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Who Should Go, the Public Education Privatizers or the Teachers? By Kathleen Carroll

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) One of the main goals of the public education privatizers has been to make it easier, legally, to fire teachers. Understanding this goal is not difficult. You fire more teachers; you show how bad the public education system is with so many bad teachers. This in turn justifies systemic change or more euphemistically referred to as education reform. And the reform is always the same, more charter schools, more online education, more testing, more replacement of teachers with Teach For America Troops/others. Education reform also always includes more for profit teacher preparation programs- because now not only are the public schools really bad according to the privatizers, but now we don't have enough teachers in the profession, so we need to recruit more and find alternative ways, short cuts, on how teachers get licensed- enter for profit teacher preparation programs $$$$. The public education privatizers have the perfect business plan- create chaos, justify change, make change, make profits. And the more change, the more profits to make.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy: "3 LAUSD teachers should have been fired without a hassle"

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) I would agree with Superintendent Deasy that it shouldn't take years to get rid of the few dangerous and incompetent teachers. However, it is LAUSD that stalls, because it knows that teachers put in "teachers jail" or on unpaid administrative leave without benefits find it almost impossible to lawyer up and defend themselves in a system that should presume them innocent until LAUSD IN A NEUTRAL FORUM is capable of proving they have done something that warrants their firing by a preponderance of the evidence. Hitting virtually ever unjustly targeted teacher with a fabricated morals charge under Ed. Code 44939 to leapfrog over their collective bargaining rights to grievance and arbitration has become common place in LAUSD/Deasy's attack on teachers.

The Key to Ensuring Unconstitutionality-Strict Scrutiny A Key That Doesn't Fit in the Vergara Case By Kathleen Carroll

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(Mensaje se repite en Español) Reading the Vergara decision was like being on an old rickety roller coaster where each twist and turn seemed like the tracks would give way any second, or at any moment I was going to be ejected from my seat- I just wanted off this crazy contraption. I had to re-read the decision a number of times before I could wrap my head around the bizarre legal hoops that Judge Treu seem to be flying through to come to his legal conclusions.


(Mensaje se repite en Español) Contrary to what was asserted in 2010 with the Reed vs. State of California case, and now with the Vergara vs. State of California case, cutting the budget by attacking teachers at the top of the salary scale is the real motive of both the plaintiffs and the defendants in these put up cases that are anything but adversarial as actually required by law. The well-being of students and their constitutional right to an education has nothing to do with why teacher seniority is under attack. Corporate interests have gotten behind these two cases with collusive lawsuits against the State of California and the Los Angeles Unified School District as defendants, when these defendants actually share the plaintiffs desire to destroy a professional and fairly compensated teaching force solely for the motive of profit to more and more hedge fund run charters and the further dumbing down of our future electorate, so the average citizen will not have enough of an education to meaningfully comprehend just how badly they are being screwed.


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(Mensaje se repite en Español) A very specific illustration as to why veteran teachers like Sigi Siegel have been targeted in the thousands can be shown by simply running her compensation package. If Ms. Siegel had been forced to resign at age 50, which was her age when she was removed from the classroom on 2/29/2012, LAUSD would have saved about $1,650,000.00 over the subsequent 15 years until Ms. Siegel reached the age of 65. Here's the math:


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