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In what is rapidly becoming a post literate American society, I thought you might want to take a few minutes and watch an exceptional video that puts the present lack of an excellent and relevant 21st century model for public education into an historical and philosophical context, while offering a few suggestions as to how we might survive this fundamental crisis of American society. After viewing it, you might comment on whether or not you share my belief that the very future of this country as anything that even remotely resembles a democracy will be determined by whether or not we meet this challenge and succeed in educating all of our people to their highest potential..

In so doing, I would hope that you might better assume the requisite and imperative role of an engaged citizen of a democratic society to comprehend, contribute, and be part of the aggregation of all people's wisdom that is the real strength of any democracy in addressing an ever changing world.


I agree with the essence of this video. The way we educate the masses is based on the idealogy of the bureaucracy. Cookie cutter methods and standards that everyone should follow. The reason education is not more relevant is that society is just going through the motions of appearing to care about educating the public when real enlightenment is never the intent. The 1% would probably educate their kids in this method but not the 99%. What do we do in the meantime? Teachers keep pushing for creativity in their presentation of subject matter as opposed to pre- programmed lessons. Continue to update and learn your subject matter and continue to make the students your focus and not the dysfunctional system.

Just a few moments ago, I saw this question posted by a reader from a forum to which Lenny submitted this article,
"Can this teacher make money selling his story to the LA Times?"
I responded to the reader personally in the following manner,
"Being an infrequent co writer for for sometime now, I can assure that this story will never make it to major press. It may be picked up by an independent like LA Progressive or be found through a Google search but it won't be featured in any major publication or reported through any major television outlet. You see, these are all corporate owned and district friendly. So although their reporters are fully aware of much of what Lenny Isenberg says, to act upon that knowledge and expose the district or the union for its tacit collusion with the district would mean the end of their employment and possibly their careers. I know. I've contacted many of them and continue to do so. But in the end, they all continue to protect their careers with silence."

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