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Take a half hour and watch the following coast-to-coast interview that New York City incarcerated and yet uncharged teacher Francesco Portelos did with me this morning. Also take a moment to check out his blog. In the national teacher witch hunt that has put the teaching profession under siege - a fact that never seems to make it into the corporate controlled mainstream media - we hope the following interview is the first step in consecrating a virtual commons that will help us in the coming weeks to finally create a national awareness of the war on teachers and what it is costing all of us. 

Help us to finally create accountability with a Craig's List-like Internet forum for education reform, where educators, students, parents, and all those seeking excellent public education finally organize, expose, and oppose this reign of terror fostered by those seeking a dumbed down and privatize for profit the public education system that would ultimately be the undoing of this country as anything even remotely resembling a democracy.

The witch hunt against teachers is a nationwide phenomenon that presently goes unreported in the mainstream media. Teachers have been incarcerated for years without work in daily confinement during work hours in that which has alternatively been labeled "teacher jails" or "rubber rooms." Teachers are being ostracized and isolated -  often for years on end without charges or even basic notions of due process of law to protect their fundamental civil rights. 

At the foundation of our legal system is the presumption of innocence until one is proven guilty by a preponderance of the evidence. And it is not the teacher who has this burden, but rather the public school districts' administrators. Regrettably, this is presently not the case in public education around the United States. Until the majority of us who want excellent public education for all stand against the present privatization tyranny that unjustly targets fairly compensated professional teachers for the sole purpose of lessening cost without regard to quality, our country will remain in peril.



01 2013

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