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On average it is an undisputed fact that African American and Latino students at LAUSD fail to achieve to their potential. Taking cognizance of this reality should not get one labeled as a racist, but it does, since doing otherwise would actually require substantive changes to the feudal top-down model of public education that is still entrenched at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and elsewhere in this country to assure that Black, Latino, and poor students never reach their potential.

Given the innate curiosity of all human beings, LAUSD and fraudulent school districts like it around this country - that Whites and other affluent people avoid like the plague - can only continue to achieve programmed mediocrity and failure with students of color by continuing to implement a clearly failed model of segregated public education that the Supreme Court of the United States said was inherently unequal 58 years ago in Brown vs. Board of Education.

In telling how the fraud works at LAUSD and elsewhere, I want to put the very real face of an Asian American math teacher, who should be considered a national treasure to LAUSD and the difficult predominantly Black and Latino long-failed schools where he has chosen to teach, when he just as easily could have gone to a toney suburban school district in Laguna Nigel or Ojai and had a red carpet rolled out for him

At LAUSD, he was first confronted with the unrealistic fantasy that socially promoted students who had no foundational skills of any kind in math, could somehow be put into an Algebra class in the 9th grade and by some mysterious and non-specific process of "scaffolding," achieve a passable level in Algebra. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the politicians and LAUSD administrators who came up with this obscenity adamantly refused to listen to the teachers charged with implementing it; they knew that it wouldn't work. In fact, the only change that they agreed to institute was to lower the commencement of the teaching of Algebra to the 8th grade.

What LAUSD has created is a formula for the physical and mental destruction of any teacher who tries to accomplish this impossible task, because the worst thing that you can do to a fragile adolescent ego is humiliate him in front of his peers by asking the student to do something they clearly cannot do. What makes matters even worse is that these students also lack the attention span and study skills that they were pushed out of elementary school without ever having achieved.

Our Asian-American math teacher, who I will call Mr. T, because of the real fear that he would be targeted for removal from his present school, starts to evoke the very predictable response from his Black and Latino students - disrespect, student use of electronic devices, disruption of the class, sleep, and my own personal favorite, incessant amounts of profanity directed at him for trying to bring these students up to grade level.

Let me be perfectly clear, this is not a teacher who is oblivious to his students subjective level, but rather a teacher who was willing to work with his students at whatever level they were presently at. Mr. T had no problem staying after school to work with his students. But these students and their parents found it much easier to complain to the school principal about the teacher not being "nice" to them, then to actually do the work.

Given that ignorance is the natural byproduct of LAUSD purposefully failed public education, it should be no surprise that parents, who have been kept in the dark by LAUSD, while having little formal education themselves, should be unable or unwilling to understand why Mr. Seoul was trying to hold their children to a high school work ethic, when their children's previous teachers had always given them passing grades for doing little or no work. To the extent that minority parents actually try to take the initiative and proactively advocate on behalf of their children, they are targeted by LAUSD as we recently saw, when Superintendent Deasy arbitrarily disbanded their Title I mandated committee.

In my own teaching experience, when I finally was able to get past the wall of profanity that greeted my every attempt to maintain a classroom environment conducive to teaching and learning, I was told by my students that nobody had ever asked them to learn what they were studying and that they honestly thought a high school diploma was what you got for copying a certain amount of material from textbooks without ever really understanding what the textbook was saying.

Instead of the school principal backing the teacher, the principal backs the students and the parents against the teacher, so that what remains for the teacher is an intolerable work environment where all they can look forward to is getting their brains beat out by their students on a daily basis at a level in direct proportion to how much they actually try to present substantive coursework. Is it any wonder, given this LAUSD reality, that most teacher either quit or go along with a dumbed down school environment where they survive by never venturing to challenge their students or their parents.

The predictable human result with Mr. T was that at some point he snapped. One of his students was going through his daily obscene tirade against Mr. T making extensive use of the "F" word. So Mr. T ironical found that he was able to get a rather perverted notion of respect by using it back against the student. Although nothing had ever been done to address student behavior in Mr. T's classes, his regrettable and yet perfectly understandable faux pax was immediately acted on and he was written up.

Subsequently, Mr. T was given a negative teaching evaluation, because he used a reference to filing income taxes, when explaining the possible magnitude of misplacing a decimal point on your tax returns. The ex-P.E.teacher assistant principal who was doing his teaching evaluation said that "discussing taxes is age inappropriate."

It is not surprising that Mr. T has faced the "non-reelect" situation in his brief teaching career 5 times, where the principal of the school elects not to renew his contract- not because he is not a great math teacher - but because he still insists in maintaining high standards of excellence in derogation of the racist reality of LAUSD that in the final analysis has no expectation of its Black and Latino students achieving to their potential. Getting minority administrators to enforce this failed anti-intellectual system makes it no less destructive or racist to the students it continues to destroy.

Mr. T sought me out yesterday and came over to my house to tell me his story. He is starting to lose heart and is born teacher is thinking about getting out of teaching altogether. At the end of his story, I asked if I could take the blood pressure of this young middle aged man- it was 163 over 101. Should being a good math teacher jeopardize your life?

En promedio, es un hecho indiscutible que los estudiantes afroamericanos y latinos en el LAUSD no logran alcanzar su potencial. Habida cuenta de esta realidad no debe recibir una etiqueta de racista, pero lo hace, ya que hacerlo de otro modo en realidad requieren cambios sustantivos en la época feudal de arriba abajo el modelo de educación pública que todavía se afianza en el Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) y en otros lugares en este país para asegurar que nunca los estudiantes negros, latinos y pobres a alcanzar su potencial.

Dada la curiosidad innata de todo ser humano, el LAUSD y los distritos escolares fraudulentas gusta este país - que los blancos y otras personas pudientes evitar como la peste - sólo puede seguir para lograr la mediocridad y el fracaso programada con los estudiantes de color prosiguiendo la aplicación de una clara modelo fracasado de la educación pública segregada que la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos dijo que era inherentemente desiguales hace 58 años en el caso Brown vs Board of Education.

Al contar cómo funciona el fraude en el LAUSD y en otros lugares, quiero poner la cara real de un profesor de matemáticas Asiano-Americano, que debe ser considerada un tesoro nacional para el LAUSD y los difíciles predominantemente negros y latinos a largo fallidas escuelas en las que ha elegido para enseñar, cuando con la misma facilidad podría haber ido a un distrito escolar en los suburbios Toney Laguna Niguel, o Ojai y tenía una alfombra roja para él

En el LAUSD, se enfrentó por primera vez con la fantasía poco realista de que los estudiantes promovidos socialmente que no tenían las habilidades fundamentales de toda clase de matemáticas, de alguna manera se podría poner en una clase de álgebra en el grado noveno y por algún misterioso proceso y no específica de "andamios , "alcanzar un nivel aceptable en Álgebra. Nada podría estar más lejos de la verdad, pero los políticos y los administradores del LAUSD que habían subido con esta obscenidad se negó rotundamente a escuchar a los maestros encargados de su aplicación, sino que sabía que no iba a funcionar. De hecho, el único cambio que se acordó instituto era para bajar el inicio de la enseñanza del álgebra en el grado octavo.

Lo que el LAUSD ha creado una fórmula para la destrucción física y mental de cualquier maestro que intenta llevar a cabo esta tarea imposible, porque lo peor que puedes hacer para un ego del adolescente frágil es humillarlo delante de sus compañeros al pedir que el estudiante hacer algo que claramente no pueden hacer. Lo que hace que las cosas incluso peor es que estos estudiantes también tienen la capacidad de atención y habilidades de estudio que fueron expulsados ​​de la escuela primaria sin haber logrado.

El asiano-americano profesor de matemáticas, que voy a llamar al señor T, por el temor real de que iba a ser objeto de retirada de su escuela actual, comienza a evocar la respuesta muy predecible a partir de sus estudiantes negros y latinos - la falta de respeto, uso de los estudiantes de los dispositivos electrónicos, la interrupción de la clase, el sueño, y mis propios personales cantidades favoritos, incesantes de malas palabras dirigidas a él por tratar de llevar estos estudiantes hasta el nivel de grado.

Déjenme ser muy claro, esto no es un maestro que no es consciente de su nivel de estudiantes subjetiva, sino más bien un profesor que estaba dispuesto a trabajar con sus estudiantes en cualquier nivel que actualmente estaban en. El Sr. T no tenía ningún problema quedarse después de clases para trabajar con sus alumnos. Sin embargo, estos estudiantes y sus padres encuentran que es mucho más fácil quejarse al director de la escuela sobre el profesor no es "agradable" para ellos, entonces para hacer realidad la obra.

Teniendo en cuenta que la ignorancia es el subproducto natural del LAUSD a propósito no la educación pública, que debería ser ninguna sorpresa que los padres, que han mantenido en la oscuridad por el LAUSD, mientras que con poca educación formal, deben ser ellos mismos pueden o no quieren entender por qué el Sr. T estaba tratando de mantener a sus hijos a una ética de trabajo de la escuela secundaria, cuando los maestros de sus hijos anteriores habían dado siempre las calificaciones aprobatorias de hacer poco o ningún trabajo. En la medida en que los padres de minorías en realidad tratan de tomar la iniciativa y defender de manera proactiva en nombre de sus hijos, que están dirigidos por el LAUSD, como vimos recientemente, cuando el Superintendente Deasy arbitrariamente disuelto su Título I el mandato del comité.

En mi propia experiencia docente, cuando por fin fue capaz de conseguir más allá de la pared de la blasfemia que recibió a mi todo lo posible para mantener un ambiente de clase propicio para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje, me dijeron que mis alumnos de que nadie había jamás les pidió que aprendan lo que estaban estudiando y que honestamente pensó que un diploma de escuela secundaria fue lo que tienes para copiar una cierta cantidad de material de los libros de texto sin comprender realmente lo que el libro de texto que decía.

En lugar del director de la escuela copia de la maestra, el director apoya a los estudiantes y los padres contra el profesor, de modo que lo que queda para el profesor es un ambiente de trabajo insoportable, donde todo lo que pueden esperar es conseguir vencer a sus cerebros a cabo por sus estudiantes en una base diaria a un nivel en proporción directa a la cantidad que en realidad tratan de presentar los cursos de fondo. No es de extrañar, teniendo en cuenta esta realidad del LAUSD, que la mayoría de maestros ya sea dejar de fumar o ir junto con un callados ambiente escolar donde sobreviven por no atreverse a desafiar a sus estudiantes o sus padres.

El resultado predecible humana con el Sr. T era que en algún momento le espetó. Uno de sus estudiantes estaba pasando por su diatriba diaria obscenos en contra del señor T hace un amplio uso de la palabra "F". Así que el Sr. T irónica encontró que él era capaz de obtener una noción más bien pervertida de respeto mediante el uso de nuevo en contra del estudiante. Aunque nada se ha hecho nunca para hacer frente a la conducta del estudiante en las clases del Sr. de T, su imitación perfectamente comprensibles lamentables y sin embargo personas se actuó de manera inmediata y que fue escrito.

Posteriormente, el Sr. T se le dio una negativa evaluación de la docencia, ya que utiliza una referencia a la presentación de impuestos sobre la renta, al explicar la posible magnitud de colocar mal una coma decimal en sus declaraciones de impuestos. El director asistente del ex PE teacher que estaba haciendo su evaluación de la docencia, dijo que "hablar de impuestos es inapropiada para su edad."

No es de extrañar que el Sr. T se ha enfrentado a la "no reelegir a" la situación en su carrera de enseñanza breve 5 veces, donde el director de la escuela decide no su contrato, no renovación, porque no es un gran profesor de matemáticas -, sino porque él todavía insiste en el mantenimiento de altos estándares de excelencia en la derogación de la realidad racista de LAUSD que en el análisis final no tiene expectativas de sus estudiantes negros y latinos han alcanzado todo su potencial. Obtención de los administradores de las minorías para hacer cumplir este fallido sistema de anti-intelectual que hace no menos destructiva o racistas a los estudiantes se sigue destruyendo.

El Sr. T me buscó ayer y se acercó a mi casa a contarme su historia. Él está empezando a perder el ánimo y nace maestro está pensando en salir de la enseñanza en conjunto. Al final de su historia, le pregunté si podía tomar la presión arterial de este joven de mediana edad el hombre que fue de 163 sobre 101. En caso de ser un buen profesor de matemáticas en peligro su vida?


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You posted the man's name.

Wow, this really sounds like Jurupa Unified School District! At the Community Day School,for example, where the "proven risk" students go, 50% was very recently counted as a passing grade. At this level of lack of care for the students, they will never pass the exit exam and are doomed to failure. I guess the Superintendent, Elliot Duchon, and the Assistant Superintendent, Tamara Sue Elzig, believe that is where "those kids" belong. They transfer millions of dollars into the general fund for "various purposes" and do not even provide computers for all students in the district to learn their technology standards. They should quit their witch hunt on "expensive" teachers and think about the students for a change.

It appears as thought teachers at LAUSD are experiencing the same political upset as teachers at Jurupa Unified School District. Many of these so called educators who are given positions to lead (not because of what they know)but because of their cronies. Many of these people do not have the skills to run a CHICKEN COOP; yet they are allowed to make criticial decisions about real teachers who does not have an agenda. They think that by forcing teachers to give students grades that they did not earn would benefit those students...time will tell. It is quite clear that some of these administrators and political hounds only care about a FAT PAY CHECK and FAME...the future of our young people are not important to them since they have teachers at their disposal to be used as scapegoats. When are we (educators) going to wake up and fight back? The world needs to know about what is actually going on in our administration.

All that is said here is so true. Unfortunately we belong to a bureaucracy that doesn't want to change but preserve itself. All this school reform has done nothing but segregate and divide the district into haves and have-nots. The public schools are the have-nots and the charters are the haves. Nothing has been done about low expectations and social promotion. The inept and stupid Board of Education should be recalled and all of its lame decisions recinded. Don't talk to me about deficits when you give your schools away and continue to hire bureaucrats making over 100k yearly.
Teachers must unite or face continued assault on their profession.


It is time to unite. We don't need a union to do this. What we need is what we have: each other and a pure purpose. Yes, we are doing this to save our jobs, our hard won careers and creature comforts, but we are also doing it because we care about students, about society and we have a pretty clear idea of what we face in the future if we don't intervene sooner than later. So, let's get going!

You could be describing Patriot High School in the Jurupa Unified School District where I teach math. Although I have not seen classes where a majority of students act in the manner described in the article, even a minority of students and their parents behaving in this way will have the same effect.

For example, every year I have to deal with shock and condemnation from students, their parents, and administrators because I base the grade for homework on how much of it was done correctly. Students are stunned that they don't receive an A when every single problem they turned in was done incorrectly. This sense of entitlement is what they have been taught to expect from day 1.

I have also been disciplined by administrators for students use of profanity on several occasions. (The administrators allege that I must have allowed it to happen or somehow caused it.) Interestingly, I am only disciplined when I send the child to the office.

Mr. Seoul, you have my sympathies.

Mr. Isenburg is totally corrcect in his statements about the total lack of respect for teaching and knowledge. Remember Jaime Escalente? This was unacceptable then in his classes. My friend, Richard Arthur, received those who did not get into Jaime's classes and they did great only because both of they instilled in those students the thrill of achieving for real. Now just give them a grade and who cares when they are out of the K-12 system. When they try to go to college almost all LAUSD students find that they are in remedial classes as they are unprepared for college level work no matter how good of grades they were given at LAUSD. This is a tragedy. These teachers are being cruely retributed on for desiring to have their students be able to actually perform at grade level or better. As a result of this perverse upside down thought pattern from the top echelons of the district we are becoming know nothings. There are 5,000 identified 150+ I.Q. students in LAUSD. Most are from the poverty ends of our city. As a result of not teaching them they have become the gang leaders instead of the people solving our most serious problems. Good LAUSD policy isn't it?

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