LAUSD and UTLA Collude to End Collective Bargaining and Civil RIghts for Teachers Part 2 ( LAUSD y UTLA coluden para poner fin a la negociación colectiva y los derechos civiles de los profesores parte 2 )

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As somebody who went to law school and taught constitutional law at both the secondary and university levels, I had always operated under the delusion that one was innocent until proven guilty by a preponderance of the evidence in a civil case and beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal case. In the corrupt world created by the Los Angeles Unifed School District (LAUSD) and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), nothing could be further from the truth.

From the moment you are targeted for removal from teaching for what quickly becomes a never ending sequence of fabricated charges based on untrue reasons mentioned in Part 1 of this article, you are presumed guilty by virtually everybody you deal with. And even those few people who see clearly that you are being railroaded by LAUSD and UTLA, nothing is done to intervene on your behalf, because they are terrified of losing their own jobs...or privileges While there are some pretty awful teachers within LAUSD, ironically, they will be the last to be harassed, attacked, and removed, because they play ball with corrupt LAUSD or UTLA administrations.

None of this could take place if UTLA did its job and their law firm of Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad didn't help in facilitating your removal from teaching by LAUSD. Here is the way it is done:

1. Once LAUSD has fabricated what they think is enough "evidence" against you and there has been a Skelley Hearing, the Chief Education Officer for LAUSD will invariably recommend your dismissal from teaching to the LAUSD Board. You will not be allowed to speak before the Board before they rubber stamp your dismissal, which will become final within 30 days, if you do nothing.

2. At this point, UTLA will supply $2500 to the law firm of Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad and no other law firm to walk you through the process of being dismissed. Richard Schwab, a partner in this firm has emphatically initially stated to targeted teachers referred to him by UTLA, "I am not your attorney. This firm has been hired by UTLA to just walking me through the dismissal process." Inf fulfilling this conflicted function by reviewing the charges and teachers answers, he assumed that all bogus allegations fabricated by LAUSD are true, after which he keeps hammering on the fact that the teacher who has come to his firm for help has "a weak case and that I should settle." Of course, at this point Schwab or other Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad attorneys write a form letter asking for a hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). And of course, you are then notified that the $2500 UTLA had given them has been consumed. At this point, any teacher in their right mind might wonder if they have walked into the wrong office by mistake and was talking to an LAUSD attorney, instead of somebody recommended/chosen by UTLA that you have been paying $62 monthly dues to for 15 years. 

3. Now the game becomes about getting you to take a settlement, so that both LAUSD and UTLA can get rid of you. Attorney Schwab tells you that although you have been put on unpaid administrative leave as of the LAUSD Board's vote for your dismissal,

Attorney Richard Schwab tells you that "You are not entitled to collect unemployment benefits nor will UTLA come up with any more money for your defense." Both of these statement turned out to be completely false.

4. The way that LAUSD leapfrogs over your LAUSD/UTLA Collective Bargaining Rights to arbitration is by alleging that you are guilty of a morals charge under Education Code Section 44939. In a blatant violation of due process of law, they will refuse to authenticate any evidence of this charge that they have in fact fabricated against you under this statute. Richard Schwab and UTLA will do nothing to seek injunctive relief in Superior Court to stop this from taking place by timely acting on your behalf or on behalf of the hundreds of teachers this is being done to throughout LAUSD. Again Schwab willing falsely assert, "This would be a separate action."

5. Now Schwab offers you a deal- being that your $2500 from UTLA has been consumed after he spent a weekend reviewing your file. He agrees to negotiate on your behalf to get a settlement from LAUSD, which he will only charge you $2500 for- $1500 down. He also tells you that he will take 40% of any settlement he gets for you from LAUSD- he has asked as much as 60% of the settlement from other LAUSD teachers he has proposed this to. Schwab continues to pressure the targeted teacher with the fact that going to OAH will cost a minimum of $30,000 and that doesn't include court costs, you lose. The fact that there are no court costs for asserting your defense in the OAH is never mentioned. Schwab also stresses the fact that this offer to negotiate a settlement is in no way an offer to represent the teacher in an OAH procedure- that's extra.

So now you have no job, a mortgage to pay, a kid in college, and a wife who is pissed off and you face the possibility of spending well over $30,000 to prove that you are innocent, something that you always thought was presumed until the other side showed otherwise.

6. You are now between a rock and a hard place, but before you can respond, UTLA's says that the union has decided to authorize $15,000 for your defense, "But only if you use the law firm of Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad." When you ask if you can take the money to an attorney of your own choosing, Josh emphatically say no. If you insist that there is a potential conflict of interest in Schwab representing you and representing UTLA, both Schwab and UTLA deny this. Ironically, UTLA's refusal to let a targeted teacher pick their own attorney is the best evidence of the fact that a conflict of interest exists. Although promised to have claims of conflict of interest taken to the UTLA Legal Committee that deals with such matters, as of this writing I have never heard of this being done, even though now CFT Josh Pechthault made this same promise back in 2011 before he left UTLA.

As for Schwab, he has told other teachers in the past who wanted to sue UTLA for bad acts that he cannot do it, because it would be a conflict of interest, given the fact that they are his major client. So which is it Richard?

It is worth mentioning that even if one doesn't sign an agreement with the law firm of Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad, this hasn't stopped Schwab from proceeding without authority to do everything he might have been specifically told not to do by his teacher "client," who is not a client. Some of these are

- In derogation of your right under California Education Code 44944 to a hearing within 60 days, Schwab often sets OAH trial 10 months later and then proceeds to lie as to why he has done it. Among other excuses, he cites budget problems in the state and the unavailability of witnesses during the summer, which is 7 months away.

- LAUSD does not comply with discovery and yet Schwab gives them multiple extensions, instead of going into Superior Court and asking for sanctions, adverse findings or fact, and maybe even dismissal of the OAH proceedings on fundamental denial of due process. When LAUSD finally delivers its discovery, it offers few, if any of the documents requested by Schwab for discovery. Schwab does nothing about this. 

- Schwab doesn't hire an investigator to memorialize witnesses testimony and evidence, before LAUSD has a chance to fabricate more evidence, which every teacher who has gone through this process tells me LAUSD will do. He refuses saying there is not enough money, which is strange, since he was going to settle this matter for $2,500, but now $15,000 isn't enough.

- When asked to have UTLA adequately fund a targeted teacher defense, he never seems to get around to this.

LAUSD's main tactic in getting rid of teachers by harassment and falsified charges is to use delay tactics to try and starve the teacher into accepting a settlement based on accepting culpability for something that the vast majority of them are not guilty of. For those teachers who continue to seek justice, LAUSD raises the financial pressure by filling motion after motion that the teacher now has to pay Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad to answer or collaterally attack in Superior Court- a rather expensive process also designed to bleed the teacher without salary. Filing a writ based of numerous violations of basic due process of law never seems to occur to T, S & T.

LAUSD never fights on the merits of a case, since it clearly knows it will lose. Therefore, it uses every procedural dilatory tactic to prolong the harassed teacher's agony. Whether it's teachers that have been sitting in "rubber rooms" for 4 years or more or a teacher whose hearing date before the OAH gets continued to a later date at the last minute, LAUSD's game plan is to use procedure to force the teacher out of their job without ever having to deal with the merits of the case. LAUSD's legal approach is one of using procedure to delay, while avoiding a substantive case base on the merits at any cost, since there are no merits to most of the cases they bring. They know it. UTLA knows it. Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad know it, and even the OAH administrative law judges know it, because they see this going on all the time, but nobody does anything to protect the teacher.

With the departure of Superintendent Ramon Cortines, his Chief of Staff Jim Morris, Staff Relations David Vidaurrazaga, and others continues, even if the teacher is able to ultimately succeed, LAUSD will be left holding the bag of liability, while the corrupt LAUSD or UTLA administrator is either off to another job, retirement, or both as is the case for Cortines, Morris, and Vidaurrazaga. Ah, the joys of double dipping a phenomenon common at both LAUSD and UTLA. Didn't outgoing UTLA President A.J. Duffy initially go to work for LAUSD as the head of pilot schools?

If Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad and UTLA functioned as advocates and fiduciaries of the teachers they have sworn to defend, LAUSD could not get away with this. Maybe targeted teachers should take up their complaints with Richard Schwab's wife Coleen, who has sat on the UTLA Board of Directors and is now running to become a UTLA officer, I'm sure she will be sympathetic to the targeted teachers' case- NOT 

I remember in law school that we were told to "avoid even the appearance of impropriety." But Schwab told me when I first met with him on November 17, 2010 that what I learned in law school had nothing to do with reality. Is he right?


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 She writes often about what she learned about the genuine standards for learning, in an attempt to begin a national conversation about the authentic standards, so that there can be genuine reform. Her experience that ended her fine career in the NYC Public Schools has led her to write about the process that removed the top educators, silencing the voices of the classroom practitioners who would not accept anti-learning policies. Her essay here on Perdaily,  is one that describes this process. Read more as she talks about education, literacy  and learning on her site, from the perspective of the experienced teacher-practitioner of pedagogy. She is the voice of dedicated and talented classroom teachers who know why the schools are failing.

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"I know first hand the financial, personal, emotional and physical damage that can result when school administrators, the Montana Education Association and the National Education Association put their own interests above the students, teachers and the taxpayers of the State of Montana My files contain mountains of paperwork including depositions, declarations of truth, notarized documents and exhibits resulting from an arduous legal process that finally ended when the Havre (Montana) School District settled two lawsuits - a Federal suit and one filed in State District Court. These documents also include a letter from a union representative stating, " This is nothing more than a witch hunt." Yet the union continued to allow the school administration to harass, bully and bring harm to me.
These two lawsuits resulted from a single incident that, had it been handled differently and under the light of public scrutiny, would not have snowballed into awards of more than $200,000 worth of damages. Funds that eventually came from the taxpayers' pockets. Ironically, as a taxpayer in Hill County, my family and I are helping to pay for the damages awarded to me. This covered the attorneys' fees. The settlement did not include my attorney fees, however the district, insurance and taxpayers paid the defendants attorney bills, which exceeded mine. The settlement was made on March 2, 2006."

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(Mensaje en sí repite en Español) (Para una visión nacional de la reforma de la educación pública ver el final de esta entrada del blog) Como alguien que fue a la escuela de derecho y enseñó derecho constitucional, tanto a nivel secundario y universitario, que había operado siempre con la ilusión de que uno es inocente hasta que se pruebe su culpabilidad por una preponderancia de la evidencia en un caso civil y más allá de una duda razonable en un caso penal. En el mundo corrupto creado por el Los Angeles Unifed Distrito Escolar (LAUSD) y los Maestros Unidos de Los Ángeles (UTLA), nada podría estar más lejos de la verdad. Desde el momento en que están destinados a la eliminación de la enseñanza por lo que rápidamente se convierte en una secuencia sin fin de acusaciones fabricadas sobre la base de las razones mencionadas en la Parte 1 del presente artículo , se le considera culpable de casi todas las personas a lidiar con. E incluso las pocas personas que ven claramente que está siendo condenado injustamente por el LAUSD y UTLA no hacen nada para intervenir en su nombre, porque están aterrorizados de perder sus puestos de trabajo ... o privilegios Mientras que hay algunos profesores bastante horrible en LAUSD, irónicamente , serán los últimos en ser acosados, atacados y eliminados, porque jugar a la pelota con la corrupción del LAUSD o de las administraciones UTLA. Nada de esto podría llevarse a cabo si UTLA hizo su trabajo y la firma de abogados Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad no ayuda para facilitar su remoción de la enseñanza por el LAUSD. Esta es la forma en que se lleva a cabo: 1. Una vez que el LAUSD ha fabricado lo que piensan que hay suficiente evidencia en su contra y ha habido una audiencia Skelley, el Director de Educación de LAUSD a recomendar su destitución de la enseñanza a la Junta del LAUSD. No se le permitió hablar ante el Consejo, que el visto bueno a su despido, que se convertirá en definitiva dentro de 30 días, si no haces nada. 2. En este punto, UTLA proveerá $ 2500 a la firma de abogados Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad y no firma otro que le guiará por el proceso de ser despedido. En mi caso, Richard Schwab, quien declaró enfáticamente que no estaba mi abogado, me dijo que él había sido contratado por UTLA que "me acaba de caminar a través del proceso," Cuando él fue a través del archivo le di con los cargos y mis respuestas , se supone que todas las denuncias falsas fabricadas por LAUSD fuera cierto. Después de lo cual, sigue golpeando en el hecho de que había un caso débil y que debía resolver. Por supuesto, en este punto, dijo que con la redacción de una carta pidiendo una audiencia ante la Oficina de Audiencias Administrativas (OAH), los $ 2500 UTLA le había dado había sido consumido. En este punto, me pregunté si yo podría haber entrado en la oficina por error y estaba hablando con un abogado del LAUSD, en lugar de recomendar a alguien por UTLA que usted ha estado pagando $ 57 cuotas mensuales durante 15 años. Traté de consola que por lo menos mi despido inminente de LAUSD había sido detenido. 3. Ahora el juego se convierte en algo que te llevan a tomar un acuerdo, de modo que tanto el LAUSD y UTLA puede deshacerse de ti. Fiscal Schwab le dice que a pesar de que se han puesto en licencia administrativa no remunerado de la votación de la Junta del LAUSD para su despido, abogado Richard Schwab decirle que "usted no tiene derecho a cobrar las prestaciones por desempleo ni UTLA llegar a más dinero para su defensa ". Ambos declaración resultó ser completamente falsa. 4. La forma en que leapfrogs LAUSD sobre su LAUSD / UTLA derecho de negociación colectiva a arbitraje es, alegando que es culpable de un cargo de la moral en la Sección 44939 del Código de Educación . En una flagrante violación del debido proceso de ley, que se negarán a autenticar cualquier evidencia de que en realidad han fabricado en su contra en virtud de este estatuto. Richard Schwab y UTLA no hará nada para solicitar medidas cautelares en la Corte Superior para que esto no tiene lugar en su nombre o en nombre de los cientos de profesores se está haciendo a lo largo del LAUSD. Una vez más dispuestos Schwab falsamente afirman: "Esta sería una acción por separado." 5. Ahora Schwab le ofrece un trato-es que los $ 2500 de UTLA ha consumido después de haber pasado un fin de semana de revisar su archivo. Él se compromete a negociar en su nombre para conseguir un acuerdo de LAUSD, que sólo se le cobrará $ 2500 para-$ 1500 hacia abajo. Él también le dice que va a tener el 40% de cualquier acuerdo que se para usted a partir de LAUSD, que ha pedido hasta en un 60% de la solución de otros maestros del LAUSD que ha propuesto esto. Supongo que debe haber sentido la suerte. Schwab me sigue la presión con el hecho de que va a la OAH le costará un mínimo de $ 30.000 y que no incluye los costos judiciales si pierdo. Schwab también hace hincapié en el hecho de que esta oferta de negociar un acuerdo de ninguna manera una oferta para que me represente en el procedimiento de OAH. Así que ahora no tienen trabajo, una hipoteca, un niño en la universidad, y una esposa que es molesto y el posibilidad de pasar más de $ 30.000 a demostrar que son inocentes, algo que siempre pensé que se presumía. 6. Ahora está entre la espada y la pared, pero antes de que pueda responder, Joshua UTLA de Pechthault dice que el sindicato ha decidido autorizar a 15.000 dólares para su defensa ", pero sólo si se utiliza la firma de abogados Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad". Cuando se le pregunta si puede tomar el dinero para un abogado de su elección, Josh enfáticamente que no. Cuando insisto en que hay un potencial conflicto de intereses en Schwab me representa y que representa UTLA, tanto Schwab y Pechthault lo niegan. Irónicamente, la negativa de UTLA para que me recogiera a mi propio abogado es la mejor prueba del hecho de que un conflicto de intereses. Aunque Josué Pechthault promete llevar a mi reclamo de conflicto de interés para el Comité Jurídico UTLA que se ocupa de estos asuntos, a partir de este escrito no he oído nada de él y él no responde a mis llamadas de teléfono. Supongo que ya está en su próximo trabajo como presidente de UTLA / AFT Local 1021. En cuanto a Schwab, le ha dicho a otros maestros en el pasado que quería demandar a UTLA que no puede hacerlo, porque sería un conflicto de intereses , teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que ellos son su principal cliente. Entonces, ¿cuál es? Vale la pena mencionar que en ningún momento puedo firmar un acuerdo con algún miembro del bufete de abogados de Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad, pero que no deja de Schwab de procedimiento, sin autoridad para hacer todo lo que he dicho específicamente que no lo haga, sin tener en cuenta lo que he pedido que haga: - No obstante lo dispuesto de mi derecho en el Código de Educación de California 44944 a una audiencia dentro de 60 días, establece Schwab mi juicio OAH 10 meses más tarde el 12 de septiembre de 2011, y luego procede a están de por qué lo ha hecho. Entre otras excusas, que cita los problemas de presupuesto en el estado y la falta de testigos durante el verano, que es de 7 meses. - LAUSD no cumple con el descubrimiento y Schwab todavía les da dos prórrogas, en vez de ir a la Corte Superior y pedir las sanciones, los resultados adversos o de hecho, y tal vez incluso el despido de los procedimientos OAH en las nociones fundamentales del debido proceso. Cuando LAUSD finalmente entrega su descubrimiento, que ofrece pocos, si alguno de los documentos solicitados por Schwab para el descubrimiento. Schwab no hace nada al respecto. - Pido a Schwab para contratar a un investigador para recordar a declaraciones de los testigos y las pruebas, antes de que el LAUSD tiene la posibilidad de fabricar más pruebas, que todos los que me procedió me dice LAUSD va a hacer. Se niega diciendo que no hay suficiente dinero, lo cual es extraño, ya que él iba a resolver este asunto por 2.500 dólares, pero ahora 15.000 dólares no es suficiente. - Le pido que pida UTLA para financiar adecuadamente mi defensa, si no es adecuada como él dice. Nunca se consigue alrededor de este. táctica principal del LAUSD para deshacerse de los maestros por el acoso y los cargos falsos es utilizar tácticas dilatorias para tratar de matar de hambre al profesor para que acepten una solución basada en la culpabilidad de aceptar algo que la gran mayoría de ellos no son culpables de. Para aquellos profesores que continúan en busca de justicia, el LAUSD aumenta la presión financiera mediante la cumplimentación de movimiento después del movimiento que el maestro ahora tiene que pagar Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad para responder o atacar colateralmente en la Corte Superior, un proceso bastante costoso. LAUSD nunca lucha en el fondo del asunto, ya que claramente sabe que va a perder. Por lo tanto, utiliza todas las tácticas dilatorias de procedimiento para prolongar la agonía acosados ​​maestros. Si se trata de profesores que se han sentado en "salas de goma" por 4 años o más, o un maestro cuya fecha de la audiencia ante la OAH se continuó en el último minuto, el plan de LAUSD juego es la utilización del procedimiento para forzar al profesor de su puesto de trabajo sin tener que lidiar con el fondo del asunto. Enfoque jurídico del LAUSD es uno de utilizar el procedimiento de demora, evitando al mismo tiempo una base de caso de fondo sobre el fondo a cualquier precio, ya que no hay méritos para la mayoría de los casos que traen. Ellos lo saben. UTLA lo saben. Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad lo saben. E incluso los jueces de derecho administrativo OAH lo saben, porque ven que esta pasando todo el tiempo. Con la salida del superintendente Ramón Cortines, Jefe del Estado Mayor Jim Morris, Relaciones con el Personal David Vidaurrazaga, y otros, incluso si el profesor es capaz de última instancia éxito, el LAUSD se quedaron con la bolsa de la responsabilidad, mientras que el LAUSD corruptos o administrador de UTLA es ya sea fuera de puesto de trabajo, la jubilación, o ambas cosas. Ah, los placeres de la doble inmersión en un fenómeno común en ambos LAUSD y UTLA. Si Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad y UTLA funcionado como defensores y los fiduciarios de los profesores que han jurado defender, el LAUSD no podía salirse con la suya. Tal vez debería tomar mis quejas con la esposa Coleen Richard Schwab, quien se sienta en el Consejo de Administración de UTLA. Recuerdo que en la escuela de derecho que se nos dijo que "evitar incluso la apariencia de impropiedad". Pero Schwab me dijo cuando me reuní con él el 17 de noviembre de 2010 que lo que aprendí en la escuela de derecho no tiene nada que ver con la realidad. Estaba en lo cierto?



03 2014


Your post basically describes what I went through with Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada, three years ago. No real due process, just a bunch of bunk so that a couple of administrators could cover their butts when they violated my rights and federal law.

I was never even told what my rights were and was never told about EEOC, DOL, and other options I had. That was the union and their law firm's responsibility, and they never did it. They were too busy cutting deals, including the former executive director (who represented me throughout the sham process until the hearing with the hearing officer) taking a make-work job under the very person who instigated my "investigation" and dismissal. In the real world, this is called bribery or witness tampering. The real world, though, doesn't exist in public education. You are finding out administrative law isn't worth the paper it is written on, and neither are those union "contracts."

History tells that these are more than merely trying times, which, I suppose are what leads to times like these. We are on the verge of a global revolution , which I believe is a benchmark of evolution. It seems optimism is not too unattainable if you consider in our short lives we struggle and savour what little we can because my friend we have a purpose. Perhaps it makes sense the gods (or nature or fate or whoever truly is in charge of things) would choose elder-- teachers--- to lead the way back to the righteous path of Democracy. Let's not forget that THIS country was built on an enlightenment that has spread to places in the world most of us can barely fathom, much less identify on the globe.
It may be some trite cliche from your Baby Boomers Civics class but, I believe in the philanthropy of Thomas Jefferson, not Bill Gates or Eli Broad or Devil help us, The Walton Family. Jefferson may be a weed puffing, dead white dude with jungle fever, but he epitomised every thing that is truly liberal and progressive about our country! I got a right! I am going to take it.
We have to. We have to take the power that belongs to us. This is not hyperbole or crazy talk: we, the people, have to rise up, just like people are in Egypt. Ands it is happening!
Parents, the sleeping giant, have been roused.
We know what we have to do, Lenny. Comrades? This thing has always reminded me of Animal Farm, and if you recall, Old Major ushers the animals into a numinous Democracy. But then "All animals are equal" becomes " All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others'" and all he'll breaks loose. I do hope we can get beyond Orwell's visionary, but precocious 1984. Big Brother Business and the EducRAT$ have given us a most teachable moment. . .

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