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(It is small consolation to know that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is not the only public education system in this country where no good teaching act goes unpunished and where the educrats in charge would be hard pressed to rationally justify anything they do, when all they have had to do up until now is mindlessly stonewall any objection. Clearly those in charge were not chosen because of their scintillating intellect, but rather their ability to follow orders (see Germany circa early 1930s), while seeing and hearing nothing. In talking to many teachers who LAUSD has targeted for removal from teaching, it occurs to me that what gets you fired at LAUSD, and other public schools systems like it around the country, would get you acclaimed as teacher of the year in L.A. private schools or toney affluent suburban schools. So if only the children of the rich can become lifelong learners, why haven't the rich learned that a society where all children aren't lifelong learners is a society in precipitous decline? It's a puzzlement.) 

Here's an American teacher that is so fed up with the corrupt educational system he's quitting after YEARS of teaching (a job he LOVED). THIS is the sad and brutal TRUTH about how the government has COMPLETELY CRIPPLED teacher's ability to effectively educate our children.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:


01 2013

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