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On June 28, 2015 at 11:00 am there will be an informational meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills to examine the legal options of teachers who have been unjustly targeted and/or terminated by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).
Please also be advised that this meeting is for informational purposes only. Attendance at the meeting is voluntary and does not constitute legal representation and does not imply or establish a contract for future legal representation.
While the formal meeting will deal with the generalized issues that exist within all your cases and the possible legal remedies, this forum will not allow delving into the facts of individual cases. However, both before and after the meeting I encourage you to network with the other teachers attending this event to finally understand in the most basic of terms just how similar all your cases are.
Given that you and you alone are dealing with being unjustly targeted for termination by LAUSD, you and you alone must decide whether becoming part of any future legal action is in your best interests. However, I do believe that such an important decision requires that you gather as much information as possible and weigh all of your options before you commit to this or any other action. It is my belief that doing nothing is not a viable alternative, if you want to vindicate your rights.

I encourage you to go through all your contact lists and make your fellow targeted teachers aware of this informational meeting for Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 11:00 am, at the Hilton Hotel located at 6360 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367. We will be in the Warner Center Suite on the third floor. The phone number to the Hilton is (818) 595-1000, if you would like to call regarding directions and parking.

I also encourage you to contact Sharon Ayers at the law office of Michael Reznick at (747) 800-1504, if you have any further questions before June 28th.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:

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I wholeheartedly support your sentiment of suing the union but a more effective strategy would be to encourage mass migration out of UTLA into a more effective organization. If the legislation that would give more flexibility to people in terms of joining a union or not, this will accomplish a lot. In 89, we thought that giving the union a closed shop was good but it has worked to our disadvantage since the union has stopped working for it's membership and is working just to survive. I believe in unions, always will but if they aren't protecting their members, they're a failed union in my eyes. UTLA is a failed union and informed teachers would be better served using that dues money to employ an attorney. You might need it in the future.

We are losing sight on the real masterminds behind this all, it is UTLA, we should be talking about legal action against them. It was they that sold us out, they too are working for administrators and LAUSD. The district cannot do what they do, without the Unions blessing. I ran for the Presidency, and was shocked that only 23 votes were given to me by my colleagues, surely more than this were in teacher jail with me, so ultimately, it is we whom are the problem, we are not united, informed or even give a dam. It isn't until we wake up, and realize we have betrayed ourselves, by allowing our Union to do send us up river, and yes their attorneys to get fat on us.
I went through this in 99 and then we had a union that fought for it's members. After the assassination of one of our members, and leaders the union went awry, Helen, was taken out and it was no accident. We all bought she was Jay Walking and it was an unfortunate accident, yeah right. We need a lawsuit against UTLA, yet I hear nothing of this, we are elated cause they got us a raise- whoopee doo. A lot of good it does those of us who have been fired and are now on unemployed and public assistance. Good luck to all, yet I say get your house in order then attack the district.


I am suing UTLA and the attorneys Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad that have controlled them for the last 40 years for their benefit. They represent the continuity of wrong doing that continues to allow LAUSD to target rank and file without opposition, even though there are clear violations of the collective bargaining agreement and basic legal rights that go unchallenged by T,S & T, since they appear to make more money settling with LAUSD, while violating both their fiduciary duty to UTLA and targeted teachers- which one is their client? Conflict of interest?

The basic strategy employed by LAUSD, T, S & T, and UTLA is to stall, since they know that most teachers deprived of their livelihood, salary, and benefits do not have the wherewithal to survive years of purposefully prolonged litigation- we can bleed money longer than you. I'm still standing and could use some help beyond endless outrage with no action.

There is a meeting this Sunday at the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills of several hundred targeted and illegally fired teachers who have been removed on trumped up charges- care to join us?

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