Former California Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Attorney Kathleen Carroll to Represent Teachers

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Former CTC attorney turned whistleblower, Kathleen Carroll, will now represent credential holders and/or credential applicants under review for misconduct by the CTC. She is a staunch advocate for public education and adamantly opposes all attempts at privatizing our public education system.
She has been a regular guest on KPFA radio in Berkeley, CA, has participated in a number of educational conferences on the privatization movement that can be viewed on Youtube, and received media attention in 2011 when a scathing audit of the CTC became public that Carroll initiated through her whistleblowing activities.

If you or someone you know has received a notice from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing  that you are being reviewed for misconduct, please call either 916-492-2827 or916-391-3384 to set up a time to discuss your legal matter.
She also participated in an educational conference on workplace bullying.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:

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El ex abogado de CTC se volvió informante , Kathleen Carroll, ahora representar a los titulares de credenciales y / o solicitantes de credenciales bajo revisión por la mala conducta de la CTC. Ella es una firme defensora de la educación pública y categóricamente se opone a todos los intentos de privatización de nuestro sistema de educación pública.
Ella ha sido un invitado habitual en radio KPFA en Berkeley , CA , ha participado en una serie de conferencias educativas sobre el movimiento de privatización que se pueden ver en Youtube , y que recibieron atención de los medios en 2011, cuando una auditoría mordaz de la CTC hizo público que Carroll iniciado a través de sus actividades de denuncia de irregularidades .

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha recibido una notificación por parte de la Comisión de Acreditación de Maestros que usted está siendo revisado por mala conducta, por favor llame al 916-492-2827 o bien or916 - 391-3384 para hacer una cita para discutir su asunto legal.
También participó en una conferencia educativa sobre el acoso laboral .

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido dirigida y están en proceso de ser despedidos y la necesidad de defensa legal , póngase en contacto :


This happened to me, too. A child told me a teacher raped him. The school district had been sheltering the rapist for years. When the district found out what the child told me, they shut down the school, scattered the other witnesses, fired me, a mandated reporter, and tried to put me in county jail. Now, I am facing revocation of my credential. The district openly paid cash to the CTC in an effort to boast how they were going to get away with child rape.

Criminals run everything now. Everything.

I would really love the address to send a letter to this ignorant woman who is clearly only looking for information in favor of her opinion, I have never been so offended or irritated by on persons poorly reaserched motivation to ruin the education of thousands of children. I should hope that most Americans are smart enough to check the facts before blindly fallowing ignorance.

Attorney Kathleen Carroll worked for California Teacher Credentialing and had clear and convincing evidence that she was being asked to bring legal process to lift the teaching credentials of teachers who had done absolutely nothing to justify such action. Her unwillingness to do so cost her her job. She remains in litigation to rectify this.

I would strongly suggest that you read your own completely unsubstantiated comments before calling her "this ignorant woman."

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