Atomic Bomb.jpegFrom 1942 until 1946 the United States government engaged in what was then seen as a leading edge covert program to develop the atomic bomb. It was started to address the perceived real threat to the very future existence of this country that World War II posed.

Using what we would think of today as a rather primitive mid-20th century computer-free scientific technology, the United States government was nonetheless able to make at the time what was seen as a quantum leap forward in science with the invention of the atomic bomb that preempted the initial threat posed by Germany developing this weapon before us.

I would argue that today the threat posed against all humanity by global warming is a far greater threat to the future existence of this country and the world than anything we faced during World War II. And yet, not only has the government proposed no program(s) to address this threat, it rather continues with the further development and expansion of clearly outmoded carbon fuel technologies like fracking. In short, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction of where we need to go if we have any hope of surviving.

To address this threat, I would propose a 21st century version of the Manhattan Project to seek and find viable alternatives to carbon based fuels, since It is clear that if the present consumption and expansion of carbon based fuels is allowed to continue unabate, it will destroy human society as we know it in the not to distant future?

I watch corporate controlled mainstream media blocking any coverage of the continuing demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline Project or any other of the myriad of other carbon based fuel projects that if dealt with in the media might create a more general awareness in the public as to what is really at stake.

In our different now 21st century context that uses an Internet and computer connected world, we have already heard how old scientific timeframes as to how long it will take for scientific research to address diseases like diabetes have drastically been foreshortened, which should allow cures for some of these diseases that have plagued humanity within the next 5 years.

If in the same manner, alternatives to carbon fuel energy projects were parceling out to research facilities all over the world, how long do you think it would actually take to find viable alternatives to carbon fuels? Surely no longer than it took this country to develop the atomic bomb, where the science we had then was nothing in comparison with what we have today.

Something as basic as using solar energy to create electricity to then free hydrogen from the water molecule, if done more efficiently, would give the world an unlimited source of energy the byproduct of whose combustion is water and not global warming carbon.

The real question is whether humanity is capable of using technology for improving human existence or is simply doomed to only use technology for creating technologies of greater and greater destruction that only offer benefit to the short term capital gains of corporations that continue to place profits over their own long term survival.

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