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At the end of the following video, Los Angeles Unified School District Board President Monica Garcia asks Superintendent John Deasy, "How long has this [teacher jail] been happening?" To which Superintendent John Deasy says, "It's been LAUSD policy for 15 years," the implication being that Deasy is just enforcing a long established LAUSD policy. The critically important follow up question remains purposefully unasked by Board President Monica Garcia: How many teachers were housed and dismissed or forced to resign 15 years ago and how many have been targeted, housed, and removed under Deasy's reign of terror against teachers. This question remains unasked, because the number of teachers targeted, housed, and dismissed or forced to resign has skyrocketed astronomically since the District saw itself going into the red on its budget as far back as 2004 and even more starkly since Superintendent Deasy's tenure began.

Not only doesn't Monica Garcia ask how many teachers wind up in what National Board certified and targeted teacher Randy Traweek calls the LAUSD Gulag in the video, but she purposefully doesn't take note that virtually all of the targeted teachers in teacher jail "rubber rooms" are either at the top of the salary scale, about to vest in lifetime health benefits, which will cost the District another $300,000 in unfunded lifetime health benefits to add to the more than $13 billion it already is in the red on, or they have questioned the questionable behavior of their administrators that continue to preside over a long failed LAUSD public education culture that now seeks to blame its failures onto the teachers, who clearly have never had a say as to how the District is run.

Superintendent Deasy openly lies that only teachers accused of "egregious acts" are being housed in LAUSD teachers jails and they are put back in the classroom if cleared by police. These assertions are eloquently challenged by 28 year veteran and highly acclaimed teacher Randy Traweek in the following video. He is representative of the vast majority of teachers whose professional lives have been put in chaos by an LAUSD trying to balance its budget and privatize LAUSD on their backs with the clear knowledge that the vast majority of the teachers it continues to target have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Most disconcerting for me as a teacher of history is to watch LAUSD administrators whose ancestors suffered the same unwarranted attacks against them now taking an active part in the war against teachers as if the suffering of their Irish, Jewish, Armenian, Latino, Black, and Asian forebears taught them nothing. 

The lesson it has taught me is that prejudice, greed, and ambition can effect anybody. They are not the exclusive domain of White folks. Ironically, this lesson is itself the greatest repudiation of the racist culture that still hobbles American society from turning the corner and not going into decline like the other great societies that have proceeded us. 

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch: 


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Al final del video siguiente, Los Angeles Unified School District Presidente de la Junta pide a Mónica García Superintendente John Deasy, "¿Cuánto tiempo lleva esto [la cárcel maestro] ha estado sucediendo?" A lo que el Superintendente John Deasy dice: "Ha sido la política del LAUSD durante 15 años", lo que implica que Deasy es sólo la aplicación de una política de larga data LAUSD. La importancia crítica de seguimiento pregunta sigue sin respuesta a propósito de Presidente de la Junta Monica Garcia: ¿Cuántos profesores fueron alojados y despedido o forzado a dimitir hace 15 años y cuántos han sido blanco de ataques, que se encuentra, y eliminó a Deasy reinado de terror contra los maestros. Esta pregunta sigue sin respuesta, debido a que el número de profesores seleccionados, alojadas y despedido o forzado a renunciar se ha disparado astronómicamente desde el Distrito se vio entrar en números rojos en el presupuesto se remontan a 2004 y aún más crudamente desde la tenencia de la Superintendente Deasy comenzó.

No sólo no es Monica Garcia preguntar cuántos maestros terminan en lo que la Junta Nacional de certificado y dirigida profesor Randy Traweek llama al Gulag LAUSD en el video, pero deliberadamente no toma en cuenta que prácticamente todos los profesores orientados en la cárcel maestro " habitaciones de goma "son o bien en la parte superior de la escala salarial, a punto de recaer en los beneficios de salud de por vida, lo que le costará al distrito de otros $ 300.000 en no financiados beneficios de por vida la salud para añadir a los más de $ 13 millones de dólares que ya está en el rojo encendido, o que han puesto en duda el comportamiento cuestionable de sus administradores que continuará presidiendo una larga cultura no LAUSD educación pública que ahora busca culpar de sus fracasos a los profesores, que claramente nunca han tenido algo que decir en cuanto a cómo el Distrito se ejecuta.

Superintendente Deasy abiertamente mentiras que sólo los maestros acusados ​​de "actos atroces" están siendo alojados en las cárceles de los maestros del LAUSD y volverlas a colocar en el salón de clases si es autorizado por la policía. Estas afirmaciones se elocuentemente desafiado por el veterano de 28 años y Traweek maestro altamente aclamado Randy en el siguiente vídeo. Es representante de la gran mayoría de los profesores cuya vida profesional se han puesto en caos por un LAUSD tratando de equilibrar su presupuesto y la privatización de LAUSD en sus espaldas con el claro conocimiento que la gran mayoría de los profesores sigue de destino no han hecho absolutamente nada mal.

Más desconcertante para mí como profesor de historia es mirar los administradores del LAUSD cuyos antepasados ​​sufrido los mismos ataques injustificados contra ellos ahora que toman parte activa en la guerra contra los maestros como si el sufrimiento de su Negro irlandeses, judíos, armenios, latinos, y antepasados ​​asiáticos les enseñó nada.

La lección que me ha enseñado es que el prejuicio, la avaricia y la ambición puede afectar a cualquiera. Ellos no son del dominio exclusivo de los blancos. Irónicamente, esta lección es en sí mismo el mayor repudio de la cultura racista que todavía cojea la sociedad americana de vuelta a la esquina y no va a decaer como las otras sociedades grandes que nos han procedido.

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido blanco de ataques y están en proceso de ser despedido y la necesidad de defensa legal, póngase en contacto:



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I have first hand information regarding LAUSD and it so called Rubber Room. The truth is that LAUSD is housing teaching at a rate of 5 or 6 teachers per week. It is so sad to see this happening to some of the district experienced and seasoned educators. Some of the reasons for their imprisonment are so ridiculous and unfounded, yet they are guilty until proven innocent. The sad thing is that we now have a culture of students and parents that realize that they can sue and receive payment from the district. Teachers are now afraid to teach because if we say the wrong thing or something the student or parent doesn't like you could end up in the Teacher Jail. There is so much corruption in LAUSD, but the end results will destroy public education and our children for years to come!

I have talked with hundreds of teachers in the same targeted situation that you describe- I'm averaging about 6 a week. Sadly, once targeted, LAUSD is batting almost 100% in removing teachers whether or not they have any evidence- forget a presumption of innocence or being able to prove yourself innocent.

Once put on unpaid administrative leave without benefits, it is rather hard to find a qualified attorney willing to take on the District with the necessary experience in employment law in the publlc sector to win these cases over the protracted time frame- LAUSD stalls for years. If you are a targeted teacher and seek options to avoid letting LAUSD and UTLA call all the shots, get in touch: Lenny@perdaily.com

I disagree Rene, if this teacher needed his say about abuses being done to him and others then I say let him have his say. I resent that ignorant Monica Garcia being in charge of anything, even this weak board of ed and his allocated time to speak. I however agree that presenting these abuses to the worst abusers is useless. These people have been bought and represent privateers whose sole purpose is to give our public schools over to moneyed interests. How dare they even be on a public board of ed. Get rid of Deasy and his lap dog, Monica Garcia.

In teacher jail .... I might need legal rep. soon

I encourage anyone and everyone to speak out. I had three minutes and had to establish credibility first. The more credibility, the stronger the message. Basic rhetoric. But if Ms. Deidrich can do better in three minutes, I strongly encourage her to do so.

I had three minutes cut down from the six I wanted to say. Everything cannot be addressed in three. I could barely contain myself to six. Even severely excised, I was forced to omit my most powerful concluding paragraph, for example.

If there is something else I "should have said," then perhaps Ms. Deidrich will step up to the microphone and say it.

And so should somebody, anybody else.

"This effort was a waste?" Ms. Deitrich? Then step up to the microphone. Put your mouth where your abuse is. Put it there March 19.

Then let other people comment (and perhaps abuse you).

Less time enumerating his accomplishments would have given Randy more time to put Deasy on the defensive, look at the expression of the gentleman seated behind him. Instead of being defensive, Randy should have explained WHY the jaIls are filling up. He also should have made it known that Garcia is well aware of the housed teachers. If she isn't, her fiduciary duty is in tatters given the fact that several major media outlets have focused on the teacher jails for years and Miramonte teachers were holed up in an unfinished high school for months despite the protests of parents. While I am glad to see teachers speaking out, we must speak out for all of us, for our students and with an informed, well-considered strategy that renders our rhetoric powerful enough to undermine the script these EducRAT$ have laying in wait. Sorry to say, this effort was a waste.

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