Nice job, Lenny. It's been a long time coming. I knew you would prevail. What happens next?

The case is remanded back to Superior Court for trial consistent with the findings of the three judge court of appeals.

If nothing else, this is a rare moment to behold. How often do you see LAUSD,UTLA or Trystad, Schwab & Trygstad lose on anything? Think hard. You'll have an excellent memory if you can recall a single one without going all the way back to the Chanda Smith Consent Decree unless you count the Miramonte School scandal and, really, aside from one clearly guilty party,a teacher, how many administrators paid for their flagrant and purposeful acts of failure in due diligence and supervision? The union, what a joke, led by a pack of liars who blatantly cheated during the last city wide elections of 2014 and have since blatantly robbed the union's strike fund to convert it to political contributions. So how much difference does this win on appeals actually make? Well, it's good for Leonard Isenberg and company because their case remains alive and it sets a sort of precedent for future challenges if there are any. But remember, this remains the same group of led by the nose teachers who approved a 30% increase in union dues by an 80% margin for a union that has largely if not completely deserted them and sold them out in process. So how far reaching will this appeals decision go? To answer that, I'd bet that I'm one of a very small handful who actually took the time out to read through the entire summary. Sure,it's repetitive and damn near misleading at times. But if you did plow through it, you came to see how the neither T,S&T nor the union could exempt themselves from the law. And when you look at it, what they did was practically racketeering. One can only wonder why they weren't held to the Rico Act. But, as I intimated, how many teachers, the obvious potential beneficiaries of this decision, even read, care about or much less even noticed it? Their self centered indolence will prove to be the main limiting factors in this even if it leads to even greater defeats for both the union and their corrupt retained law firm. One can only hope that the Supreme Court once and for all strikes down their agency fees for the forced dues that they are. But even then, these notochord teachers, spineless as they are, won't appreciate that either.

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