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If you would like to get involved in something that Superintendent John Deasy, and LAUSD cannot ignore with impunity, do yourself and your colleagues a favor and fill out the form below.

Last night I had a meeting with a lawyer who is connected to one of the biggest law firms in L.A. They are very interested in going after LAUSD for age and maybe even disability discrimination in a major class action law suit. What they are looking for are teachers who are or were at the top of the salary scale and/or about to vest in lifetime health benefits - that is older- who were forced out of teaching. You don't have to be aged to qualify, just old enough to be or have been removed from teaching because of your age/salary, even though LAUSD never mentioned age when they hit you with bogus charges designed to build a case to dismiss you or get you to resign or retire. 

The law firm wants a core group of 10-15 to start out with. I have many more than that in my database, but would like to go in with 10 times the number they are asking for to show them just how egregious this LAUSD witch hunt against teachers is. Feel free to put this out to anybody you know that might be able to add to the numbers. Those who have most recently been targeted and removed are of course best, but it doesn't hurt anybody who has been targeted to fill out the form below and get it back to me ASAP.

Intake Form for Class Action Lawsuit 

(cut and paste into an email and send it to me at

Teachers' names (initially to be kept anonymous)-


Years of service to LAUSD- 

Total years teaching anywhere- 

Type and subject matter of credential(s)

Contact Information:




School district-



Other teachers targeted by this administrator(s)-

Are you top of salary scale or close?-

About to vest in lifetime health benefits? How far away?



Have you filed Workers Compensation?-

Again, please feel free to share this information with any targeted teacher you know. There is strength in numbers.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:


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i retired in 2009 after 20 yrs at Granada Hills Charter H.S. was transferred to Panorama H.S in P city.(Los angeles) Took early retirement rather than working in gang/thug infested school. Also they refused to pay my Attendance incentive bonus of $32,000.00 Was injured by lumber falling on my head (and others too) during annual evacuation drill.
How should we proceed? Thanks


I've been targeted for the last 3 years. I've had injuries due to negligence of Lausd. I'm a senior teacher. It has caused me a lot of stress.

I had a supervisor who ran a witch hunt on me and then retired. This was a bias investigation that she sold to the School District. They believed it and I am in a battle for my teacher cert.

Could this class action lawsuit be filed for classified employees if they were let go due to same reason ?

Yes, but the clock is ticking when it comes to filing before the statute of limitations runs.

In addition to putting together a class of classified employees who have been subjected to the same type of illegal behavior I have described regarding teachers, one must get a law firm big enough to take on the behemoth that is LAUSD and its willingness to engage in expensive and protracted litigation to starve out anybody with the temerity to take them on.

what is the name of the law firm? Can we speak directly to them about our case?

I would appreciate keeping my full name anonymous until later in my "process". Thanks so much for your efforts to inform. D. Wright

This just out today. Anyone think this will make a difference?

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