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LAUSD continues to target teachers without any concern for their constitutional rights and more specifically in complete derogation of their right to timely due process of law in a legal system that presumes their innocence with LAUSD having the burden of proving them guilty of anything that would justify their being forced out of the teaching profession.  

Unfortunately, although there are some lawyers who are working hard to defend individual teachers, it appears that  there is only one lawyer who wants to challenge LAUSD on constitutional grounds that LAUSD is clearly running roughshod over.  Ron Lapekas opened a web site explaining what he wants to do -- and why he needs your financial assistance to act on behalf of all UTLA members in a manner that has seemed to elude those in power at UTLA.

Imagine what could happen if every teacher in teacher jail contributed $10 a month to help Ron prove LAUSD is violating the law? Ron has already invested more than $60,000 of his own money representing teachers who have been suspended without pay or benefits in complete denial of their right to timely due process of law in a neutral forum.  Take a look at Ron's website and make up your own mind whether you can afford a donation of $10 a month or more to help him help you. 

This doesn't seem unreasonable when you consider that you're paying over $60 a month to a union that is doing absolutely nothing to defend the teachers it is the exclusive representative of.


Just click on this link to get to TeacherLaw-LA.com


03 2014

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