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I feel like I'm living in The Twilight Zone when LAUSD's Chief Attorney David Holmquist can get away with the following statements and neither Reporter Barbara Jones of the Daily News, UTLA, or any other entity charged under law with defending the legal rights of teachers takes any exception with Holmquist putting LAUSD above the law by irrevocably determining that a teacher once charged by LAUSD, who has been found innocent by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), can never go back to teaching:

"We felt it appropriate to pull them from the classroom and remove them from being around students before. Just because the three-member (OAH) panel doesn't agree with that doesn't change our responsibility to the students."

"So we are continuing to house them or find other work for them that does not involve students. But they're not going to be back in the classroom."

As I sit here awaiting the results of my own hearing before the OAH, which is supposed to come in by early November- over 3 years since I was removed from my own classroom in handcuffs- I remember the testimony during that hearing of 33 year veteran Senior Investigator Raymond Johnson of the LAUSD Office of Inspector General's Office (OIG), who testified under oath that he didn't know what exculpatory evidence was- this just about says it all. I no longer wonder how LAUSD's Holmquist is allowed to establish an irrebuttable presumption that all teachers charged by LAUSD- irrespective of whether there is any evidence or whether LAUSD has ever had an independent investigation of charges against teachers- can never be allowed to teach again- even if found completely innocent of the charges by a three-person OAH panel or any other court.

Juxtapose this with LAUSD Board President Vladovic's recent public statement that the LAUSD Board always voted for teacher dismissal in closed Board session without any statement by the teacher to defend themselves being considered and you have a picture of a district that is completely out of control and seeing itself above the law or accountability to anybody.

If the District was really concerned about student safety, there would be a camera in every classroom. Neither teachers nor students have any expectation of privacy while in a classroom. And if LAUSD's Holmquist and Deasy were truly concerned with student safety and not just the firing of as many teachers at the top of the salary scale, they would have instituted this a long time ago. Bottom line: It would be a whole lot cheaper than IPads or all the lawsuits ala Miramonte and the ones headed their way from wrongfully terminated teachers.

Where is the State Attorney General? Where is the District Attorney? The California State Auditor? The California Board of Education? The scope of this travesty is really what is most alarming.

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Me siento como que estoy viviendo en la zona crepuscular cuando el Jefe Fiscal David Holmquist del LAUSD puede salirse con las siguientes declaraciones y ni Reporter Barbara Jones del Daily News , UTLA , o cualquier otra entidad encargada en virtud del derecho de la defensa de los derechos legales de los docentes toma ninguna excepción con Holmquist poner LAUSD por encima de la ley por el irrevocablemente la determinación de que un profesor , una vez cobrada por LAUSD que ha sido declarado inocente por la Oficina de Audiencias Administrativas ( OAH ) nunca puede volver a la enseñanza :

"Nos pareció oportuno tirar de ellos en el aula y eliminarlos de estar cerca de los estudiantes antes . Sólo porque el panel de tres miembros ( OAH) no está de acuerdo con eso no cambia nuestra responsabilidad a los estudiantes.

" Así que seguimos a la casa de ellos o encontrar otro trabajo para ellos que no involucra a los estudiantes . Pero no vamos a estar de vuelta en el aula. "

Mientras estoy aquí sentado esperando los resultados de mi audiencia ante la OAH , que se supone que vienen en a principios de noviembre , más de 3 años desde que se retiró de mi propio salón de clases con las manos esposadas - Recuerdo el testimonio durante la audiencia de 33 años veterano Investigador Titular Raymond Johnson, de la Oficina del LAUSD Oficina del Inspector general (OIG ), quien declaró bajo juramento que no sabía lo que era prueba de descargo . Me pregunto cómo se permite Holmquist del LAUSD para establecer una presunción irrefutable de que todos los profesores encargados de LAUSD - con independencia de si existe alguna prueba o si LAUSD ha tenido alguna vez una investigación independiente de los cargos en contra de los maestros -nunca se les permita enseñar de nuevo , incluso si encuentra completamente inocente de los cargos por un jurado OAH tres personas ?

Comparemos esto con la reciente declaración pública del LAUSD Presidente de la Junta Vladovic que la Junta del LAUSD votó siempre por despido docente en sesión de la Junta cerrado sin ninguna declaración por el profesor para defenderse de ser considerados y que tiene una imagen de un barrio que está completamente fuera de control y ver por encima de la ley y rendir cuentas ante nadie .

Si el Distrito estaba muy preocupado por la seguridad del estudiante , habría una cámara en cada salón de clases . Ni los maestros ni los estudiantes tienen ninguna expectativa de privacidad , mientras que en un salón de clases . Y si Holmquist y Deasy del LAUSD fueron realmente preocupados por la seguridad del estudiante y no sólo el despido de tantos maestros en la parte superior de la escala salarial , habrían instituido esto hace mucho tiempo. En pocas palabras: Sería mucho más barato que todas las demandas ala Miramonte y los que dirigen su camino desde teachers.This injustamente despedidos mostraría :

¿Dónde está el Fiscal General del Estado ? ¿Dónde está la Fiscalía ? El Auditor del Estado de California ? La Junta de Educación de California?

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido dirigida y está en proceso de ser despedido y necesita defensa legal , póngase en contacto :


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Check out lausd school prison pipeline on facebook and watch George Buzetti verbally DESTROY Monica Garcia and the board, I mean BROAD of ed. It will at least, put a smile on your face!!!

Your probably right. I don't want our public school district destroyed but why would the privateers care. After they drain all the money from it. Too bad the board rubber stamps everything the district staff brings before them. They are supposed to be our oversight. Are they blind or complicit?

Lenny, you need to find out who this teacher is who was acquitted by OAH. That teacher should be allowed to return to the classroom. Maybe LAUSD thinks that they are fair because they will pay this teacher for sitting in a rubber room until retirement.

This teacher has had to endure years of anxiety and stress because he had to fight to save his career. (Maybe it is a female but most of the teachers accused of misconduct and sent to rubber rooms are male)

Although LAUSD will pay him back for lost wages, that money will NOT be able to compensate for the embarrassment, humiliation, stress, and uncertainty that he has had to face. If the LAUSD won't allow him to return to the classroom, he should file a lawsuit over it.

Otherwise, the district can target virtually anyone they want knowing that the accused is permanently banned from the classroom even if he wins in OAH.

In general, teachers become teachers because they want to TEACH. I guess the LAUSD thinks teachers teach to get a paycheck. This acquitted teacher will get a paycheck but he will not have job satisfaction.

Maybe I am perturbed by this because I resent the hypocrisy I sense from Deasy, Holmquist, etc. They do NOT care about the students at all.

Most likely, UTLA will continue to let LAUSD get away with junk like this. There is not likely to be an outcry from the general UTLA membership because most teachers think that those sent to rubber rooms must have done something wrong. The general membership thinks, "That won't happen to me. I'm not like that." However, when a teacher gets accused of misconduct, it will be too late.

UTLA has no incentive to protect the higher-paid teachers. If LAUSD can get rid of two high-paid teachers and replace them with three or four rookies, then UTLA can get more union dues.

Lenny, I believe that you will be acquitted. If LAUSD won't allow you to return to the classroom, then use the money they pay you to sue them for harassment. If they sentence you to a lifetime of collecting a check for doing nothing, then make sure they pay punitive damages.

Peter, you misunderstand something. It is not just one teacher that Holmquist is denying their job as a teacher, but ALL teachers who have gone to the OAH irrespective of whether they win or lose. THEY will not be allowed to ever teach for LAUSD again according to Holmquist's quoted remarks. Holding these folks at LAUSD and UTLA accountable requires the ability to function without a salary and benefits, while at the same time funding a protracted legal battle where it is clear that LAUSD and UTLA KNOW the teachers LAUSD continues to target haven't done anything wrong, LAUSD with a "legal defense fund"- that Miramonte child defense lawyer Brian Claypool puts at $500 million- can bleed longer than most teachers and lawyers, while doing everything they can to induce as much physical and mental damage as is necessary to break the teachers' will to stand up for what they know is right. I am presently involved in litigation to hold people accountable, while maintaining the values I learned as an LAUSD student during a different era not so long ago. If LAUSD could do it then, there is no reason that LAUSD cannot do it now. In fact, it has always been my contention that it is actually much harder on everyone involved- students, teachers, parents, and even corrupt LAUSD administrators- to run this purposefully failed and degrading public education system that is toxic to the souls of all involved.

The arrogance of these people is sickening. The district will have some serious liability coming for all these false allegations and denial of due process. These acts will come back and bite them in the butt just like all the illegality with the ipad procurement.

No offense, Paula, but LAUSD continues to get away with everything, including denial of due process and the ipad procurement. If there comes a day when the district becomes liable, it will again be the students and employees who suffer. Perhaps bankrupting LAUSD IS the true purpose of the reformers. Inglewood, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit are good examples.

Almost 12% of my property taxes go to LAUSDeasy to pish my money away

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