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Not only is the Agreement misleading, tentative, and conditional, the Agreement fails to support the claim that 4,149 jobs will be restored and does not give an exact number of all pending Reduction in Forces (RIFS) and job loses that will take place after June 30, 2012. For instance on page 4 of the Agreement, Section 5a, the subheading states: "Total Estimated FTE Position Restorations is 4,149." Thus, the 4,149 is an estimate and not an absolute number.

However, in UTLA's official Summary of the 2012-13 Jobs & Services Restoration Agreement, under subheading "RESTORATION OF JOBS", it states:  "Under this agreement, 4,149 full-time equivalent positions will be restored." This statement by UTLA is totally false and misleading.

These are the following Program Restorations and their corresponding FTE positions taken from the Agreement:

Restore K-3 Class Size to current Level--1,583

Restore Grades 4-6 Class Size to Current Level--281

Restore Grades 6-8 Class Size to Current Level--83

Restore Elementary Arts Program to Current Level--203

Partial Reduction of SRLDP--308

Restore Nurses to Current Level--44

Restore Accelerating Academic Literary Package--34

Restore Option Program to Current Level--151

Restore Librarians to Current Level--50

Restore Secondary Counselor Ratios to Current Levels--82

Partial Restoration of Early Childhood Education. This restoration number also includes positions related to the California State Preschool Program funding--500

Partial Restoration of ROP--177

Partial Restoration of Adult Education CTE, ESL, AWD, POA, and AEC subject to section 5c below. This restoration number also includes positions related to Perkins/WIA funding--653

Total Estimated FTE Position Restoration--4,149


The following section of the Agreement further explains why the 4,149 will change and decrease. According to 5a, of the Agreement, "Total Estimated FTE Position Restorations," page 4, " All of the above restorations, [4,149]as with all positions that were not on the reduction list, will remain subject to reduction based upon (a) those caused by a school's change of instructional calendar from year-round to traditional; (b) normed or enrollment-driven reductions pursuant to the restored norm/enrollment table; (c) those determined by categorical program/funding changes; (d) those driven by school reorganizations, consolidations or closures; and (e) school programs or service delivery changes or reorganizations."

Clearly, the preceding gives five reasons why the restoration of 4,149 will not happen--the 4,149 will be reduced significantly.  Similarly, what is just as ominous is the first sentence under Total Estimated FTE Position Restorations:  All of the above restorations, as with all positions that were not on the reduction list, will remain subject to reduction based upon [a, b, c, d, and e]."


What are some of these positions not on the reduction list that are still subject to reduction? The following positions not listed on the Agreement but are taken from the FY 2012-13 FISCAL STABILIZATION PLAN proposed by the LAUSD:

Operational Personnel Reduction--641 (Reductions mostly due to enrollment decline).

SLC Auxiliary Lead Teachers--56

Science Centers FTE--10

Non-Title 1 School Discretionary--24.9

Total Estimated FTE Positions still Subject to Reduction, but not listed on the Agreement--731.9


The last factor or variable that could further reduce the number of programs and positions is found on page 4, Section 5c of the Agreement, Condition Precedent. This provision of the Agreement gives justification for the reduction or cancellation of programs that are dependent in terms of the personnel of other bargaining units, such as essential clerical staff being restored to their positions. For instance in the District's adult school programs there are 273 FTE classified employees and in the District's ROP program there are 204 classified.  Thus, a substantial loss of personnel and/or funding would necessitate the cancellation of programs.


As previously mentioned, the Agreement does not give an exact figure of the number of teachers and health and human services personnel that will lose their jobs after June 30, 2012.  In UTLA's Summary of the 2012-13 Jobs & Services Restoration Agreement, UTLA states that 4,149 positions will be restored out of 9,150 RIF notices. However, the District and UTLA have not given an exact figure of teachers and health and human services personnel that will lose their jobs after June 30, 2012.


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Hey Ms. Hurdle.
We always see things much the same way but at this point I suggest we reject these people as leaders. They are not worthy of that kind of responsibikity or respect. To follow them is to follow lemmings off the cliff. Only our leaders stand aside at tbe edge and wave bye bye to the loyalists who tumble to their deaths. Obedience is overrated.

Do you realize that LAUSD admin. grew 25% since 2000 according to Daily News reports, which are notoriously biased in LAUSD favor these days? As teachers are RiFed in record numbers, rushed unto early retirement, driven out, wrongfully terminated and resigned to resigning, a plethora of openings for off the wall six figure positions are listed with impudence on Healthy living coordinator for district 8? District 8 which is allegedly absorbed into another area to save $ but the building will still conduct business as usual, which includes a rubber room wth a revolving population of rubber room detainees all over 40 and most not sure why they are being punished many times over for the same exact issue which should not be an issue at all?

And guess what, they have a troop of tfa temps training right now and in six weeks these fresh out off college kids will be qualified to take our jobs, and tbey will. Something ( what is more disosable than a teacher? Oh yeah, a student) has to be slashed to make up for the billions squandered on a 2 mile radius of educratic temples honoring the corruption and incompetence of our "leaders."

One of them an ironic archetectual oddity that bears CORTINES NAME AND THE word arts in the same phrase. It bears the curse of Broad, who refused to pay the archetect for his efforts despite his wealth and profits for the school many times what the contractors usually earn for these projects .
Consider Belmont's black hole. Must we really wait until the tragic diaster unfolds there before we realize how criminally indifferent our leaders are? According to experts , there will be an earthquake in LA sooner not later that will be major . And the fault Belmont is built upon will probably shift , the foundation will give and the building will settle as most structures will, but in doing so, there will be cracks that allow the toxic gas ( left by a diary from long ago ) to waft up into the the school. In tiny amounts this stuff is deadly and as we saw in Wilmimgton after tha explosion years ago, trace amounts have dire consequences. The children exposed cannot learn, they cannot function. And who do we see about that? If BHS students do the St Vitas Day dance and die grisley deaths beside their teachers one morning during class and we watch them pull out the bodies in space suits , watch the bodies of our children pile up like fire wood as news vultures circle THEN , will we get what our leaders are at last? Do MORE KIDS really have to be sacraficed like that? It is all I can do to keep myslef from grabbing a megaphone and start marching outside BHS aka ERHSaka BLC (or better yet LAUSDs mass murder in
progrss ) as I urge the kids and teachers to leave that school and never ever look back,.

But I am no leader and neither are you. We are mere teachers.
This is why :
There are now solar panels we may break even on in 250 yesrs, millions commandered from Title 1 to pay for more tests, this newest called Dibbles whuch expects little kids to take it on a commuter as a teacher supervises and the other kids do. ? Gee we can blow $20 million on defunct tests with a margin of area that makes them as reliable as a coin toss, new lapd rejects to riugh uo inner city kids, a foxy social media vixen, Cortines sexual misadventures, and to buy out the unethical OIG , but we cant afford successful music programs in troubled middle schools or Academic Decathalons in the age of Deasy demands for every kid to take AP classes in HS.
How about providing remediation For ones with 3rd grade reading skills and the basic math others need before failing algebra with 95% of their peers?
Leaders? More like subversive traitors and criminally insane despots. I follow them no where but one place : Thev prison where they belong . Then I join a crowd of pthe people who cheer a substantial blow to social injustice. On tbe day John Deasy, Cortines , Ira Berman, Holmquist , Vivian Hater from HR, Monica Garcia, Michael Romero , Robert Lopez, Windy Warren, and countless others , including teachers who betray our mission and communities , answer for what they have done like anyone of us must... I am an anarchist . By being incarcerated , losing assets and facing the kind of destitution they have inflicted on students and teachers , our leaders could become catalysts for a larger blow ro all that is wrong with the world today,

Dr. John is totally correct with his analysis of the contract. UTLA unlike the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has sold out its members. LAUSD is not out of money. According to the Calif. Dept. of Ed.(CDE) there is $2.162 billion unspent over the last 11 years. In 2010-11 102,733 students did not come to school everyday for a lost income of $1.14 billion. Think of the teachers and staff who do not have a job and the wasted students lives as a result of bad administrators.

This is true, there are a lot of positions that will be eliminated due to falling enrollments and school reconfigurations. I'm a 42%er and I totally disagree with the new contract. At our school, a majority of teachers voted no on the contract not because they didn't want to save colleague's jobs but because monetary obligations from 3 now 4 years of salary reductions. I'll say it again, why are teachers and other UTLA members being cut while more administrators are hired(i.e.multiple principals at high schools while slc lead teachers are cut)? AS LONG AS WE CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR SALARY CUTS(FURLOUGHS), THERE WILL BE SALARY CUTS. Teachers, we missed our chance to tell our leaders that we don't support this contract. We voted for this so live with it until next year when it begins again.

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