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With a clear judgment establishing the improper behavior of The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) management's behavior, CTC should stop defending the indefensible using taxpayers' money to do so. On September 8, 2016 at 9:00 am, there will be a press conference and speak-out at CTC's next meeting at 1900 Capitol Ave. Sacramento, California- be there and encourage others to show up.

Kathy Carroll was a staff lawyer at the CTC who was a whistleblower. She saw that there was a backlog of thousands of credentials that were not being processed. She felt that they needed to be processed to protect the students and also to allow those teachers who needed credentials in order to work in the public schools.

She went to the legislature and they voted to have an audit, which when it was completed found cronyism, nepotism, discrimination, workplace bullying and a backlog of over 10,000 credentials left unprocessed. Before the audit was presented to the legislature, Carroll was illegally terminated in 2010 in retaliation by the CTC board headed by Chairperson Ting Sun and the other CTC managers.

It took her six years but in August and September at a 21 day trial she won a total victory. The jury unanimously voted that she had been illegally fired and was entitled to $3.1 million in compensation. This also included a judgement against two of her managers- CTC chief counsel Mary Armstrong, who has to pay $90,000 and CTC Assistant Counsel Lee Pope, who was ordered to pay $130,000. The judgment agreed with Carroll and her lawyers that there was malice and a vicious campaign to destroy Carroll who is a heart plant survivor and in the process of her being unjustly targeted by CTC had even lost her healthcare after she was fired.

Now some of the same corrupt people that ran the agency want to appeal the judgement and use more California taxpayer money to fight Carroll and her struggle for justice. The CTC Board may also vote to indemnify the cost of the judgement against Armstrong and Pope. If they vote to use tax payer dollars to pay the personal damages made by the jury this would be outrageous and would be a statement to every manager and boss in the state government that you will not have to pay the cost of illegal firings and conspiring to cover-up corruption and malfeasance.

The backlog of appeals of CTC decisions has grown from 114 in 2011 to 282 this year and this is costing the taxpayers nearly $6 million dollars. The new counsel Vanessa Whitnell, who is a former Air Force lawyer with only 4 years of with as a lawyer in Califoria, was appointed director of Professional Practices Division Director by the CTC board run by Linda Darling-Hammond.

Please come to the press conference and speak out for Kathy, against any appeal and for justice.
We cannot allow the CTC, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Governor Jerry Brown who runs the CTC to continue this travesty of justice.
This is not just about Kathy Carroll but all public workers and whistleblowers who are protecting the children and the public in California
Please come and let your voice be heard. If you cannot make the meeting please send a statement from your and or your organization to the CTC, Kamala Harris and Governor Brown opposing any appeal fo this judgement.

Initiated by United Public Workers For Action

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