In reading this blog, if you have thought that the war on teachers and public education was something just isolated to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), you would be sorely mistaken. In writing this blog over the years I have been contacted with greater and greater frequency by high seniority and expensive teachers from all over the country who are being targeted and removed by school administrators doing the bidding of the Broad, Gates, Walton and other foundations hell bent on privatizing public education for profit and the further dumbing of America.

After attacks against senior teachers in New York City, Buffalo, D.C., Chicago, Florida and elsewhere, the latest case in point has taken place in traditionally liberal Berkeley where the President Mansour Id-Deen of the Berkeley NAACP has finally had enough of these outrageous practices. In his letter to the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) about its concerted unwarranted attack on teachers and classified staff of color being systematically attacked and removed from their careers by the new house negroes and hispanics running the BUSD into the ground, he pulls no punches in calling them out for their indefensible behavior.

Click on the following link and read Berkeley NAACP President Mansour Id-Deen's 18 point attack on the BUSD's illegal behavior. Feel free to make comments and share this post with other educators around the country being savaged in the same manner:

NAACP 5-10-16.pdf


05 2016


Public Education in the United States is a dying huge animal that the billionaires are destroying, and this oligarchy is beginning to have a banquet eating it just as the wild beasts eat a dying elephant in the African Sabana.

Hello All,

My Brother is a Marine Corps Captain and served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's not hurl the term PTSD around please. Lack of perspective while speaking reflects lack of intelligence. The web is not in pencil, it's in ink so please choose words carefully while attempts to affect the masses are made. California is progressive and Berkeley is on the cutting edge. The suggestion that the Human Resources Department of BUSD is racist and is in the practice of "Ethnic Cleansing" is preposterous. I've studied law in mass communication and certain statements contained here might be considered libelous. Naming individuals and making broad accusations is illegal. To Mr. Id-Deen, I would strongly suggest that you read a book on this topic or hire someone who has. I respect your passion but it is misguided. The presumption that all in the organization are evil and are conspiring to debilitate a race is not something I am willing to accept. I'm befuddled that anyone would entertain that. I welcome responses that don't refer to genocide or the fog of war please...

PTSD exists has has existed in other contexts besides war, where it is without question in its most virulent form. Because you are unaware of a well documented and coordinated national program to privatize public education with charters by target teachers at the top of the salary scale- 93% of teachers charged with completely fabricated charges and subsequently removed without verified charges or due process of law- saves the districts approximately $60,000 in just the first year they are removed in lesser salary and benefits paid when these teachers are replace with somebody fresh out of college working on an emergency credential.

I talk to literally thousands of these targeted teachers who have been so target. And the first words out of their mouths is, "I can't believe," which is a sentiment that you obviously share with them, which is why they are getting away with it. The fact that corporate controlled media and foundation dependent NPR also black it out might also account for your ignorance on this subject.

So, what would you call physical and mental illness purposefully caused to good teachers for the sole crime of making too much money?

Oh, and by the way, truth is a complete defense to libel. And the fact that no libel action is brought should at the very least put you under inquiry notice. Res ipsa loquitur.

I would find this almost comical if it were not outright dangerous. Throwing around the term "ethnic cleansing" is very irresponsible. Ethnic Cleansing is "the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society" One loses credibility when using such extreme language and this should be a red flag for anyone who reads the blog Mr. Id-deen authors.

If BUSD is being called out on not being transparent, is it possible for Mr. Id-deen to publicize who it is he has observed and interacted with to come to this conclusion? Did he speak with any of the SCORES of employees of color who have been in the district for extended periods of time?
I have personally seen Mr. Id-deen represent NAACP at both Board Meetings and Personnel Commission meetings and, on at least one of those occasions, I witnessed him mumbling profanities under his breath; i also saw him allow those he was there representing to attack members of the public and do nothing to stop the behavior.

I would further like examples from Mr. Id-deen to indicate when BUSD/HR staff have acted hostile, dishonest or toxic. Some of the bullet points mentioned in the May 10, 2016 that speak to the lack or inattention to certain areas of the school district do not directly fall under HR jurisdiction and therefore, should be directed towards those departments. For example, if Mr. Id-deen feels there are shortcomings with areas of professional development, he could direct those questions to that department. Further, I find it a bit contradictory when he states that HR has failed to ensure job duties are being enforced or there is no oversight or accountability in servicing the students. It is in the enforcement of job duties that HR intervenes with discipline that may or may not lead to reprimands, up to or including, termination. It fascinates me that he attacks issues that he knows are of a confidential nature so the district would never have a way to defend itself. I am not sure what Mr. Id-deen is referring to with regards to HR staff failing to communicate information re: communicable diseases. He leaves that point rather vague. Finally, the point I find the most ludicrous is "BUSD officials have taken zero steps to cease the practice of holding secret personnel files on employees." My question is this: if you know they exist, they are not secret. Personnel files are extremely confidential and not for public consumption.
Mr. Id-deen has been trying to make a name for himself for years with regards to his claim that BUSD is racist and intentionally harming both students and staff of the District.
If Mr. Id-deen took an honest approach to the issue, he would come from a much more well-rounded perspective and therefore, could actually work WITH BUSD to work to make the District better for everyone. Any institution worth its weight, should be open to growth, constructive criticism, shared ideas, dialogue and change. There are some valid points in this open letter, but they will fall on deaf ears due to the approach Mr. Id-deen continues to take. Perhaps a new approach would be the first place to start for Mr. Id-deen.

At least the NAACP somewhere has entered the fight. Acknowledging these practices and speaking out is something no other branch of this organization has done. Nationally, silence. Imagine the effect if all organizations like this championed the cause of teachers and public education.

I am a senior white Jewish teacher being targeted in Newark, New Jersey. I received my INEFFECTIVE annual evaluation today. I am EFFECTIVE in writing lesson plans and collaboration. Otherwise I pretty much suck.

You are also effective in not having lost your sense of humor under incredibly demoralizing circumstances purposefully designed to create PTSD in those like yourself around the country being targeted for the sole "crime" of being at the top of the salary scale.

I suppose in the most backhanded manner of speaking possible, you have credit LAUSD with being far more unbiased in its application of these despicable practices than Berkeley. In LAUSD, all students, regardless of ethnic background are guaranteed a sub par pathetic education with some exceptions given to high profile schools in affluent areas. And when it comes to veteran teachers, you can be white,black,brown,yellow,Jewish,if you consider that a separate ethnicity,or anything else. The district will just as readily separate you from your career to save a few bucks and make way for cheaper labor. If it's of any consolation, the very officials, starting with school principals, who hunt you down like bounty hunters, will also be white,black,black,yellow, Jewish.....because once they dawn the mantel of administration, they're color blind when it comes heaping on this discriminatory and illegal abuse. And the courts, be the judges or magistrates white,black,brown,yellow,Jewish.... will turn their heads away and sanction this criminality. At least, that's the way it's gone so far.

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