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For at least the last 8 years, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) administrative leadership has systematically targeted teachers at the top of the salary scale, and/or about to vest in lifetime health benefits, and/or disabled, because it is able to save very significant money in combined salary and benefits in just the first year when it forces these high seniority teachers out of their profession in favor of a fresh out of college Teach for America type "teachers" who are hired to replace them on an emergency credential at much lower pay and significantly less benefits.

These senior teacher "financial liabilities" to LAUSD are targeted for removal based on fabricated evidence and directed testimony from students and others who are told what to say to support the case for removing these expensive albeit innocent teachers.

By adding a morals charge under California Education Code 44939, which is done in most cases, LAUSD administrators are further able to leapfrog over all of the teachers' union collective bargaining rights of the targeted teacher to grievance and arbitration, which is why so many of these targeted teachers are hit with defamatory false allegations of immoral conduct.

Although no "verification" of these charges with statements made under penalty of perjury as is required by law is ever part of these charges, the LAUSD Board has admitted that it continues to vote to dismiss these teachers.

I know firsthand of the suffering and unfair treatment experienced by so many at the hands of LAUSD administrators because I was a targeted teacher.  I have been in "teacher jail."  This is why I am reaching out to all current teachers who are being targeted and former teachers who have been forced out of their jobs, out of their life careers, under these dubious circumstances.  If you, like me, are a victim of these reprehensible practices and would like to have your voice back and be heard, please contact me.  I am interested in bringing us all together in a lawsuit to bring it to an end. 

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I was in “teacher jail” for 7 years at LAUSD on fabricated accusations. I’m ready to do a documentary on my experiences at 92nd Street Elementary School and at 75th Street Elementary where I was forced to retire after the district put me back to work, but placed me into a 7th-8th English teaching position where I had no experience whatsoever. They knew that I needed a lot of help in that position, but the mechanical scripted methodology in that position required an experienced teacher. The previous teacher had given up and resigned in the middle of the year. LAUSD officials knew that they were assigning me to an extremely difficult position and as I saw that I had no “support” from the administration in terms of creating a holistic approach to teaching and learning I was forced to follow a boring-mechanical approach and thus, I had to give up and retire. I’d like to challenge LAUSD that given a holistic philosophy of Ed we can certainly create a beautiful uplifting learning environment at any grade level.

Wish I had sued as well and ran into similar roadblocks. I would be able to retire comfortably today. Nevada is even worse than California for teachers because they have no protections from administrator whims.

Both California, Nevada, and the other 48 states have "protections from administrator whims" in the form of state and U.S. constitutional guarantees of basic due process of law. However, one has to have the ability to go into court to seek redress, which is not something that a targeted teacher without salary or benefits...or a viable union...is likely to be able to do- which is why corrupt school district administrators have gotten away with this for so long.

We are seeking to redress this deplorable situation that has continued to destroy the lives of too many completely innocent and excellent teachers for far too long, because city, county, state, and federal regulatory agencies seem to have a politically induced aversion to doing their job.

You are my hero> I wish I had sued, but this was 16 years ago, I had no money and it was nearly impossible to find an attorney. Good luck.
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The time has come for teachers to stand up and say enough. Many are leading the way and saying STOP!
Read the links here, and know about the assault on public education that began by ending the professional careers of our finest Americans, who just happened to be teachers, while selling the public the BIG LIE, that unions protect tenured teachers.

It never was about civil rights, it was always about money, Lenny wrote at the site Perdaily.com, which he created to chronicle LAUSD corruption. He wrote in 2003 about the collusion, and other teachers have told the sad truth, like Jo Scott Coe. The latest scandal sent superintendent Deasy out (and into a job in the ed industry) but Lenny told the tale of this corrupt,incompetent long before the iPad scandal hit the media.

Lenny posted endlessly way back in 2003 about how LAUSD targeted teachers. He was targeted because he blew the whistle on the social promotion in the LA schools which graduated students with 2nd grade skills. He has devoted himself to exposing the way they victimize teachers...he IS a HERO and he has posted this nationwide in the hopes of getting teachers, finally to say ENOUGH.

AND IT IS TIME. For 2 decades the media has hidden the real story of the war on teachers, so that testing and evaluation could replace real research on Learning.

Karen Horwitz provided a platform at her NAPTA site for teachers whose civil rights were violated by blatant lies, and she wrote a book: WHITE CHALK CRIME, for criminality was... except for one detail... you see, principals and school administrators are not sworn under penalties of perjury. They can say and allege anything they want to, and do anything they wish, and the teacher has no legal legs to stand on... Thus court, which is prohibitive is out of the question.
Lorna Stremcha in Montana spent her life savings to sue... and won... but YOU have never heard about this. She has testified in Congress about the Lawlessness but the media only prints sensational material that slanders the teaching profession. Her book "Bravery, Bullies & Blowhards" tells the absolute truth how she was set up by administration.
And look at what they are doing in NYC to another teacher who won't die, Francesco Portellos. LAWLESS!

In NYC Betsy Combier has chronicled the lawlessness in NYC for a decade,.

Now FROM the DTOE site:
"NYC teachers are calling for more teachers to step up and fight back. Workplace Bullying within the NYC Department of Education is a costly epidemic. It negatively affects the workplace conditions of educators and therefore student learning conditions. It affects the taxpayer as many of these harassed educators then bring litigation against the City of New York. It has to stop. It has to stop now. The damages must be reversed. Please watch the video here, read the email sent to those responsible below and email the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) to ask for policy changes and full review of cases."

AND WHILE YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THE TEACHERS WERE SENT OUT THE DOOR, GO to the Diane Ravitch Blogand discover what iS going on in 50 states, as charter schools take over on the public dime, and do no better, and much worse than the public schools they replaced.

Ben Chapman, she reports, of the New York Daily News reports on a study by the Center for Popular Democracy which reviewed audits of charter schools in New York State 62 of the state's 248 charters have been audited. The review showed $28 million misspent since 2002. "The Center for Popular Democracy's analysis charter school audits found investigators uncovered probable financial mismanagement in 95% of the schools they examined....."

RAVITCH Reports that "NBC in Miami noticed that a large number of charter schools were opening and closing."
The Business Plan to Liquidate Public Education?

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