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In the following video, A Response From the Hobart Shakespeareans, Sir Ian McKellen, a self-professed "admirer" of the Los Angeles Unified School District's latest falsely targeted teacher Rafe Esquith and many of Mr. Esquith's students and others talk about what has become at LAUSD the all too rare experience of receiving an excellent substantive and generally supportive education from Mr. Esquith. Regrettably, at LAUSD this seems only to have made Mr. Esquith and the program he built a target of LAUSD administration.

Clearly, at LAUSD only the rhetoric is supposed to be excellent, but the actual educating of predominantly poor and minority students to finally allow them to reach their potentials will not be tolerated, because it challenges an entrenched and self-severing administrative culture whose previleges will end if the focus is allowed to return to the classroom as it is in every successful public education system.

Clearly the message from LAUSD administration is that if you actually educate all students in what amounts to a rather straight forward and timely process as Mr. Esquith and other have done, look out! This offensive, paternatistic, and expensive top-down LAUSD administrative culture, that presently sucks a disproportionate amount of the money out of the educational process for its vendors and patrons, will not tolerate the excellent education system they say they want, but in reality will do everything to stop.

For LAUSD, Rafe Esquith and teachers like him are dangerous, because if they are allowed to continue unfettered, generations of LAUSD proactively maintained mediocrity will fall by the wayside, when the public finally asks, "Well, if Esquith can get such phenomenal results out of these predominantly minority students, why can't other LAUSD schools? And why is it that Mr. Esquith is being targeted in the first place with defamatory charges that LAUSD administration keeps belately hauling out the more they feel threatened by Esquith...and his attorneys at Geragos & Geragos, "How dare he lawyer up to defend himself."

If you allow Mr. Esquith to continue, we might just arrive at a point where a highly educated actual majority gets control of public education. And that majority in California, like at LAUSD, is Latino.

If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:

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En el siguiente video, una respuesta de la Shakespeareans Hobart, Sir Ian McKellen, un "admirador" auto-profeso de la Los Angeles última profesor falsamente dirigida Rafe Esquith del Distrito Escolar y muchos de los estudiantes del Sr. Esquith y otros Unificado hablan de lo que se ha convertido en en el LAUSD muy rara experiencia de recibir una excelente educación de apoyo sustantivo y general del Sr. Esquith. Lamentablemente, en este LAUSD sólo parece haber hecho el Sr. Esquith y el programa construyó un objetivo de la administración del LAUSD.

Es evidente que, en el LAUSD se supone solamente la retórica a ser excelente, pero la educadora real de estudiantes predominantemente pobres y de minorías para finalmente permitir que alcancen su potencial no se tolerarán, porque desafía una cultura administrativa arraigada y auto-cortar cuya previleges voluntad final, si se permite que el enfoque para volver a las aulas.

Es evidente que el mensaje de la administración del LAUSD es que si realmente educa a todos los estudiantes en lo que equivale a un lugar sencillo y proceso oportuno como el Sr. Esquith y otra lo ha hecho, cuidado! Esta ofensiva, paternatistic, y la cultura de arriba hacia abajo caro LAUSD administrativa, que actualmente absorbe una cantidad desproporcionada de dinero fuera del proceso educativo para sus proveedores y clientes, no va a tolerar el sistema educativo excelente dicen que quieren, pero en realidad lo hará hacer todo lo posible para detener.

Para LAUSD, Rafe Esquith y maestros como él son peligrosos, porque si se les permite continuar sin trabas, generaciones de LAUSD proactivamente mantienen la mediocridad se quedan en el camino, cuando el público finalmente se pregunta: "Bueno, si Esquith puede obtener resultados tan fenomenales cabo de estos estudiantes predominantemente minoritarios, ¿por qué no otras escuelas del LAUSD? Y por qué es que el Sr. Esquith está en la mira en el primer lugar con cargos difamatorios que la administración del LAUSD mantiene belately transportar a cabo más se sienten amenazados por Esquith ... y sus abogados de Geragos y Geragos, "¿Cómo se atreve abogado para defender a sí mismo."

Si usted permite que el Sr. Esquith para continuar, podríamos llegar a un punto en el que una mayoría real altamente educada obtiene el control de la educación pública. Y esa mayoría en California, como en el LAUSD, es latina.


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They picked the wrong teacher to target this time. He has money, the community, and famous people behind him. Hope his lawyers succeed in putting together a class action against LAUSD & bring all the District's illegal, immoral nonsense to light and to a screeching halt.

LAUSD: Where no good act goes unpunished and where one takes their professional life in their hands if they dare to stand up for the values that they are supposed to be teaching.

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