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The union power slate has been visiting campuses since September of last year, ok?  These same individuals had a dinner "meeting" with LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, although what they talked about, no one knows for certain.... While its purely speculation on my part, its possible that the Superintendent met with these people to voice his dissatisfaction in Warren Fletcher---and to encourage these people to run for office, but the bottom line is playing those running for office at UTLA only strengthens Deasy's position...and weakens necessary union and teacher resolve to confront Deasy's witch hunt now and in the future.

Union Power has several candidates who are chapter chairs and who are also running for UTLA leadership positions. These same people, who are running for Union Power positions AND in positions of authority within the union were also the same individuals who allowed Alex Caputo-Pearl to "visit" their school sites in complete derogation of the rules governing UTLA elections.

Meanwhile, honest teachers like myself left flyers at Augustus Hawkins High School, where I was told I needed the school chapter chair's "approval"...Augustus Hawkins is a school that Alex Caputo-Pearl visited and its a school where I was never invited to speak...coincidence???

Another example; Julie Van Winkle is the Area North facilitator, and she is also a Union Power candidate. Well, the Area North monthly meeting invited UTLA candidates to speak, but they did so on the same day, emailing candidates with only a two hour prior notice to attend the event at the UTLA headquarters.  How would candidates be able to attend such an event without any prior notice? We have families, we work throughout the city and, clearly, such a short notice would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for citywide candidates to attend. Who benefits from this but the incumbents and the fellow union power slate members?

Now, the honest thing to do would be to put a hold on the elections and extend another invitation to all citywide candidates with enough of an advanced notice to plan accordingly.  That's what an honest electoral process would implement, right? 

Well the UTLA election committee disregarded these concerns and continues to promote the idea that the election process must move forward. I think that's wrong! In fact, I think its clearly consistent with all the other inconsistencies going on. And allowing these infractions to be simply disregarded as routine is enough of a concern to file an unfair work practice with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).

In fact, I believe it warrants reimbursement for all citywide candidates that spent their limited financial resources on campaign election materials thinking, in good faith, that the UTLA election committee would regulate the election process to ensure that it would be free of manipulation by entrenched interests bent on subverting an open election process. 

All of this could have been averted if the UTLA election committee had listened to me when I requested that the citywide elections be conducted by the Los Angeles Woman's League of Voters, they declined to consider my request! Do any of you still wonder why or what possible legitimate justification they might have had? 

Please let me know if you would like to review supportive documentation.

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