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The organized corporate assault on public education- and more specifically costly veteran teachers- has gone on unimpeded over the last 9 years, because teachers' unions around the country have not only done nothing to protect their dues paying members, they have actually assisted the school districts in getting rid of top of the salary scale teachers under any pretext by offering an appearance of validity to what on closer examination is a clearly illegal and morally reprehensible process that has destroyed the lives of thousands of completely innocent teachers around the country- that is until now.

In New York City UFTSolidarity under the leadership of unjustly targeted teachers and others who have finally realized that the best defense against this well-orchestrated assault against public education by the school district and their union is a proactively offense to take back their union with a substantive program designed to vigorously confront the corporate agenda of privatizing public education for profit and the further dumbing of America that has finally gotten some push back.

In going through the platform of UFTSolidarity and talking with presidential candidate and fellow targeted teacher Francesco Portellos, it occurred to me that what teachers are doing in NYC at UFTSolidarity could be cloned and applied here in Los Angeles or elsewhere around the country, where teachers' unions have also rolled over ensuring the illegal elimination of huge numbers of their older and higher paid teachers.

If after reading more about UFTSolidarity's platform and actions you find what they are doing to finally represent a reasonable response to the war on public education, contact them to get some help on doing the same thing here:


If you or someone you know has been targeted and are in the process of being dismissed and need legal defense, get in touch:

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El asalto corporativa organizada en educación- pública y, más concretamente costosa profesores- veterano ha ido sin obstáculos en los últimos 9 años, porque los sindicatos de docentes de todo el país no sólo no han hecho nada para proteger sus cuotas que pagan los miembros, que en realidad han asistido a la escuela distritos de deshacerse de la parte superior de la escala de sueldos docentes bajo ningún pretexto, ofreciendo una apariencia de validez a lo que un examen más minucioso es un proceso claramente ilegal y moralmente reprobable que ha destruido las vidas de miles de maestros completamente inocentes en todo el país- que es hasta ahora.

En Nueva York UFTSolidarity bajo la dirección de maestros injustamente dirigidos y otros que por fin se han dado cuenta de que la mejor defensa contra este asalto bien orquestada contra la educación pública por el distrito escolar y su unión es un delito de forma proactiva para recuperar su unión con un sustantivo programa diseñado para enfrentar enérgicamente la agenda corporativa de la privatización de la educación pública para el beneficio y la mayor embrutecimiento de América que finalmente ha conseguido un poco de empuje hacia atrás.

Al ir a través de la plataforma de UFTSolidarity y hablar con el candidato presidencial y compañero dirigida profesor Francesco Portellos, se me ocurrió que lo que los profesores están haciendo en NYC en UFTSolidarity podría ser clonado y se aplica aquí en Los Ángeles o en otras partes del país, donde los maestros ' los sindicatos también han rodado sobre asegurar la eliminación ilegal de un gran número de sus profesores mayores y mejor pagados.

Si después de leer más acerca de la plataforma y las acciones de UFTSolidarity a encontrar lo que están haciendo para finalmente representar una respuesta razonable a la guerra contra la educación pública, en contacto con ellos para conseguir un poco de ayuda en hacer lo mismo aquí:



Fair is foul and foul is fair in LAUSD as Shakespeare says. Because if you are an old teacher and a kid bumps on you by accident, you are immoral, or if you prevent kids from hurting each like when they shoot each other with rubber bands, you are immoral, or when an adult or kid makes a false accusation again you, you are immoral, etc... What a travesty? Why not get the facts out before the whole world and if you are found guilty pay for it, but if you are found innocent, then you have not done anything wrong.

It is not enough to prove you have done nothing wrong after years of a well orchestrated campaign of purposeful defamation designed to destroy you. Until those who have and continue to engage in this reprehensible behavior have received fair negative legal consequences, equity will not have been served and public education will remain purposefully mediocre, so that our predominantly minority students will not reach their potential. That is the greatest crime to a society in dire need of their generation's cleverness to get us out of the ever-deepening whole that greed has gotten us into.

UTLA and all the other LAUSD unions have to be totally corrupt and not give a damn about their members as they do not care about the 136,000 students who do not come to school everyday for a lost revenue of $1.89 billion and loss of 5,500 teachers jobs and maybe 15,000 other good paying and good benefits jobs.

With those 136,000 and as Tom Carter points out the massive truancy rates we are now making jobs in the criminal justice system not in schools. Someone has to process those students now criminals don't they?

I know, this is really good public policy to put all in jail for the privatizers as they need some new toys after all.

We are well on our way to Nazi Fascist Amerikkka.

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