Mountains Review. Her essay, "Recovering Teacher," won the NCTE 2009 Donald Murray Prize, and other selections of her work have received a Pushcart Special Mention as well as Notable listings in Best American Essays 2009 and 2010. As an independent researcher, Jo authored and published the most extensive study to-date of Adams v. LAUSD, a nearly 10-year legal case of student-on-teacher sexual harassment, in (Re)Interpretations: The Shapes of Justice in Women's Experience (Cambridge Scholars Press). Jo values the aesthetic, political, and socially transformative powers of literary narrative--especially to dispel unhealthy silences and witness cultural blindspots. She works currently as an assistant professor of English at Riverside Community College in SoCal, and her book, Teacher at Point Blank (Aunt Lute 2010), has been selected as a Great Read for Fall 2010 by Ms. Magazine. Punk rock? Yes. Hockey games? Yes. Coffee? Always black. Find Jo on the web at and on Twitter @joscottcoe.

Betsy Combier New York, New York
Betsy Combier's blog
is a jewel that chronicles the corruption in NYC's Dept of Educations (DOE)  . She has accomplished a wonderful piece of journalism, and created one of the rare places where corrupt educational governance is chronicled and revealed

Professor Samuel Culbert Los Angeles, California
is a professor at the UCLA Andersen School of Business who also teaches in the Education Department's Principals' Leadership Institute. Check out the following 3 minutes on ABC News

Stuart Goldurs Los Angeles, Califonia

Dear Superintendent Deasy of LAUSD,

Has been a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 30 years. He is greatly aware of the district waste, large bureaucracy, and other major issues of the time. He started his blog with the sole purpose of informing the world about the truths of education in LAUSD. E-mail him at:
LAUSD has selected a new Superintendent of Schools

Karen Horwitz Chicago, Illinois
Teacher Activist forced out of teaching on trumped up charges. Started NAPTA to expose the reality of teacher harassment and terrorization  maintain corruption and mediocrity
NAPTA- National Association for Prevention of Teacher Abuse
Graduated with honors in 1963 from Oak Park River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois, and with honors from the University of Illinois, Champaign where she earned a B.A. in Elementary Education in 1966. She taught elementary school for four years in Berwyn and Hillside, Illinois as well as Phoenix, Arizona, before starting a family. She felt a calling to teach elementary students so that she could share her strength in preparing children to succeed as students and as citizens, goals that she believes require talented teachers to be realized. When teaching jobs were scarce during the 1970's, she worked in business as a sales representative and as a marketing director for an educational film company. However, teaching always was her first love. She eagerly returned to elementary teaching in her forties after earning an M. Ed in Reading at National Louis University in Evanston, Illinois in 1992. She has raised three children and has grandchildren who inspire her to do the work of exposing the truth about Education; she believes that they, as well as all children, deserve better - much better.

Susan Ohanian Charlotte, Vermont
She is a longtime public school teacher who, after 20 years, became staff writer for a teacher magazine and then went freelance. I've maintained a website of activism for nearly 9 years--ever since the passage of NCLB. People can subscribe to the website and then they get updates about new content. I answer all the mail I get through the website and with the answer, people have my e-mail.  I also try to stir things up on Twitter, though I find this medium frustrating. I have a Facebook page--just so people can find me. I don't initiate anything on it, The website keeps me busy.

Susan Lee Schwartz Suffern, New York

Joel Shatzky: Brooklyn, New York
Professor of English Emeritus--SUNY, College at Cortland (1968-2005)
Adjunct instructor-Kingsborough CC (CUNY) 2006--   )
Regular contributor to the Huffington Post:
Author of "The Thinking Crisis" with Ellen Hill (Authors Choice Press: New York, 2001)
Numerous articles on education in Jewish Currents.
Script-writer for three YouTube satires on educational "reform."
 "The Lessons":
"Numbers Lie":
"The Charter Starters":<>

Lorna Stremcha Havre, Montana

"I know first hand the financial, personal, emotional and physical damage that can result when school administrators, the Montana Education Association and the National Education Association put their own interests above the students, teachers and the taxpayers of the State of Montana My files contain mountains of paperwork including depositions, declarations of truth, notarized documents and exhibits resulting from an arduous legal process that finally ended when the Havre (Montana) School District settled two lawsuits - a Federal suit and one filed in State District Court. These documents also include a letter from a union representative stating, " This is nothing more than a witch hunt." Yet the union continued to allow the school administration to harass, bully and bring harm to me.
These two lawsuits resulted from a single incident that, had it been handled differently and under the light of public scrutiny, would not have snowballed into awards of more than $200,000 worth of damages. Funds that eventually came from the taxpayers' pockets. Ironically, as a taxpayer in Hill County, my family and I are helping to pay for the damages awarded to me. This covered the attorneys' fees. The settlement did not include my attorney fees, however the district, insurance and taxpayers paid the defendants attorney bills, which exceeded mine. The settlement was made on March 2, 2006."

Sabrina Stevens Shupe Denver, Colorado
"I went into teaching because I (mistakenly) believed the hype about bad teachers in our worst-performing schools, and I wanted to Be the change I wished to see in the world. When I was rushed to the hospital after fainting from exhaustion in my classroom, I started to suspect that the situation might be more complicated than the conventional wisdom on education reform would have us believe."
Excellent Colorado teacher who was forced out of the profession for being a dedicated and conscientious teacher.
@TeacherSabrina on Twitter

Jim Taylor, Ph.D., Psychology San Francisco, California
web site:

Jim Taylor is an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco. He is the author of three parenting books and speaks regularly to students, parents, and educators around the U.S. He blogs on education issues for,,,, and other web sites around the country, as well as on his own web site.

Lois Weiner Jersey City, New Jersey
Professor, Elementary and Secondary Education
New Jersey City University
2039 Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305
Democracy Now
Impact of urban school characteristics on teachers' classroom practice
How race, class, and gender mediate academic achievement
Teachers' work and the school as a workplace
Effects of changes in global political economy on teaching, teachers, and schools

(Mensaje en sí alborotado en Español) (Para una visión nacional de la reforma de la educación pública ver el final de esta entrada del blog) La gente común que cree en la ley de la tierra son incrédulos y decir: "¿Cómo pueden nuestros sistemas de escuelas públicas en todo el país se tan corrupto?

SIMPLE-con la ayuda de los medios de comunicación y la complicidad de la unión . Usted ve, mientras los medios de comunicación se centra y señala con el dedo a los "malos maestros", en la "madera muerta" la unión maneja mal decenas de miles de casos.

El modo de funcionamiento:

• El punto crucial en que el contrato sería evitar los cargos sobre la base de denuncias abusivas, falsas de ser está en el sitio!
• Pero, representante del sindicato en el lugar es un maestro que depende de la principal de todo: la carga de los estudiantes, los derechos, los materiales, el programa. Connivencia con la administración se ha convertido en epidemia de aquí y los procedimientos de queja son abandonados o subvertido.

Es tan sencillo!

Para omitir el procedimiento de queja el mandato en un contrato, el director le dice a uno de los padres a presentar una queja directamente al Canciller o el superintendente, con una de las varias denuncias graves que significa que el profesor puede ser removido inmediatamente.

• CASTIGO CORPORAL es un favorito, y comentarios de los profesores puede ser interpretado como una amenaza, y se utiliza para cargar un profesor con el castigo corporal. (Ley de Educación es evidente que esto es ilegal.)
• El abuso sexual "se ha producido un aumento de tres veces en estas denuncias interpretarse de la liberación AP el sentido de que el treinta por ciento de nuestros maestros son abusivos a los estudiantes, cuando en realidad, esta acusación es sólo una táctica para eliminar un maestro, en la mayoría de los casos.
• El robo o la malversación de fondos: lo cual es irónico, ya que es la administración que los que a menudo priva a la escuela para ciegos.
• Abuso de Drogas: condena cualquier acusación puede un maestro.

Una vez en un centro de detención (a menudo un almacén convertido, pero ahora algunos oficina de la escuela) a la espera de una audiencia - tres años en el camino - un profesor es prácticamente un prisionero. En las salas de la goma, los profesores necesitan permiso para ir al baño.

Por otra parte, si los cargos no 'palo', entonces los cargos de poner una nueva para la incompetencia o la insubordinación.

Los maestros exhaustos y traumatizados por este asalto real, se retiran, y el público nunca sabe lo que ocurrió para empujarlos a la jubilación. Eso es lo que me pasó a mí.

 Imagínese dedicando su vida, educándose durante años, el gasto de dinero para hacer posible la enseñanza en los lugares donde los libros y materiales son escasos o inexistentes, y terminando en esta prisión virtual, frente a un tribunal irregular años más tarde, incapaz de defenderse.

 El arbitraje es por personas cuyo único objetivo es conseguir que se retire, y que puso el último clavo en su carrera.

El resultado: el más brillante, más experimentados y profesores de educación son encerrados y sometidos a la humillación de que ningún segmento minoritario de la población ha experimentado en las últimas décadas, y terminó entonces. profesionales educados, dedicado a enriquecer las vidas de nuestros futuros ciudadanos se han convertido en los objetivos de las administraciones pequeñas, corruptos.  

Las cifras son asombrosas!

ES el gran número de sistemas que emplean esta táctica que lo hace tan difícil para la gente de entender. Exacerbando esto, es el medio, que tiene pocos expertos educación, y le encanta golpear maestros.

No es de extrañar que las escuelas se enfrentan a una crisis de enormes proporciones, como el mejor y más brillantes son objeto de atroces procedimientos ilegales, y terminó finalmente?

Peor aún, decenas de miles de profesores con experiencia, los mentores, se han ido, y ahora esos pequeños tiranos que se llaman a sí mismos "administradores" se va después de más jóvenes, los profesores sin experiencia. Cuando estos nuevos maestros llegar a un año de tenencia, que son habitualmente termina de la manera más ilegales y atroces.

El escándalo no se limita a lastimar a nuestros futuros ciudadanos, que están abandonando las escuelas que tienen poco conocimiento o las habilidades básicas de pensamiento crítico, no están preparados para competir en nuestro mercado global como resultado. Pero sigue para incapacitar a un gran segmento de nuestra sociedad - nuestros profesionales de la educación, que no pueden defenderse.  

Nuestro sistema educativo ha degenerado en una donde el debido proceso legal se les niega, y el derecho humano básico para trabajar y ganarse la vida se apagó para este segmento de nuestra población. Ellos no pueden trabajar de nuevo como un maestro, una vez este proceso ha destruido su reputación, por no hablar de su salud.

Se destruye sus vidas. El precio que se tiene sobre las personas buenas que han dedicado sus vidas al cuidado de los niños que te hacen llorar, si usted fue testigo de la destrucción y la humillación.  

Trabajar sin descanso para superar las dificultades inherentes de la enseñanza en este siglo 'olvidadas las instituciones educativas, la enseñanza cada vez más las poblaciones difícil de los niños, y los sueldos que ganan menos de lo que se necesita para vivir una vida digna, los profesores son ciegos cara por la forma en que su carrera es terminada.

Ningún estadounidense debe ser tratado así. Pero, para someter a los profesionales educados que no han hecho nada más que sobresalen en su trabajo y dedican su vida a nuestros hijos - Esto está más allá PENAL. Es inmoral!

detenidos terroristas tienen mayor acceso a la ley de la tierra a continuación los profesores.

Esto tiene que parar. Una investigación federal debe comenzar ahora, antes de que nuestros futuros ciudadanos no pueden competir en un mercado global que exige conocimientos y habilidades. Doce años de la educación debe ser puesto de nuevo en manos del MAESTRO-profesionales que tienen el talento y la experiencia para facilitar el aprendizaje!

¿Te parece difícil de creer?
El sitio debe ir en el fin de comprender la corrupción detrás de la táctica de 'rubberization, es
Si usted piensa que esto es una exageración, aquí están los sitios donde se puede ir, a leer las historias de un número asombroso de maestros maravillosos que lo perdieron todo. Se te hará llorar ... para los profesores, para este país, y para los niños. 

A continuación, se involucren. Enviar a cada uno en su lista de direcciones, y llame a su congresista, los periódicos locales, y averiguar si su distrito es mal manejo de los maestros.

Una sugerencia es Inicie sesión en este sitio web, u otros como él, y descubra cómo usted puede conseguir su comunidad para crear notas de prensa a todos los medios de comunicación, que están interesados en este tema. Este es el "cómo" que será capaz de difundir el conocimiento acerca de esto.

Mi último consejo para aquellos de ustedes que están bajo ataque:
Usted no está solo! Descubre este escándalo nacional y unirse a la lucha contra las fuerzas que están encantados de tener a una población ignorante.
Ganan el que pierda.

        Combier Betsy, Editor y Fundador
                También explore los vínculos de

Aquí hay cien de poderosas historias que muestran este es un proceso nacional
Karen Horwitz * - Editor

Aquí está un sitio, que relata la última en la guerra contra el profesorado, así como una luz a los que ayudar o entorpecer la educación de los niños de nuestra nación
                         NOTAS PARA LA EDUCACIÓN EN LÍNEA
                                Norman Scott, editor.

 En Los Ángeles, este sitio es un centro de información / commons virtuales para una crónica de la situación de los docentes en todo el país
                                    Leonard Isenberg, editor de

En Montana, Lorna Stremcha tweets acerca de la intimidación administrativa.
Lorna está escribiendo un libro sobre su experiencia horrible y su lucha en los tribunales. Su historia demuestra que nada impide DIRECTORES DE ESCUELA DE LA mayoría de los comportamientos horrendo.

Leer una cuenta en



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Here's an idea: Let's file complaints against unethical arbitrators (is there any other kind?) in cohoots with school officials. The "objective" arbitrator at my hearing heaped praise and admiration on LAUSD while using wanton libel and obvious mendacity to depict me as an unabashed lunatic. My witnesses are never deferred to, automatic and uninvestigated acceptance was given to how the situation was dealt with by administrators despite the fact no discussion ever took place on that topic and I was denied due process, illegally fined and suspended without any chance to defend myself.
Because he had no viable evidence for these ultimately dubious charges against me, this gentleman states that "unraveling" this "difficult set of circumstances" ultimately came down to my facial expressions! Isn't that a little subjective?
I assure you my comportment was civilized and calm. I cast my eyes down when administrators or treacherous teachers lied about me across the table; refraining from interjecting the questions my union rep failed to ask and scribbling them down for no other reason than to keep my hands and eyes engaged ,my rep was impressed by my demeanor. Even I was surprised how well I held up.But theoutcome of that hearing was already decided.
The arbitrator still said I was "disturbed"--well, if you confront what we have, you should be. Hell, if you have any clue what is going on in public schools, you have to be!
The arbitrator, who was out of my line of vision and almost certainly could not see me except perhaps in glimpses, attributes my "passion", my "animated state" and "hightened emotions" to me being what he described as a "troubled person." This is what he says proved my guilt. Excuse me?
Of course I am troubled! I have been through 8 long months of this ordeal, and it is a Kafkesque nightmare!
I know I have done nothing wrong; in fact I did the right thing, but these swine will destroy my career and my life before it is all said and done. My character has been defamed, I have been wantonly slandered, and then the arbitrator uses outragious libel to appease the people who pay him. It is unconsionable.
Using statements I have not been allowed to read to inidict me, this guy refers to these documents as "factual" while all but ignoring my statements and my witnesses, who are not even mentioned in the Board of Review documents. Three people stated I did not do what I am accused of and the two witnesses who say I did it offer wildly cdifferent accounts of the incident.
This arbitrator and others like him lend the district EducRAT$ a lot credibility, but with enough complaints to the bar and the organizations they are affiliated with, we can and must usurp them.
And no, I am NOT "delusional"--but I am flattered he went to such trouble to corrode my veracity so no one would believe me if I tried to explain how pervaisive and insidious public school corruption is. Unfortunately, my story is not unique, so he was wasting his time. Thank the gods for
We are so much less without each other!

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