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Given the present iPAD scandal that in reality is just the latest incarnation of a long list of corrupt practices at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), one can only hope that finally the curtain will be opened on these illegal practices to expose a long history of enumerable improper actions taken by LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy, administration, and his immediate predecessors Ramon Cortines, David Brewer, and Roy Romer. Hopefully, this will finally lead to an independent and in depth audit of both financial and pedagogic decisions they have taken with rather questionable legal motives. 

What follows in this article are just a few of these corrupt actions that such an independent investigative audit might be well advised to look into. Feel free in the comment section to augment this list. Maybe this latest iPad scandal with Pearson Education and Apple will final cause a light to be shined on Deasy and his predecessors' shenanigans, so that critically necessary and long overdue real reformation of endemically corrupt LAUSD can finally be implemented. It is not enough for Deasy to lose his job, if all that takes place is his replacement by another over paid public school privatization advocate, whose greatest loyalty is to Broad, Gates, Walton, and the other foundations seeking to privatize public education for profit and not the public school student, teachers, and their families. 

1. For every teacher at the top of the salary scale that LAUSD can force out by any means with fabricated charges, LAUSD will save approximately $60,000 in combined salary and benefits savings, when they hire a teacher fresh out of college on an emergency credential with no experience. Some of the ways this is accomplished are:

a. Fabricating false morals charge violations under California Education Code Section 44939, which has the immediate effect of eliminating a teachers right to the collective bargaining protections and remedies of grievance and arbitration. Everything LAUSD does is designed to force the teacher to quit, whatever they have to do to accomplish this.
b. both students and teachers are coached in making false statements- subornation of perjury- against the teacher in the case that the teacher's superiors are knowingly fabricating to justify this tenured teacher's removal.

c. Exculpatory evidence is ignored as "not relevant to the charges against [the teacher]."

d. Teacher due process is completely ignored in the removal process:
     - None of the charges against the teacher are verified and under oath as required by law, which would subject the person making them to perjury charges- a felony- if they were;
     - Legal limits as to how long a teacher can be kept out of teaching as defined by both the Collective Bargaining Agreement, state law- 60 days- and LAUSD's own Bulletin policy- 120 days- are completely ignored, so that teachers are often incarcerated at district offices or their homes for more than four years in a manner designed to create both mental and physical illness in an attempt by LAUSD to force the teacher to resign. One never asks simple question like: If teachers can now be sent home for their incarceration until an investigation is done, why could this not have been done in the past?
     - False morals charge violations are asserted against the teacher that allege improper actions by the teacher against students. This is consciously done because of their inflammatory nature of these charges in a manner that amounts to conscious defamation of the teacher.
     - Even where there is clear and convincing evidence of administrative wrong doing, few teachers who have been put on unpaid administrative leave without benefits have the wherewithal to take on an LAUSD with its $500 million "legal defense fund" - they can bleed longer than you can in a process. And no lawyer wants to take on such an entity with such deep pockets.
     - Although Superintendent Deasy has said in public that he puts teachers back to work, if they are cleared by independent police investigation. However, the reality is- which has also been publicly stated by Deasy- that once you are charged with morals charges against students, whether they are cleared or not, they will never work again for LAUSD as a teacher. Think about this. The mere charging you with illegal behavior, according to Deasy, creates an irrebuttable presumption of guilt as opposed to the legal presumption of innocence beyond a reasonable doubt and with those charging you having the duty to prove you have done anything wrong.
     - While the complete and utter denial of due process to the teacher is clear and uncontradicted by LAUSD throughout the process, designed to force the teacher out at any cost, one of the most egregious denials of fundamental civil rights occurs when the LAUSD Board votes to fire the teacher based solely on charges with literally no evidence presented to it in the dismissal process according to Board Member Vladovic. 
    - And finally, what makes this unbelievable war on teachers possible? Check out California Government Code Section 821.6, which gives administrators immunity against prosecution for acts that are "malicious" and "without probable cause." One would hope that such a war on teachers would be deemed outside the scope of an LAUSD administrator's job and therefore not covered by this code section. But we'll have to see what a court says...if we ever get there.

2. Both the State of California and the federal government make payments to LAUSD based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA). At Central High School- Tri-C and many other LAUSD schools, according to teachers who have contacted me over the last few years, attendance records are falsified on a daily basis to either show students present that were not there at all or to show that students who showed up for an hour at the end of the day were counted as present for the whole day. This is downright fraud against the state and the feds.

3. In the midst of a recession with vacant space everywhere, my school Central High School-Tri-C rented three rooms without windows in the Miracle Mile, where there remains a high vacancy factor- why they weren't put on an existing LAUSD site is anybody's guess They paid $3700 a month for space that probably had a fair market value of half that amount. Although this was reported to then Superintendent Ramon Cortines' assistant Sharon Robinson, who promised to take action, nothing was done- other than charges being brought against me.

4. California High School Exit Examinations (CAHSEE) and other competency exams are falsified on a regular basis by teachers who are given no choice by their administrators, if they don't want to be targeted for removal. My students were given valid high school diplomas, although they had elementary school math and reading abilities on the STAR Reading exam. Probably the best proof in this area of LAUSD corruption is the fact that 70% of the students at Los Angeles City College (LACC) are taking remedial and not college level course work.        

6. Finally, let's take a step back and look at the puppet masters at Pearson, Apple, and the usual corporate players that have made the blatant illegality of LAUSD and districts like it around the country possible by creating a privatization agenda that has poured money into public education, not to make it better, but rather to set it up as just the latest credit defaults swaps or sub prime-like scheme to make billions. Finally sending some of these bad boys and girls to jail might have a profound ripple effect through corrupt districts like LAUSD, if people finally got the message that there are real legal consequences for breaking the law with impunity.

 If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:

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Dado el actual escándalo iPAD que en realidad es sólo la más reciente encarnación de una larga lista de prácticas corruptas en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Angeles (LAUSD), uno sólo puede esperar que finalmente el telón se abrió sobre las prácticas ilegales para exponer una larga historia acciones impropias de enumerables tomadas por el superintendente del LAUSD John Deasy, administración, y sus predecesores inmediatos Ramón Cortines, David Brewer, y Roy Romer. Esperamos que esto finalmente conducir a una auditoría independiente y en profundidad tanto de las decisiones financieras y pedagógicas que hayan adoptado con motivos jurídicos más cuestionables.

Lo que sigue en este artículo son sólo algunas de estas acciones corruptas que una auditoría independiente de investigación tal puede ser bien aconsejado para estudiar. Siéntase libre en la sección de comentarios para aumentar esta lista. Tal vez este último escándalo iPad con Pearson Education y Apple causa final una luz que se brilló en Deasy y travesuras de sus predecesores, por lo que la reforma real de la crítica necesaria y desde hace mucho tiempo de endémicamente corrupta LAUSD finalmente se puede implementar. No es suficiente para Deasy a perder su trabajo, si todo lo que tiene lugar es su sustitución por otro más pagado privatización defensor de la escuela pública, cuya lealtad mayor es amplia, Gates, Walton, y las otras fundaciones que buscan privatizar la educación pública con fines de lucro y no los de las escuelas públicas de los estudiantes, los maestros y sus familias.

1. A cada maestro en la parte superior de la escala de sueldos que el LAUSD puede obligar a cabo por cualquier medio con cargos falsos, el LAUSD se ahorrará aproximadamente $ 60,000 en ahorros de sueldos y beneficios combinados, cuando contratan a un profesor recién salido de la universidad en una credencial de emergencia con ninguna experiencia. Algunas de las maneras en que esto se logra son:

a. Modelado de falsas moralejas cobran violaciónes bajo el Código de Educación de California Sección 44939, que tiene el efecto inmediato de la eliminación de profesores derecho a las protecciones colectivas y los recursos de queja y arbitraje. Todo hace LAUSD está diseñado para forzar al profesor a dejar de fumar, lo que tienen que hacer para lograr esto.

b. Tanto los estudiantes como los profesores son entrenados en la toma falsa soborno statements- de perjury- contra el maestro en el caso de que los superiores de la maestra están fabricando a sabiendas para justificar la eliminación de esta profesora titular.

c. Las pruebas de descargo se ignora como "no es relevante para los cargos en su contra [el maestro]."

d. Debido proceso Maestro se ignora por completo en el proceso de eliminación:
- Ninguno de los cargos contra el maestro se verifican y bajo juramento como exige la ley, que sometería a la persona que las de perjurio cargos- un felony- si fueran;
- Los límites legales en cuanto a cuánto tiempo se puede mantener un maestro de la enseñanza tal como se define tanto por el Convenio Colectivo, estado ley- 60 días-y el propio Boletín de LAUSD políticas 120 días-son completamente ignoradas, por lo que los profesores son a menudo encarcelados en oficinas de distrito o sus casas durante más de cuatro años en una manera diseñada para crear tanto la enfermedad mental y físico, en un intento por LAUSD para forzar al profesor a dimitir. Uno nunca se pregunta sencilla pregunta como: Si los maestros ahora pueden ser enviados a casa por su encarcelamiento hasta que se haga una investigación, ¿por qué esto no podría haberse hecho en el pasado?
- La moral falsa acusación violaciónes se hacen valer en contra del maestro que alegan acciones indebidas por parte del profesor a los estudiantes. Esto se hace conscientemente por su naturaleza inflamatoria de estos cargos en una forma que constituye difamación consciente de la maestra.
- Aun cuando haya pruebas claras y convincentes de mal administrativa haciendo, pocos profesores que se han puesto en licencia administrativa no remunerada y sin beneficios tienen los medios para asumir un LAUSD con su $ 500 millones "fondo de defensa legal" - éstos pueden sangrar más de lo que puede en un proceso. Y ningún abogado quiere asumir esa entidad con esos bolsillos profundos.
- Aunque Superintendente Deasy ha dicho en público que él pone los profesores a trabajar, si se borran por investigación policial independiente. Sin embargo, la realidad es- que también se ha manifestado públicamente por Deasy- que una vez que se le acusa de cargos moral contra los estudiantes, si se borran o no, nunca trabajar de nuevo para LAUSD como profesor. Piense en esto. La mera acusarlo de comportamiento ilegal, según Deasy, crea una presunción irrefutable de la culpabilidad en lugar de la presunción legal de inocencia más allá de toda duda razonable y con los que la carga que tiene el deber de demostrar que usted ha hecho nada malo.
- Mientras que la negación total y absoluta del debido proceso para el maestro es clara y no contradicha por el LAUSD durante todo el proceso, diseñado para forzar al profesor a cabo a cualquier precio, una de las negaciones más atroces de los derechos civiles fundamentales se produce cuando la Junta vota a LAUSD despedir al maestro basado únicamente en los cargos con literalmente no hay pruebas presentadas en el proceso de despido de acuerdo con la Junta Vladovic miembros.
- Y, por último, lo que hace que este increíble guerra a maestros posibles? Echa un vistazo a California Gobierno Código Sección 821.6, que proporciona a los administradores la inmunidad contra el enjuiciamiento por actos que son "maliciosos" y "sin causa probable." Es de esperar que esa guerra en los docentes se consideraría fuera del ámbito de trabajo de un administrador de LAUSD y por lo tanto no están cubiertos por esta sección del código. Pero tendremos que ver lo que dice un tribunal ... si alguna vez allí.

2. Tanto el Estado de California y el gobierno federal hacen pagos a LAUSD basado en Promedio de Asistencia Diaria (ADA). En Central High Escuela-Tri-C y muchas otras escuelas del LAUSD, de acuerdo con los profesores que me han contactado en los últimos años, los registros de asistencia son falsificados a diario a cualquiera muestre a los alumnos presentes que no estaba allí en absoluto, o para demostrar que los estudiantes que se presentaron durante una hora al final del día se contaron como presente para el día entero. Esto es un fraude francamente contra el estado y los federales.

3. En medio de una recesión con el espacio vacante en todas partes, mi escuela Central High School-Tri-C alquilan tres habitaciones sin ventanas en el Miracle Mile, donde sigue habiendo un alto factor de vacantes por los que no fueron puestos en un LAUSD existente sitio, nadie lo sabe pagaron $ 3.700 al mes por el espacio que probablemente tenía un valor justo de mercado de la mitad de esa cantidad. Aunque se informó de esto a continuación, asistente superintendente Ramón Cortines Sharon Robinson, quien se comprometió a tomar medidas, nada era hecho- aparte de que se formularan cargos contra mí.

4. California de Egreso de Exámenes (CAHSEE) y otros exámenes de competencia son falsificados en forma regular por los maestros que se les da otra opción por parte de sus administradores, si no quieren ser dirigidos para el retiro. Mis estudiantes se les dio diplomas de escuela secundaria válidos, aunque tenían matemáticas de la escuela elemental y habilidades de lectura en el examen de lectura STAR. Probablemente, la mejor prueba en esta área de la corrupción LAUSD es el hecho de que el 70% de los estudiantes de Los Angeles City College (LACC) están tomando cursos de nivel universitario y no correctivas.

5. Deasy obtuvo su doctorado en la Universidad de Louisville y sin la asistencia adecuada o la unidad de crédito de Robert Felner, que acaba de ser puesto en libertad en mayo pasado de la prisión federal, donde cumplía una pena de 5 años para el fraude. Hmm. Tampoco se mencionan en el presente fiasco IPad se Deasy de la adjudicación de un contrato de consultoría $ 375.000 a dicho Felner, cuando Deasy fue superintendente del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Santa Monica-Malibu. Una mano lava a la otra?

6. Por último, vamos a echar un paso atrás y mirar a los titiriteros en Pearson, Apple, y los actores corporativos usuales que han hecho de la ilegalidad flagrante de LAUSD y distritos como que todo el país sea posible mediante la creación de un programa de privatización que ha invertido dinero en la educación pública, no para que sea mejor, sino más bien configurarlo como sólo los últimos defaults swaps de crédito o esquema de prime-como sub para hacer miles de millones. Por último el envío de algunos de estos chicos malos y las niñas a la cárcel puede tener un profundo efecto en cadena a través de los distritos corruptos como LAUSD, si la gente finalmente recibió el mensaje de que hay consecuencias legales reales para violar la ley con impunidad.

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce ha sido blanco de ataques y está en proceso de ser despedido y necesita defensa legal, póngase en contacto:


09 2014


I would like to see more actual substance to these claims. I'm not from LA so I don't have any background. I just stumbled upon this blog. It reads to me like broad based attacks with no content.

I'm not saying none of this is true, but I'm not seeing specific references about specific accusations. The statistics given regarding his salary are hand picked to sound bad, but there are no numbers to back it up. 10X more than the lowest paid teacher, what about the highest paid teacher? How much does he make? How much do the teachers make? These are questions I'd like to see the answers so this blog has substance. I've never seen a superintendent that didn't make way too much money. Having said that just like teachers, if they can get the job done, then pay them whatever they are worth. If hundreds of thousands of children are not getting an education for whatever reason and a new superintendent can change that simply by changing the way things are run, improving board/teacher cooperation or getting more parents involved, then pay the man what he is worth. If he fails, remove him with no golden parachute.

Has he really forced out 800 teachers through false allegations? First, that is an extreme number of teachers, were they accused as a group? If the allegations were false, were there no local news investigations that would have exposed this wrong doing? I'm having trouble understanding how this 800 teachers can be railroaded and there be no consequence.

As to privatizing schools, why not? Is the current system working? Teachers unions don't care about the kids, they care about teachers. “When school children start paying union dues, that 's when I'll start representing the interests of school children.” - Albert Shanker former President UFT and AFT I would even take that one step further. Unions don't care about teachers either, they care about themselves. Check union leaders salaries lately?

We need to replace the entire system, public or private, competition or no competition, we need to rethink everything and allow everyone a fair voice. Teachers should be allowed individual voices, pay for what they are worth, and the right to go into a respectful work environment. Students deserve a clean and safe environment where the few teachers that are not performing can be removed or perhaps identified and helped to get back on track. The admin/board should also be subject to performance standards. This shouldn't be a pointing fingers game, it should be a mission to remove obstacles so teachers can teach and students can learn.

I mean no disrespect in the questions I ask. I get frustrated at the same story over and over again. The people in our school systems deserve better.

In a short blog post, it is not possible to give voluminous substantiation of all LAUSD purposeful malfeasance. However, if you would like to contact me at: with specific requests, I would be happy to substantiate all I say. It is worth mentioning that one of the reasons the morally challenged folks at LAUSD and UTLA continue to get away with the truly unbelievable travesties they continue to do is precisely because it is so unbelievable. However, a system without checks and balances or independent audits of both finances and pedagogic practices is highly susceptible to these kinds of actions, especially when one takes into consideration the fact that public and private education in the U.S. amounts to an expenditure of $1.3 trillion a year- rather tempting, no?

As for compensation, Superintendent Deasy's compensation has been well publicized, since he conned the LAUSD Board into raising his whole compensation package, while extending his contract to 2016 by threatening to quit at the end of last year- although the latest iPad affair might just cost him his job. I have significantly more experience than Deasy has in public education and you wouldn't have to pay me that much more than a teacher gets to have me do the job. Is what a superintendent does really 5 times more difficult than what a teacher at the top of the salary scale does for a maximum of around $80,000? And by the way, there is this thing called Google, where you can get the various salaries Deasy has been paid before threatening to quit and after- somewhere between $330,000 and $395,000, depending on who you believe and what perks you take into account.

Alas, he has forced out literally thousands of teachers, not just 800. And as for the allegations against the teachers, none of them are "verified" under penalty of perjury as is required by the relevant statutes nor are targeted teachers given any due process of law in their removal. LAUSD Board Member Richard Vladovic has stated in public that "the LAUSD Board has voted to dismiss teachers based exclusively on charges without any evidence." I have 5 sworn affidavits so stating. The language used against all these teachers seems to be cut and pasted from the same source with many of the paragraphs being the same word for word. What happened to the legal presumption of innocent until proven guilty? Does this help you see how teachers are railroaded for money?

As for privatization, it's about money not excellence. Public and private education are worth $1.3 trillion. Instead of 87% of this money going to pay certificated and classified salaries, a hedge fund owning and operating a charter school could take 40% of this budget for "administration costs." The leading study of charters from Stanford shows that only 17% of charters do better, 46% to the same, and 37% do worse than public schools. But, alas, these figures never see the light of day in a carefully orchestrated corporate move to take over public education for profit and the continued dumbing of America. If you want a comparable scam, think credit default swaps and sub prime.

The actual process of teaching students is really rather straight forward, if you stop socially promoting students grade after grade into subjects they have no basic skills to understand. But this is not done by accident. It seems you have a difficult time accepting the dark agenda folks like U.S. Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan have in service to the corporate privatization agenda.

Look what you've done to our kids, Deasy

From: k f
To: laeducators
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 9:53 AM
Subject: [laeducators] Fwd: ABSOLUTELY MINDBOGGLING
Sharing this sentiment..... question: Kayser and La Mott too?!

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: SHARON HARRISON Date: Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 7:31 AM Subject: ABSOLUTELY MINDBOGGLING To:

How in the world did this happen?!
Do people know who this man really is and the extraordinary damage he has done to children and careers? 6-0????????
What happened? This man makes more than the President of the US, the Governor of the State of California, the police chief of LA, and 6 times more than the lowest paid teacher and more than 10 times more than the lowest paid full time employee of LAUSD.

He has destroyed the lives and careers of at least 800 teachers through false allegations. He has for two years laid off employees without a full disclosure of a budget to justify it. He has sought after an evaluation system based on junk science (even the top researchers in the country denounce VAM and AGT) to further hold administrators and teachers accountable for student achievement that is beyond any human's control; not to mention wasted $4 million dollars of the public's money to do so. He squandered money from donors by hiring hinchman to find undesirable employees rather than use the same money to provide educational support systems to improve teaching and learning; inappropriately spent the public's money by restructuring local districts, thereby increasing the number of administrative personnel outside of the school sites and setting up confusion for the first 3 months of schools which expanded the amount of time, resources and money lost to school sites and our children. He imposed a Breakfast in the Classroom fiasco that intrudes upon instructional time to please his corporate friends. Finally, he has created and promoted a culture of fear and intimidation within every strata of the structure of this district. That culture directly hurts the work that is going on in each and every classroom on behalf of our students.
Doesn't anyone see this man for what he really is? This man defies every regulation, contract agreement, state statute that does not fit his agenda of attack on our teachers, administrators and employees, and he gets a 6-0 vote? Tragic!

Sharon Harrison

L.A. schools chief gets one-year contract extension

By Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times October 10, 2012, 8:47 p.m.
L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy has received a one-year contract extension, but was unable to achieve ambitious performance targets that would have triggered a salary bonus.
The Board of Education voted 6 to 0 on the contract for the head of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's second-largest school system, in a closed session Tuesday evening. Board member Richard Vladovic left before the tally for personal reasons. The action was announced at the end of the meeting before a nearly empty boardroom.

I have been working on a cartoon version of this idea, Lenny. I think it may become a graphic novel written in the spirit of mad magazine after Alfred E Newman has developed a bitter sense of irony for in this , there is no real humor . However laughing may be the only sane way to deal with it .
Consider the Deasyisms and how they evolve, He swears poverty has no impact on "achievement"" in Vergara testimony but a couple months later he is " lifting children out of poverty" by way of an iPad and the constant purge and churn of their teachers . This "change agent" is a big fan of " disruption" and considers the district " data driven" . The problem is it is driven under his influence .
Just like the board , who are apparently oblivious to his ultimate goal which is to render them history much the way he has veteran teachers , DAC, and anyone else who gets in his way. I do not think members understand that they denied teachers basic guarantees of due process of law when they failed to look at teachers files and voted Aye on the dismisal of teachers based on nothing more than an administrators ' say so- charges with absolutely no evidence. By ignoring fiduciary duties and denying teachers due process, they became liable despite California Government Code 826.1 Again, due process is a fundamental civil right. Anyone violating civil rights in a professional capacity is no longer afforded indemnification for their acts, which are specifically outside the scope of their jobs as elected officials.
There is a criminal element that has usurped all of the things that matter to the people. There is only one way around the iceberg and that is to go head long into the offensive. We are mad as hell and we are not gonna take it anymore. The alternative is clearing our society heading to a brave new world where Deasyisms are gospel.

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