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I am a twice graduate of UCLA. You may have recently read or heard the news about  African-American Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III, who was pulled over just steps away from UCLA by campus police. He was verbally berated, then physically assaulted and detained -- all because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. Judge Cunningham is a 60 year-old African-American with an outstanding record of public service, and yet he was still subject to the notorious harassment of UCPD. 

I'd like your help in circulating a petition to the UCLA Chancellor informing him that this type of misconduct is not acceptable and will not be tolerated on or off campus. We are also working with student groups at UCLA. 

The online petition is available here: 


Feel free to forward this link to everyone in your network.

We also have a physical petition, and I'd be more than happy to have my friend and associate Anthony Holland deliver copies to anyone interested. I'd appreciate your help. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me.  I'll send a follow up email in the next week.

Thanks so much,

Lenny Isenberg

Anthony Holland

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