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If you or somebody you know has been targeted for removal or incarceration without due process of law by the Los Angeles Unifed School District (LAUSD), you might take the time and report your situation to the Public Integrity Unit of the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office. The jury is still out on whether the fix is in at the city, county, state, and federal government levels, but on the outside chance that integrity of public officials is not a fantasy of the past, you might write and tell your story about LAUSD's criminal behavior: There is strength in numbers and it is harder to sweep the statements of hundreds of targeted teachers under the carpet than it is to pick teachers off one at a time by denying them fundamental due process, incarcerating them in teacher jails for long than is necessary to clear or charge them, putting them on unpaid administrative leave, and stalling for years to try and starve them into submission. What LAUSD is doing is designed to make teachers both physically and mentally ill. Standing up for yourself and your colleagues at the very least is designed to recapture your adult status and self-respect. It's your call. 

Los Angeles Country District Attorney's Office
Public Integrity Division
320 W. Temple St. 7th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido objeto de expulsión o encarcelamiento sin el debido proceso de ley por el Los Angeles Distrito Escolar unificado de Los Ángeles (LAUSD), es posible tomar el tiempo y reportar su situación a la Unidad de Integridad Pública de la Oficina de Los Angeles de Fiscales . El jurado aún está deliberando sobre si la solución está en la ciudad, del condado, estatales y federal de gobierno, sino en la remota posibilidad de que la integridad de los funcionarios públicos no es una fantasía del pasado, es posible escribir y contar su historia sobre comportamiento criminal del LAUSD: Hay fuerza en los números y es más difícil que barrer las declaraciones de cientos de maestros dirigido bajo la alfombra lo que es para recoger los profesores de uno a la vez, al negarles el debido proceso fundamental, encarcelarlos en prisiones maestro por mucho tiempo que es necesario borrar o cargar ellos, poniéndolos en licencia administrativa no remunerado, y la paralización durante años para tratar de matar de hambre a la sumisión. ¿Qué está haciendo el LAUSD está diseñado para que los maestros, tanto física como mentalmente enfermos. Poniéndose de pie para usted y sus colegas por lo menos se ha diseñado para recuperar su condición de adulto y auto-respeto. Es su llamada.


12 2012


Keep the great work you are doing to raise awareness. So many great and devoted teachers deserve real protection from these tyrants who use the cover of law to perpetuate their criminal conduct. In my case they colluded with the deputy district attorney. I went through the jury trial process and won. I wanted to have them under oath perjuring themselves and it happened. What's left is meritoriously sending them to jail to make sure that for once, there's accountability in LAUSD.

Finally, we are going in the direction.

LAUSD has been treating many of us like we are hardened criminals. But as usual, the District loves to turn things around and uses whatever the case may be, against you. In fact, they have perfected this strategy into such an art form, we should give it a name. How about calling it the "Boomerang Effect?"

Whatever charge comes LAUSD's way, is thrown back at us wreaking damage, if anyone gets caught in its path. Unfortunately for LAUSD, and I can't wait for this to happen, all of its ugliness, corruption, and immoral kinds of acts and behavior towards innocent and hard working people, will come right back to haunt them. In the end, the ones who have "judged" us, will now be judged.

It is truly criminal how LAUSD conducts its business. Like the Mayan Calendar, on or about 12/21/2012, we are about to end a destructive cycle and begin a new one, hopefully a more transformative cycle.

Instead of having $500 million dollars sitting around for LAUSD's legal trust fund, because they themselves and know how unethical they are, why not use some of that money and put it to better use? Is LAUSD a school district or is it a law firm?

Lastly, after the state audit on teacher dismissal and child abuse cases, I want to know if senior management, who were involved and responsible for having delayed about 150 cases in reporting to the CTC, will they be joining me in the rubber room for their "alleged misconduct?" Or, will they be able to keep their jobs and blame someone else?

The Union needs to find out just how many people are involved in this fiasco and what fate lies ahead for them. If no consequences are in store for them and their positions and retirement packages, it makes it even more criminal in how they are treating rubber room teachers and other personnel and future rubber room teachers and future other personnel.

Anyone who thinks that this will not happen to them, is only fooling themselves. It is just a matter of time.

I am so happy to see this. I hope everyone affected signs in. Please have someone revise and edit the Spanish text. Best of luck!

This is absolutely vital, everyone. Whether you are in teacher jail, are currently being bullied/harassed by your current administrator (and perhaps on your way to teacher jail because of it),or have already been put on administrative leave or even fired, DO THIS! Integrity.

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