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Take a moment and listen to Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) President Karen Lewis talk about "the class war between rich and poor in Chicago, Los Angeles, and the rest of the country" that is being carried out in our public schools that has made the "American dream a scary nightmare." It is hard to be one nation under g-d or under anything that even remotely resembles an equitable democracy without the fundamentally important institution of public education, which is under unrelenting siege. Without public education, vacuous and superficial neoliberal rhetoric that refers to 21st century robber barons as "job creators" passes without scrutiny or exception that could only be exercised by fully sentient beings who see themselves and all around them through the perspective which that education has given them. The goal must be to be one among equals, who each have a necessary contribution to the health of our society. Anything less will lead to our demise as a people.

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"Does it make us stronger? Does it give us power?" K. Lewis

Two new standards to include along with the most important one: if what you do can be treated with impunity, it's not worth doing.

One CEO replaces another. Sounds like our superintendents. They come in, ingratiate themselves, destroy the institution and move on.

Check out the Wobblies (I.W.W.) "There is power in every man when we stand hand in hand." It is time for the workers to unite. We have the numbers.

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