A reader from Los Angeles raises questions about Dr. Deasy's credentials and his backers. I cannot verify all his claims but could verifythis and thisand this:

The reader writes:

"In Los Angeles, "Dr." (a term L.A. teachers sneer at) John Deasy got his PhD from the University of Louisville after six months attendance and nine units of coursework from a "Professor" (another loose term) Felner whom Deasy had previously awarded $375,000 in consulting contracts while Superintendent of Santa Monica. Felner later received a vote of no confidence first from the University and then the U.S. Justice Department which sentenced him to five years in federal prison for defrauding the US Government and urban school districts of $2.3 million. Deasy lied on his resume, claiming to have taught at Loyola and was "installed" by Eli Broad (he's a Broad Graduate), Bill Gates, and Mayor Villariagosa. Not only did LAUSD not conduct a national search, they didn't even interview him. When I say "installed," I mean, "INSTALLED!" He is now busy wrecking the careers of hundreds, soon to be thousands of dedicated teaching professionals using false allegations, many related to child abuse. Does anyone truly believe we suddenly have thousands of child-abusing teachers in L.A., or has an unqualified, vindictive, malicious Superintendent launched an unprecedented McCarthyistic witch hunt against primarily senior teachers to cover his own behind for mishandling other legitimate sex scandals (including a previous Superintendent's) and solve his budget problems by riding himself of highly skilled (relatively expensive) veteran teachers while simultaneously robbing them of district-paid lifetime retirement health benefits -a quarter of a million dollars or more these veterans have spent decades earning while serving to LAUSD students?"

Six months and nine units got Deasy a PhD. Oh and by the way, his dissertation is dated months before he even enrolled at Louisville. How many ways can you spell "Quid Pro Quo?" What is the plural? Is it "Quids," "Pros," or "Quos"? All three? It can't be "Pros." Deasy is anything but a "pro."

Deasy is literally skinning teachers alive with false allegations. And after paying accused child molester Mark Brendt $40,000 to resign, he did not notify the State's Teacher Credential Commission for more than a year, the penalty for which is the revocation of your (meaning Deasy's) administrative credential. Why does a man who admittedly broke the law still have an administrative credential? Why is he still an administrator? Why is his butchering of teachers being allowed to continue? Two reasons. The first is "Eli" and the second is "Broad."