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(Mensaje se repite en Español) In a performance reminiscent of Claude Raines in Casablanca, United Teacher Los Angeles (UTLA) President Warren Fletcher came out today on KNX News Radio and seemed "SHOCKED."

" When LAUSD maintains a culture in which teachers are afraid to speak up, where people feel cowed, UTLA has to step up to the plate. UTLA has to use whatever resources we have, whatever legal authority we have, to reverse that."  

Are we supposed to believe that Fletcher was surprised to find out that retaliation has been going on here at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), when literally thousands of teachers have already been hounded out of the teaching profession by Superintendent Deasy and his morally challenged predecessor Ramon "Snuggles" Cortines?

Somehow Warren didn't seem to notice UTLA hemorrhaging close to 10,000 dues paying members over the last few years, which he has used as a convenient Catch-22 up until now for why he has done absolutely nothing to come to the aid of teachers LAUSD has and continues to retaliate against. Fletcher crows, "UTLA is in the red and doesn't have the money to litigate on behalf of its rank and file." So what is different now?

Let's look at the two schools involved in the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) action that Fletcher and Co. have finally seen fit to file as they come to the rescue of 11 Crenshaw High School teachers and one City of Angels teacher. Isn't Crenshaw the home school of Fletcher's chief opponent Alex Caputo-Pearl in the upcoming UTLA elections? Why belatedly come to the aid of Caputo-Pearl and 10 other Crenshaw teachers, who lost their jobs in the recent reconstitution of Crenshaw, that UTLA and Fletcher did nothing to confront? Just a coincidence...or is it Fletcher's way of trying to spirit away some of Caputo-Pearl's support in the upcoming elections?

And wasn't City of Angels Fletcher's home school before he was elected UTLA president. Another coincidence? For years now thousands of teachers have been hounded into early retirement, hit with false charges if they dare to speak out, or just forced to work in an openly hostile environment where even the students know that they can get a teacher fired...but Fletcher just figured it out?

With a PERB hearing and appeals, the results from just this administrative action and could take 3 years to get a decision from the political appointees that populate the PERB Board in Sacramento. And then for an LAUSD where money is no object with administrators calling the shots, who will never be tied to bad faith legal actions they bring that are designed to stall long enough to let them retire with no consequences, teachers will continue to get screwed by both LAUSD and UTLA.

When LAUSD's carries on a multiplicity of actions against teachers that are capable of repetition yet evading timely legal review and when legal or monetary damages are not capable of making these targeted teachers whole, UTLA could seek to enjoin LAUSD's clearly illegal actions in a more summary proceeding under a court's equitable jurisdiction. But that can only take place with a serious union action on behalf of its rank and file and not this bad remake of Casablanca- regrettably I'm not SHOCKED.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch: 


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En una reminiscencia desempeño de Claude Raines en Casablanca , Estados Maestro Los Angeles ( UTLA ) Presidente Warren Fletcher salió hoy en KNX News Radio y parecía "conmocionado ".

"Cuando LAUSD mantiene una cultura en la que los maestros tienen miedo de hablar , donde la gente se siente intimidada , UTLA tiene que intensificar a la placa. UTLA tiene que utilizar todos los recursos que tenemos , sea cual sea la autoridad legal que tenemos, para revertir eso. "

Se supone que debemos creer que Fletcher se sorprendió al descubrir que la venganza ha estado sucediendo aquí en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles (LAUSD ) , cuando , literalmente, miles de maestros ya han sido perseguidos fuera de la profesión docente por el Superintendente Deasy y su moral desafiado predecesor Ramon Cortines " Snuggles " ?

De alguna manera Warren no parecía darse cuenta de UTLA hemorragia cerca de 10.000 afiliados cotizantes en los últimos años , que ha utilizado como una conveniente Catch- 22 hasta ahora de por qué no ha hecho absolutamente nada para ir en ayuda de los maestros del LAUSD ha sido y sigue para tomar represalias contra . Fletcher cuervos ", UTLA está en números rojos y no tiene el dinero para litigar en nombre de sus bases . " Entonces, ¿qué es diferente ahora?

Echemos un vistazo a las dos escuelas que participan en el Consejo de Relaciones de Empleo Estatal ( PERB ) acción que Fletcher y compañía finalmente han tenido a bien presentar como vienen al rescate de los 11 maestros de escuelas secundarias Crenshaw y una ciudad de la maestra Angels . ¿No es Crenshaw su escuela de origen del principal oponente Alex Caputo -Pearl de Fletcher en las próximas elecciones UTLA ? ¿Por qué tardíamente vienen en ayuda de Caputo -Pearl y otros 10 profesores Crenshaw , que perdieron sus puestos de trabajo en la reciente reconstitución de Crenshaw, que UTLA y Fletcher no hicieron nada para enfrentar ? Sólo una coincidencia ... o es manera de tratar de hacer desaparecer algunos de apoyo de Caputo -Pearl en las próximas elecciones de Fletcher ?

Y no era la ciudad de la escuela hogar de Angels Fletcher antes de ser elegido presidente de UTLA . Otra coincidencia ? Desde hace años miles de profesores han acosado a la jubilación anticipada , golpeado con cargos falsos si se atreven a hablar , o simplemente obligados a trabajar en un ambiente abiertamente hostil, donde incluso los estudiantes saben que pueden conseguir un profesor despedido ... pero Fletcher simplemente lo imaginó ?

Con una audiencia PERB y apelaciones , los resultados de esta acción simplemente administrativa y podría tomar de 3 años para obtener una decisión de los funcionarios políticos que pueblan la Junta PERB en Sacramento. Y después de una LAUSD donde el dinero no es con los administradores que mandan , que nunca serán vinculados a acciones legales de mala fe que traen que están diseñados para detener el tiempo suficiente para permitir que se jubilan sin consecuencias , los maestros continuarán follar por tanto LAUSD y UTLA .

Cuando LAUSD de acarreos en una multiplicidad de acciones en contra de los maestros que son capaces de repetición aún evadir la revisión legal oportuna y cuando sanciones legales o monetarias no son capaces de hacer estos maestros dirigidos conjunto, UTLA podría tratar de imponer acciones claramente ilegales del LAUSD de una manera más sumaria bajo la jurisdicción de un tribunal equitativo . Pero eso sólo puede tener lugar con una acción sindical seria en nombre de sus bases y no esta mal remake de Casablanca- lamentablemente no estoy sorprendido.

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido dirigida y está en proceso de ser despedido y necesita defensa legal , póngase en contacto :



09 2013


I was recently sent a ballot from UTLA, although I was fired back in June. On the ballot, I wrote... "After 21 years of paying dues to my union, I was fired from the district under completely false pretenses, and my union has proved worthless. So basically, I've been screwed by both the corrupt LAUSD, and the corrupt and/or inept UTLA. What do you want me to vote on, which of your knives are sharper?"

I'll be waiting until judgment day. I'm not going anywhere. And if I get my chance to speak, I'll have plenty to say. Justice will be done, here or in heaven, where I don't plan on seeing Dr. John Deasy.

Lenny, all that you and others say is true. It makes you so mad and sad that our union refuses to fight for us. The fact that so many of us are still fighting for ourselves and others speak volumes about the character teachers possess. We have to bond together and get rid of this administration at LAUSD and UTLA that thinks its ok to destroy people's lives who have faithfully served for so many years. Ethics? LAUSD knows nothing about that, but constantly tries to throw that in teacher's face while not adhering to it themselves. This treatment of innocent teachers is worst than the McMartin fiasco. We need to collectively decide that the district will not get away with these actions and will face the maximum liability for them. Union and board be damn, if they won't fight for their teachers, we will.

Hello Lenny Isenberg,

On June 3rd of this year, I was dismissed from the district, after 21 years, for the false accusations 4th graders made to the principal of Overland Elementary.

I understand you have a class action law suit filed, or are in the process of filing one. As my dignity, humanity, and personal integrity were thrown out the window

by a thankless school district, as I now too stand in the long line of others appealing their false charges, I am very interested in knowing your plan, and signing up.

I was a substitute teacher. I was a great substitute teacher who cared. I was beloved by my students, and I made a valuable contribution every day, for peanuts.

I've have had no way of defending myself, while a gag order was placed on me, my career, my health benefits, and my hard earned reputation among the many teachers

who requested my services over the years have been stripped from me. I've been cast out, at 55 years of age, without as much as a thank you. Thousands of classrooms, tens of thousands

of young minds nurtured, and not a single word of gratitude from those who've never met me or had any interest in my value as an educator. With no recourse to clear my name,

I can only hope that justice will some day be done. If your plan is to expedite that day of due justice, I'm ready to sign up. Please let me know the plan.

Bruno, OMG, You too? (Y tu, Bruno?) I can't believe the first time I sit down to read these letters I see yours immediately. I am so sorry this happened to you, old friend. You must still be in shock! Me, I'm an old hand. Been in the Rubber Room for a year. We should definitely talk. I hesitate to leave you my number here. I bet Lenny can get us together. I don't have his nuumber, but I do have Randy's. You may know Randy T. He's got an email list of near 20 jailed teachers he communicates with regularly. Up in the valley we have Mike organizing us. They are two brave dudes who really stand up for us. Oh I would love to talk to you soon, and support you..if nothing else, we could get in touch through Face Book..Stay strong, Bruno. I'm so sorry you got caught in the dragnet, but I'm awfully glad to reach out...

Hi Carrie... I'm about the only Bruno Marcotulli on Facebook.
Write me, and I'll give you my ph. #. I'm wondering what "charges" were levied agains you... it's incredible, isn't it?!? Such B.S.

Forgive them (nope), for they (UTLA) know not what they do.

Dear PERdaily,
I'm one of those teachers who was finally dismissed. But I'm still fighting. Back in 2010, Andy Griggs, myself Francisco Arellano, Josh Peschalt (recognize that name?), Ben Williams and others participated in the first Teacher Reassignment Task Force. We made a recommendation along with Atty. Rick Schwab (tool kit?) to LAUSD regarding the setting of guidelines regarding teacher jail. LAUSD responded with a rubric and policies to help accelerate the dismissal of teachers. N.Y. had come out publicly and stated "no more teacher jails, they cost too much, its ineffective and a waste of public funds. A.J.Duffy, then President of the UTLA, followed by declaring at a HOR mtg. that "there will be no more teacher jails." Steve Edelman, then chair of the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee at first believed that "teachers who are in teacher jail must have done something wrong" a few months later he ended up with me in teacher jail having done nothing wrong. In an effort to keep the Teacher Reassignment Task Force alive, we voted to make it a sub-committee under the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee. However, I heard it said that you might as well say it is in Siberia. So, I'm living proof that UTLA does absolutely nothing for its innocent members who LAUSD abuses. But I'm not giving up.
Yours truly,
Francisco Arellano

keep fighting the psychological warfare. And make sure teachers vote in the upcoming UTLA election.

What negates any possible rational justification for teachers being housed are the following facts:

1. No timely investigation by any qualified neutral party ever takes place, even after years of teachers being housed for the sole motive of intimidating them in to retiring or quitting for LAUSD's real motives: they are at the top of the salary scale, and/or about to vest in expensive lifetime health benefits, disabled, requiring expensive accommodation, or they are actually trying to educate all students in a district that has failed to do so for generation.

2. In my own 3 year belated hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings all LAUSD administrators who testified admitted that there was no independent investigation ever done. They all used the same stock phrase: "I didn't deem it necessary." So why did this take 3 years?

3. Some teachers are housed at district sites and some are housed in their homes. If these teachers are supposedly a danger to students, why would they be housed at LAUSD sites that are often on school campuses with students? If these teachers were so dangerous, how would keeping them housed do anything to stop their bad acts outside of school hours.

4. Some are housed for 3 hours a day and some are housed for 7 hours a day. What rational basis distinguishes how long a day teachers are housed or whether they are housed at district schools or offices or at their homes? LAUSD is completely arbitrary and capricious in using housing to intimidate. They are completely unable to express any rational policy that might justify housing for months or years on end. When somebody's fundamental civil rights are involved, timely investigation and due process should be the number one consideration.

5. Since Mr. Arellano and the other teachers are presumed innocent until being proven guilty by a preponderance of the evidence and with the burden on LAUSD to prove charges, it is outrageous that Mr. Arellano could be incarcerated for close to 4 years before being given a hearing and then have the hearing exclude any evidence on his behalf from prior to these 4 years. Given LAUSD purposeful stalling, is it acceptable tha his prior exemplary career is inadmissible in his defense? This only gives LAUSD an incentive to continue and expand its premeditated illegal war against teacher.

6. There is nobody at LAUSD that has the slightest belief that Mr. Arellano or the vast majority of other teachers in the "rubber room" have done anything wrong. Within the culture of LAUSD & UTLA, they are just advancing their own careers at the expense of people they know to be innocent. This does not speak well for our fellow human beings, who seem willing to do anything, if it advances their careers.

7. The McMartin Preschool case that lasted for close to 10 years and ended with all teachers and administrators being completely vindicated of any wrongdoing, only after their lives and careers were destroyed, established standards for interviewing students in a neutral non-suggestive manner, after their parents had been notified. These standards are not only being consciously ignored, but LAUSD administrators seeking to advance their careers by fulfilling LAUSD longstanding administrative cultural goal of getting rid of expense teachers or doing anything necessary to get rid of teachers to improve their own chances of advancement in this perverted anti-intellectual culture..

8. Most importantly, none of this could go on without the tacit support or incompetence of UTLA leadership and entrenched bureaucracy that bears a remarkable resemblance to that of LAUSD's.

Document, document, document. And if the district fires you, sue the union. Make sure you keep evidence which supports your claim that UTLA violated your contractual rights. Know thy contract and you shall win.

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