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Below are several rules that equally apply to good poker playing and good United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union teacher representation and negotiations with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) administration. Break these rules in either poker or the present union negotiations and the results could be disasterous.

1. Never sit down at a poker game that's too rich for your blood.

2. Don't telegraph to the opposition what cards you are holding.

3. Don't bluff the opposition in either poker or negotiations, unless you are willing to follow through with what you have threatened with a reasonable likelihood of succeeding.

And in the present salary negotiations between UTLA and LAUSD there is something far greater at stake than whether or not teachers get paid more, after years of no salary or cost of living increase. What is also at stake- and yet remains unacknowledged- is the likelihood that if UTLA calls a strike that it will not be able to sustain or enforce it. This could very well destroy what remains of an already demoralized union rank and file- and with it the very existence of UTLA that has stood by for years while LAUSD has put the prerequisites for this final solution in place.

It is precisely because teachers have not had a raise in so long that they are in no position to sustain a strike- and LAUSD knows it. As I have said for years in applying the same principle to falsely targeted teachers, "LAUSD can bleed longer than a teacher deprived of salary and benefits can"- especially if the added incentive to LAUSD is the final elimination of unionized and fairly compensated teachers- something they are already implementing with charter schools.

And to exacerbate the situation, sucessive UTLA leadership has made no preparation for a protracted strike nor made any attempt to incorporate the concerns of rank and file teachers into the isolated UTLA House of Representative monthly agenda process that has for years seemed to have more to do with a free meal and socializing than it has for preparing for what UTLA teachers now face - that's one expensive meal.

Add to this the complete failure of UTLA leadership under sucessive regimes to defend falsely targeted teachers- isn't that the raison d'etre of a union in the first place- even though it clearly has the authority to do so under Article V of the LAUSD-UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement- and you have the uncontradicted belief among LAUSD leadership that UTLA will ultimately fold in any strike. Simply stated, LAUSD believes it can offer anything it wants to a UTLA that has done absolutely nothing to stand up for rank and file in years.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:


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A continuación hay varias reglas que se aplican por igual a la buena de juego de póquer y bueno United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) la representación sindical docente y las negociaciones con Los Angeles Distrito Escolar (LAUSD) administración unificada. Romper estas reglas, ya sea en el póker o las actuales negociaciones sindicales y los resultados podría ser desastroso.

1. Nunca sentarse en un juego de póquer que es demasiado rico para su sangre.

2. No telégrafo a la oposición qué cartas tiene en sus manos.

3. No bluff la oposición, ya sea en el póker o negociaciones, a menos que usted está dispuesto a seguir adelante con lo que han amenazado con una probabilidad razonable de éxito.

Y en las actuales negociaciones salariales entre UTLA y LAUSD hay algo mucho más en juego que si los maestros se les paga más después de años de no salario o aumento por costo de vivir. Lo que también está en juego son y sigue siendo unacknowledged- todavía es la probabilidad de que si UTLA llama a una huelga que no será capaz de mantener o cumplir. Esto podría muy bien destruir lo que queda de un sindicato ya desmoralizada y rango y archivo- y con ella la existencia misma de UTLA que ha resistido por años mientras que el LAUSD ha puesto los requisitos previos para esta solución final en el lugar.

Es precisamente porque los profesores no han tenido un aumento de sueldo en tanto tiempo que ya no están en condiciones de sostener una huelga- y LAUSD lo sabe. Como he dicho durante años en la aplicación del mismo principio a los maestros falsamente objetivo, "LAUSD puede sangrar más de un profesor privado de salario y beneficios puede" - especialmente si el incentivo adicional para el LAUSD es la eliminación definitiva de profesores- sindicalizados y una compensación justa algo que ya están llevando a cabo con las escuelas charter.

Y para agravar la situación, sucesivos liderazgo UTLA ha hecho ninguna preparación para una huelga prolongada ni hecho ningún intento de incorporar las preocupaciones de las bases magisteriales en la UTLA Casa aislada del proceso de la agenda mensual Representante que desde hace años parecía tener más que ver con una comida gratis y la socialización de lo que ha de preparar para lo que los maestros UTLA enfrentan ahora de - esa es una comida cara.

Añadir a esto el completo fracaso de liderazgo UTLA bajo regímenes sucesivos para defender los maestros falsamente objetivo, a pesar de que está claro que tiene la autoridad para hacerlo en virtud del artículo V del LAUSD - UTLA negociación colectiva Acuerdo- y usted tiene la creencia no contradicha entre el liderazgo del LAUSD que UTLA finalmente doblar en cualquier huelga. En pocas palabras, el LAUSD cree que puede ofrecer lo que quiera a un UTLA que ha hecho absolutamente nada para defender a bases en años.


Sad but true about UTLA, it has compromised its membership and CBA to the extent it has no deterrent to the district's Union busting. Really what do you expect when you cancel our legal protection and put a target on every teacher's back? UTLA deliberately joined the movement to get rid of senior teachers and cater to charter schools and TFAers. I'm personally disgusted that we have allowed the union to sell us out over and over again. I admit that I was one of the gung ho union supporters but when you really need your Union and they are not there for you, it's a rude awakening and hurtful. What are my dues being used for? No raise or cola for 8 years, no legal protection. I'm angry and every Union member should be also. Say nothing has bad has happened to you. Good. But I know you know someone or have a friend in the system that were unfairly targeted. If you think it could never happen to you, just don't be a senior, or black or a whistleblower . Maybe you will survive. But tell me this, when did we stop believing an injury to one is an injury to all. That's why UTLA is not the Union you deserve.

Lenny, there’s another bottom line in operation here too. This is a charade for a union that could hardly achieve a 20% turnout for it’s last two elections, 2011 and 2014. How does it suppose that it will get the required number of votes to go forward with a strike? Isn’t something like plus 50% of the membership mandatory? Or is just some similar percentage of those who vote? If that’s the case, even it wouldn’t work. It’s a sure bet that those who don’t vote, who are the vast majority, are sure as living hell not likely to support a strike. So it goes back to exactly what you said, the lack of union provided defense for victims of the reductions in force, displacements and unjust false targeting. Add to that the oh so reliable indolence of the voting membership to force their union to act and to come to the rescue of their peers, and that’s the last nail required in the coffin. If nothing else, the attitude among teachers that it doesn’t matter if they’re not the ones behind the eight ball was enough to finish them of its own. One has to wonder how these same teachers can weep and wail over a long overdue cost of living raise and yet allow their elected officers and cronies to collect unmolested hundred K plus salaries along with a stable of worthless, check sucking area representatives who do nothing for the membership yet collect salaries in that plus range for sitting on their asses outside of the classroom. So the end of this story has already been written. It’s called the handwriting on the wall which has been there for two decades.

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