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(Mensaje se repite en Español) Sandy Banks of the Los Angeles Times is too smart to mistakenly continue to concoct one-sided feel good articles that completely ignore anything but a "dominant narrative" that blames seasoned teachers for a long-failed public education system in a traditionally top-down LAUSD model that teachers have never had any ability to change. After reading our little email exchanges and the articles she wrote, are any of the issues I addressed ever addressed? Is this just an oversight? It is worth noting that after contacting me to seek my input, she ultimately never followed up on any of the issues I raised. It is also interesting that she cites in her defense to my initial email response the reporter's ideal of getting a scoop without every acknowledging that there is a filter on what she and other reporters at the L.A.Times and elsewhere in commercial and public media are allowed to report...if they expect to keep their jobs. In what profession other than teaching would you prefer a novice to a seasoned professional?- unless you didn't consider what teachers do to be a profession. Ms. Banks and her colleagues have no small part in disseminating this false message.


08 2013


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(Mensaje se repite en Español) Barbara Jones is not a reporter, but rather an unquestioning conduit for the Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) irrational propaganda that clearly has no basis in fact. In her latest homage to Deasy & Company entitled Back to School Means Big Changes, Challenges at LAUSD, Ms. Jones uncritically reports LAUSD's latest addition to its disingenuous edspeak party line that doesn't stand the slightest chance of changing what remains its purposefully failed public education reality that is toxic to students and teachers. Far from the "watershed year" that her article proclaims with a "new curriculum, toughen[ed] graduation requirement and an innovative system for dealing with disruptive students," in reality, Jones completely ignores the fact that students who have been socially promoted years beyond their ability are objectively incapable of doing any curriculum- "new" or otherwise, because they clearly lack mastery of the basic prior grade-level standards necessary to do so-


08 2013

The UTLA Election Season is Upon Us by Dr. John Fernandez

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) Anyone running for UTLA President or any other UTLA city-wide office should have a platform and how he/she is going to implement it. I remember Warren Fletcher's big campaign promise was that he was going to hire a professional negotiator--which he did not do--and appointed Betty Forrester Chief UTLA Negotiator, what a mistake! Forrester was completely out negotiated by the likes of the District's Dick Fisher. Forrester/Fletcher produced three disastrous TAs: The local School Initiative (2011), which virtually gives no power to parents--but gives some power to teachers and most of the power to principals. In this TA, there is no grievance provision for teachers. The Local schools Initiative model gives automatic waivers of most the Collective Bargaining Agreement to Local Initiative Schools. Sounds good on the surface--but a Local Initiative School can waive seniority among teachers for assignments and election of deans and department chairs and can eliminate lead teachers. Parents only have two representatives on a Local Initiative School Council of eight.


08 2013