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UTLA President Fletcher, There is something completely reprehensible about a person who has sat by and taken no action- legal or otherwise- while over 17,000 teachers have been falsely charged and removed or forced into early retirement from their teaching jobs. To then ask for a 17.6% raise for those remaining is a pipe dream that is not only not borne out by any rational reading of the budget, but completely offensive in light of a UTLA union that these 17,000 assaulted teachers paid to be their "exclusive bargaining agent," that instead stood by and did absolutely nothing in their hour of need. To first do nothing and then claim that UTLA doesn't have the money to litigate on these teachers' behalf is kafkaesque, when one realizes just how much litigation 17,000 teachers' dues would have paid for if you Warren Fletcher hadn't sold them down the river. Shame on you!. Why would Deasy or the LAUSD Board take you or any of the present UTLA leadership seriously in any negotiation, when they could not have succeeded in decimating UTLA represented LAUSD teachers during your watch as UTLA president without your complete incompetence or outright complicity. And you now have the chutzpah to ask for another term as president of UTLA? In what world do you live? Surely, there are no teachers that live in that world.


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(Mensaje se repite en Español I am a twice graduate of UCLA. You may have recently read or heard the news about African-American Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III, who was pulled over just steps away from UCLA by campus police. He was verbally berated, then physically assaulted and detained -- all because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Judge Cunningham is a 60 year-old African-American with an outstanding record of public service, and yet he was still subject to the notorious harassment of UCPD.

Former California Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Attorney Kathleen Carroll to Represent Teachers

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) Former CTC attorney turned whistleblower, Kathleen Carroll, will now represent credential holders and/or credential applicants under review for misconduct by the CTC. She is a staunch advocate for public education and adamantly opposes all attempts at privatizing our public education system.