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In the Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, the pauper passing as a prince uses the powerful Great Seal of England to open walnuts, because he doesn't know its power or how else to use it. The issuance of obscenely overpriced IPads to all LAUSD students is reminiscent of this joke, because it too presupposes that generationally deprived and socially promoted students have sufficient mastery of enough prior grade-level standards to take meaningfully advantage of the exceptional potential that these IPod devices offer. Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. Putting a glitzy IPad bandage over the continuing festering sore that is LAUSD yet again begs the question of just how long can these fools running this school district be allow reign free before somebody with the authority to intercede notices that Emperor Deasy has no clothes on.

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En el Príncipe y el mendigo de Mark Twain, el mendigo que pasa como un príncipe utiliza la poderosa Gran Sello de Inglaterra para abrir nueces, porque no conoce su poder o de qué otra manera lo utilizan. La emisión de iPads obscenamente caro a todos los estudiantes del LAUSD es una reminiscencia de esta broma, porque presupone que generacionalmente privados y sociales promovidas estudiantes tienen el dominio suficiente de las normas de nivel de grado suficiente antes de tomar ventaja significativa del potencial excepcional que estos dispositivos tienen. Por desgracia, nada podría estar más lejos de la verdad. Poner un vendaje IPad deslumbrante sobre la herida abierta que es LAUSD una vez más surge la pregunta de cuánto tiempo pueden esos idiotas corriendo este distrito escolar se permiten rienda suelta antes de que alguien con autoridad para interceder nota que Deasy emperador está desnudo.



10 2013


Not only is Deasy a world class bully, he's also incompetent! But a wonderful huckster for Apple.

Deasy is a gambler. He is betting a billion dollars of taxpayer money that issuing iPads to low-performing students will turn around LAUSD. If he is wrong, what has he got to lose? He is not worried about losing his job because Broad, Walton, and Gates will take care of him.

Deasy is taking a gamble but the education of the children of Broad, Walton, and Gates is not at stake. He's betting taxpayer money. If his bet pays off, LAUSD will show significant improvement. If it doesn't, LAUSD will probably be ready to be taken over by the Broad-Walton-Gates corporations.

Deasy is doing damage that might never get repaired.

No surprise here. Sad to think they couldn't see this coming.

Epic fail...

LAUSD is just one FUBAR after another. It is just one continual cluster f of the students and the teachers, parents and our tax dollars! Teachers are for the students; the downtowners are for themselves.

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