Did you ever try calling the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)? Clearly, nobody who works there ever has. Because if they did they would find that it is literally impossible to get through by phone or email to somebody capable of addressing their concerns.

Case in point: I had the notion that a form of focused crowd funding might be used to subsidize ACLU or other organizations like it in raising enough money to financially indemnify the organization and their defense attorneys in offering a viable well-funded mechanism for defending the thousands of teachers whose only "crime" is that they are at the top of the salary scale. Few know that LAUSD will save approximately $60,000 in just the first year they succeed in getting rid of these high seniority teachers on trumped up charges and replacing them with a much less expensive 20-something "teachers" fresh out of college and working on an emergency credential.

The main reason LAUSD and other corrupt entities are able to continue getting away with this using of our courts to rubber stamp their crimes is because purposefully protracted litigation is prohibitively expensive. Wrongfully fired high seniority teachers are clearly incapable of paying for litigation in their defense once they have lost their salary and benefits.

Furthermore, few if any lawyers are willing to take on an $8 billion a year entity like LAUSD with close to half a billion in its euphemistic legal defense fund, when to do so might put their very practice of law with its fixed overhead in jeopardy. Basically, up until now LAUSD has been able to say we can bleed longer than you and the fact that you are completely innocent of wrong doing or LAUSD's actions amount to a criminal conspiracy will not be relevant, if you don't have the wherewithal to survived through a minimum of 6 years of purposefully protracted and expensive litigation in order to vindicate your innocence, while proving LAUSD's criminal behavior.

However, while such targeted teachers cannot afford the hundreds of thousands in lawyers fees necessary to vindicate themselves in court, they can come up with $5,000 each, which when aggregated with a mere 200 hundred of the thousands of high seniority teachers already targeted by LAUSD and many other corrupt school districts like it around the country, would be a good million dollar start to indemnify defense attorneys in finally holding LAUSD et al accountable.

In trying to call the ACLU and other members of the civil rights defense bar, I am not looking for somebody who agrees with me. Rather, I'm looking for lawyers who can give me any rational reason why what I call Focused Crowd Funding will not work in defending teachers or any other large group that is presently being systematically targeted by corrupt public and corporate interests that continue to succeed only because it has not dawned on the more progressive elements of our society that the greatest strength we have is in our numbers and their abiliity in the aggregate to make proactive litigation against endemic corruption something that we can finally do and confront on an equally financed footing in our courts.

As for the ACLU, I finally received a form letter from Lee Morgan Intake Coordinator for Los Angeles ACLU. In complete derogation of what I was finally able to relate after three days of trying to get through to an untrained intake person, Morgan said, "Unfortunately, due to severely limited resources, the ACLU does not handle individual employment claims." The fact that I in no way was seeking an individual employment discrimination claim was something completely lost in translation. Furthermore, in the proforma referral information given in the Morgan's letter about other organizations that I might contact, not even the phone numbers were correct. But Ms. Morgan and company have got a gig and seem little concerned with their present efficacy or how to improve it.

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