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In the old world from which most of our ancestors came, America served as a beacon, because unlike the stratified world of our origin, America was a place where if you worked hard both you and your family could prosper. 

Fundamental to this ability to prosper was the availability of having your children educated at public expense to their highest potential. This gave access to the same high level of critical thinking skills education that in the old country had been reserved only to the rich and upper class. Vindication of this revolutionary idea has been the unparalleled economic and intellectual achievement that the United States has been able to attain up until now, which has made us the leading society- both economically and intellectual- in the world.

What we now face in 2013 with the move to privatize public education by the 1% is based on the false assumption that the continued prosperity of the 1% is based on limiting access to rigorous education exclusively to the upper class. Therefore, public education, rather than continuing to teach critical thinking skills is now formed to teach blind obedience and rote memory skills, so that the average citizen will not have the ability to define their own life's direction or question authority as is the function of a truly educated citizenry in the democracy envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

As the infrastructure of the United States and the skill sets necessary to intelligently keep it running and developing are purposefully allowed to decay in the name of maximizing profits, the 1% continues to make more money, while watching their own quality of life deteriorate- not to smart. Banks are now 30% bigger than when they tanked the economy a few years back and yet corporate criminals are not only "too big to fail," they also remain too big to go to jail. 

In the past, human greed has continued to exploit the 99% until those societies have declined. Whether the United States as a society finally learns this lesson of history that has eluded prior societies and turns the corner to realize its human potential- now augmented by unprecedented knowledge- will be determined by whether those bent on dismantling and privatizing public education succeed.

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En el viejo mundo del que la mayoría de nuestros antepasados ​​vinieron, América sirvió como un faro, porque a diferencia de este mundo estratificado de nuestro origen, Estados Unidos era un lugar donde si nos ha costado tanto usted como su familia puedan prosperar.

Fundamental a esta capacidad de prosperar era la disponibilidad de tener a sus hijos educados a expensas del público a su más alto potencial. Esto le dio acceso al mismo nivel de pensamiento crítico que la educación de habilidades en el viejo país se había reservado sólo para los ricos y la clase alta. Vindicación de esta idea revolucionaria ha sido el logro económico e intelectual sin precedentes que Estados Unidos ha sido capaz de alcanzar hasta ahora, lo que nos ha hecho el líder de la sociedad-tanto económica como intelectual en el mundo.

Lo que enfrentamos ahora en 2013 con el traslado a privatizar la educación pública por el 1% se basa en la falsa suposición de que la continua prosperidad del 1% se basa en la limitación del acceso a la educación rigurosa exclusivamente a la clase alta. Por lo tanto, la educación pública, en lugar de seguir para enseñar habilidades de pensamiento crítico está formado para enseñar la obediencia ciega y habilidades de memoria mecánica, por lo que el ciudadano medio no tiene la capacidad de definir la dirección de su propia vida o la autoridad de la pregunta como es la función de un ciudadanía verdaderamente educada en la democracia prevista por nuestros Padres Fundadores.

Como establece la infraestructura necesaria de los Estados Unidos y la habilidad para mantener funcionando de forma inteligente y en desarrollo están deliberadamente permitió a decaer en nombre de la maximización de beneficios, el 1% sigue haciendo más dinero, mientras ve su propia calidad de vida deteriorarse. Los bancos son ahora 30% más grande que cuando se derrumbó la economía y, sin embargo delincuentes empresariales no sólo son "demasiado grandes para quebrar", que también siguen siendo demasiado grandes para ir a la cárcel.

En el pasado, la codicia humana ha dejado de explotar el 99% hasta que esas sociedades han disminuido. Tanto los Estados Unidos como una sociedad, finalmente, aprende la lección de la historia que ha eludido a las sociedades anteriores y dobla la esquina para darse cuenta de su potencial humano, ahora aumentada por el conocimiento sin precedentes se determinará en función de si los que están empeñados en el desmantelamiento y la privatización de la educación pública tenga éxito.


06 2013


Brilliant essay.

It makes me so sad to see the failure of public education so only the scions of the wealthy will be able to participate in our democracy, because shared knowledge is the key to democracy

The epiphany hit me when I sent the cartoon out and it must have struck a nerve of yours too because when one deconstructs these billionaire bully scams it becomes clear that this may not be the best or the brightest among us.
After Gates experiment gained grants for schools, including mine, the district swiftly moved in to dismantle the Small Learning Community paradigm that gave teachers power and attempted to do what makes sense. Smaller schools are needed to ensure safety, success and accountability. The small school allows for campus culture that is uniquely born to the synergy a good staff creates . It allows for a close knit community on campus and off, but rather than use billions in bond money to make this happen Broad built those temples to excess and ignorance that must have made his fortune closer to that of his peers. These are not bright educated people . They have money which Broad cheats and steals to get while putting others in peril and poverty.
Gates gave the grants to successful schools which LAUSD put in the hands of the leaders they knew could pull the thing off because like me they are optimistic and care about more than money. No sooner had we exceeded that AYP goal and our great principal was replaces by an absolute waste of skin who destroyed what we built then what we had before we went into Gates experiment only to hear from him that it failed because of teachers.
He took district thugs word for that and sure enough Broad had them grabbing every cent we got as the low life in charge cheated to keep test scores up when all of us were down and out. That school and community were seriously wounded by what was done to us. Gates can afford the loss he no doubt wrote off with some creative multiplication and a clear conscious because he buys into his do gooder facade.
Maybe he meant well but that grant was a curse upon us and all money does to schools is make things worse. We cannot do much about that but warn parents that LAUSD is not safe or sane enough to be trusted with children while temps rotate through their lives and Walmart sells expired junk food to feed them free lunch that cost taxpayers more than a blue plate special at Canters.
As appalling as it is we must own our part in this as teachers and parents who somehow failed to protect ourselves, young lives and our once fine nation from the likes of a guy like Broad who we could have run out of LA a couple decades ago. Now the cops will microwave our old asses if we try or send drones to teach us lessons we apparently have to learn the hard way.

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